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Highly-Rated Action Game ’Dead Cells’ Finally Available on iOS

Critically acclaimed side-scroller action game Dead Cells has finally made its way to mobile after over a month’s worth of delay. When the port was first announced, fans were excited to finally be able to take their favorite roguelike game everywhere they go. It was initially set for release in July but was delayed to August 28. The developers were able to meet their deadline this time around as Dead Cells finally went live on the App Store yesterday.

dead cells ios

Dead Cells was one of the most popular indie games of 2018. It features a failed alchemy experiment as its main character. Players find themselves inside a dungeon, and they will have to fight their way through hordes of monsters, traps, and other perils in order to make it out. Each time the main character dies, he returns to the starting point where he can regroup, upgrade, and try again.

Despite the seemingly simple pixel graphics, Dead Cells packs quite a punch with its dynamic gameplay and action-packed battles. Fans were a little concerned whether or not the game would transfer well to the mobile platform, a concern that the developers seemed to have addressed during the delay in launch.

Dead Cells for mobile features tweaked controls that optimizes it for the platform. Aside from having MFi controller support, the game also gives players the option to have their character automatically attack enemies.

Dead Cells is now available as a premium game on the App Store for $7.99. Considering the Nintendo Switch version’s $27 price tag, that’s already a great deal. No announcements have been made regarding the Android release, but that should be right around the corner.