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Atlantis Odyssey Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Uncover All the Secrets of the Mysterious Island

Atlantis Odyssey is one of the latest games from developer Vizor Interactive, the same studio that brought us the acclaimed titles Klondike Adventures and Zombie Castaways.

It comes as no surprise then that Atlantis Odyssey is spun around similar game mechanics, with a different story providing the setting. The narrative revolves around friends Nicole and Robert who have just washed up on the shores of a mysterious island.

Their ship having been destroyed, they begin to familiarize themselves with their temporary new home – which they soon discover – is inhabited by other characters. Players are in charge of guiding Nicole and Robert throughout the expanse of the island, by clearing paths for them across the woodland.

It’s possible to do that by removing vegetation, rocks and other obstacles that prevent the friends from moving forward. This maneuver costs energy and will have the effect of uncovering parts of the island that are hidden under a coat of fog. Players begin the game with a full energy meter, but as they start exploring the island energy will be spent quickly by removing the obstacles left and right.

atlantis odyssey story

Nicole and Robert soon meet the other inhabitants of the islands, each with their own personalities and agendas. Together they set up camp, where they start growing edible plants and producing additional resources made from the raw materials harvested during exploratory sessions in the jungle. As the story unfolds, Nicole and Robert finally come to realize they have come upon the lost kingdom of Atlantis, but will they be able to uncover all its secrets?

With a fascinating and intense narrative as its backdrop, Atlantis Odyssey delivers a fun and addictive experience to any player looking for a new game to take up. Learning how to play is quite easy, but even so there’s a lot to learn about this game, which is where our Atlantis Odyssey beginner’s guide comes in, packed with tips and tricks to help you if you ever need guidance in furthering your progress.

1. Keep An Eye On And Complete Your Quests

Quests are listed in the Quests tab which is located in the lower right corner of the display. Make sure that you always work towards completing them, because doing so secures important resources. Given that energy is a very precious resource, our advice is to refrain from doing things at random in the game. Some of you might be inclined to start clearing ground left and right to see what’s hidden behind the blanket of fog.

how to complete more quests in atlantis odyssey

This is a natural response to curiosity, but our recommendation would be to follow the story and complete the Quests instead. Go along with the natural flow of the game, and abstain from poking randomly around the island. This way you allow the story to move forward, and at the same time you can take advantage of the new opportunities to collect some additional energy along the way, as you uncover more land.

Quests all come with different rewards, and some offer better rewards than others. If you have several quests running at the same time, it might be a wise idea to concentrate on the quests with more appealing rewards. Prioritize quests that offer energy in return over those that only produce gold coins and stars. If that’s not an option, then approach them as they come.

2. Carve Your Path Carefully

You’ll be spending a big part of playing Atlantis Odyssey exploring the island, uncovering new territory and objectives. The main way to do so is by removing the vegetation and rocks blocking your path and preventing you from going forward. This costs energy, and the bigger the roadblock the larger amount of energy you’ll have to pay.

Now given that energy runs out super-fast, you’ll have to be smart when it comes to spending it. For starters, always make sure that you click on the objective to see where exactly you have to go, or which area you have to tackle exactly. Simply reading the objective will not do, most of the times. Tapping on the objective, will reveal the exact location of where you need to go and the path leading to it, and so you will prevent you from spending needless energy on chopping down trees in the wrong direction.

atlantis odyssey path

Another important thing to remember is that you always have to find the “cheapest” path in terms of energy. Sometimes, you might not have a choice when it comes to making your way, but most often than not, you will be given one. So before making a move, try and survey the area around and see how much each chunk of woodland is worth. Then select the cheapest option that allows you to move forward. Again, this might not be possible all the time, but even so make sure to check. If you can avoid paying 33-energy to bring down a big rock, go around it and take down a tree worth 16 energy points instead, then by all means you should do it.

