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BIGUMAKU’s New Casual Title ‘Hilda Creatures’ Hits the App Store

Hilda, one of the most popular animated series on Netflix just got even bigger with its very own mobile game release. The game Hilda Creatures is now available for iOS devices. It features the same blue-haired girl on a new adventure. Hilda gets to travel from her country home and move to the city. She meets various magical creatures along the way, hence the title of the game.

Netflix collaborated with Silvergate Media to come up with Hilda Creatures. The gameplay is somewhat similar to the popular Neko Atsume. Players put down items and see if anything is triggered. Different enchanted creatures may be attracted to the items, which will in turn initiate an interaction. Hilda may watch the creatures play, or even mingle with them in various activities. The enchanted beings may talk to Hilda, go on a picnic with her, or just mostly go about their own lives. All these interactions can be captured using the in-game camera. The ultimate goal is to fill up Hilda’s Friendship Book with entries from these encounters.

There are two maps available in Hilda Creatures: Wilderness and Trollberg. There are six locations in these maps where Hilda can look for creatures. The creatures themselves vary. There are Elves, Woffs, Trolls, and a whole bunch of other creatures from the series, as well as some new ones that have never been seen before.

Players who are looking for something more than just taking photos have other features to look forward to. Hilda’s friendship level with each creature can also be increase through repeated encounters. There are also daily missions available that will allow players to add to their Sparrow Scout badge collection.

Hilda Creatures is available for free on the App Store, but there are also in-app purchases available for players who want to get ahead.