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Open World MMORPG ‘Warhammer: Odyssey’ Now Available for Pre-Registration

The mobile gaming scene has seen its fair share of MMORPGs over the years, but the experience usually plateaus after a while. A popular theory is that the auto-play system takes away some of the authenticity of gameplay. Warhammer: Odyssey hopes to break through that problem by taking away auto-play function and forcing players to truly immerse themselves in the Old World.

Warhammer was originally a tabletop game that was first introduced in 1983. It has since jumped across different platforms as videogames spanning a variety of genres. The general themes of war, strategy, and fantasy, of course, were present in all games from the series.

warhammer odyssey pre-registration

Warhammer: Odyssey will be set in the same universe as the previous games in the series. Fans of the series will be able to explore several iconic locations with their characters. The story follows the player’s character as he attempts to push back the forces of the evil Morrslieb.

Players can choose one of the three playable races in the game: Human, Dwarf, and High Elf. There are also six classes available, namely Archmage, Engineer, Shadow Warrior, Warrior Priest, Witch Hunter, and Slayer.

warhammer odyssey

Warhammer: Odyssey will be focusing primarily on PVE content. New bosses, enemies, locations, and more will be added on a regular basis. PVP will also be present, but not additional information has been revealed on how it will play out.

Those who want to pre-register for Warhammer: Odyssey can do so through the game’s official website. When it launches, the game will be available on iOS and Android as well.