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Bandai Namco’s Upcoming Mobile RPG ‘Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel’ Up for Pre-Registration

A little over a week ago, Bandai Namco released a new teaser for the latest Sword Art Online mobile game. Players knew this was for Sword Art Online: Alicization Braiding, but very little information was given out. The teaser video hardly revealed anything, but more information was promised for August 30. The promised day has come, and Bandai Namco didn’t just release information, they also launched the pre-registration period for Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel, the western version of the game.

sword art online alicization rising steel pre-registration

Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel is the first mobile game in the series to integrate classic RPG elements. It allows players to use streamlined controls to activate special skills that are based off of the anime series. Popular Sword Art Online characters will also be playable characters in the game, including Kirito, Alice, Asuna, and more.

The story of Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel is based on the original series, but it also has some original content that can only be found in the game. The anime’s Alicization arc was launched a few months ago, so the story of the game will tie in with the most recent developments of the series.

Pre-registration rewards will be given to those who will sign up early. Rewards for Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel will depend on the pre-registration milestones reached. Check out the list below for possible rewards.

100000 pre-registrants – 25 Diamonds
200000 pre-registrants – The Swordcraft Academy Wooden Training Sword
300000 pre-registrants – Primary Trainee’s Uniform Armor for male and female characters
400000 pre-registrants – A Knight’s Resolve Alice

Bandai Namco has also launched an event called Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel Sweepstakes Campaign which gives participants a chance to win a Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale Blu-ray. To join the event, players simply need to like the game’s official Facebook fanpage then comment on the Sweepstakes Campaign post.

As of this writing, the only way to pre-register for Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel is by liking the game’s Facebook page. Pre-registration through the App Store and Google Play is coming soon. For more information on Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel, be sure to head over to the game’s official website.