Don’t just clear land mindlessly. Slow down you pace, it will allow you to take better decisions and save on energy costs, which is very important, if you don’t plan on spending ages to finish this game.

3. Keep Item Production Up At Camp

Clearing obstacles around the island accomplishes two things. On one hand, it’s mean to help players uncover hidden parts of land which they haven’t explored before.

On the other, it allows users to collect primary resources such as grass, wood, rocks, and others. These can be used as raw materials for the production of other components including crushed stone that is made at the quarry, or iron – made at the foundry. All these can be manufactured back at camp. Moreover, players can plant several types of plants including flax, corn, potatoes and pineapple at home base.

atlantis odyssey production

It’s crucial to maintain production at camp at all times even when you’re away on a quest on some other part of the island. This is very important because you’ll constantly need resources in order to create materials that are needed to complete quests. What’s more, production of goods takes time, so it’s wise to always have a batch cooking in the over. That way you won’t have to wait on them once you need to use some.

Additionally, you can complete orders from the various characters around camp, and in return redeem rewards that range from energy to coins and stars. Speaking of which, what are these resources good for?

4. Don’t Forget About The Other Resources

While energy makes the world in Atlantis Odyssey go round – there are other resources in the game that shouldn’t be ignored. We already mentioned gold coins. These have a number of uses, but most importantly they allow you to plant your fields and produce things like corn and potatoes.

As we noted above, it’s vital to keep up production of goods at camp, so you can complete orders and so earn more coins, as well as stars. Stars, on the other hand, are the EXP of this game and once you’ve collected enough, you will be able to level up and thus receive a reward consisting of energy, coins and gems. Also the max energy cap will get extended once you reach the next stage, and this is super important.

how to get more resources in atlantis odyssey

As for gems, these are quite rare and so they will appear only occasionally as rewards. Their main use is as currency for purchasing extra energy. But given how easily energy runs out, we advise you against converting your gems into fuel, as a regular practice, because you’d have to spend quite a lot of these precious stones. The investment is bit unsustainable, given the low frequency at which you’ll have gems coming in.

• 15 gems – 100 energy points
• 35 gems – 250 energy points
• 65 gems – 500 energy points

Needless to say, the game does offer the option to buy additional gems in exchange for swiping your real life card. If you don’t want to do that, however, gathering enough gems to crack open a chest full of energy will be a very slow affair.

Gems can also be used to speed up the production process of several resources. Our recommendation is to pass on that and as an alternative, take a quick break from the game and do something else until these items are generated. Keep your gems for moments when you really need a dose of extra energy to complete a certain milestone and satisfy your curiosity.

5. Run Out Of Energy? Here’s How You Can Get More

Getting your hands on more energy will quickly turn into your #1 goal while playing Atlantis Odyssey. So you’ve run out of fuel, what next? Below you’ll find all the methods at your disposal that can get you additional energy into your reservoir.

how to get more energy in atlantis odyssey

Look Around The Island For Vases And Barrels

Whenever you’ve cleared a new area, make sure to look around carefully for any vases or boxes that might be hidden in the surrounding vegetation because they harbor free energy, as well as other resources. In order to better see these vessels, we recommend that you use tree-less option which can be turned on in the upper left corner next to the Settings gear icon. Once you tap on the button, trees (and other elements like stone columns) will be removed from the landscape, so you’ll be able to spot the energy-rich vases a lot easier.

Get The Daily Bonus

Make it a point to log into the game every day in order to redeem the daily bonus, which might contain free energy. Log in for five days in a row and you’ll get a special reward.

Claim The Researcher Bonus

The Researcher Bonus is available every day, as you fire up the game for the first time. Spend some time playing the game and your productivity will be rewarded with extra gift boxes. These contain energy, as well as other resources including gold coins. Make sure you remember to claim these bonuses every day and watch a quick ad to double the sum.

Play Pierre’s Sea Creatures Game

atlantis odyssey sea creatures

Pierre is one of the characters you’ll meet on the island and at some point he will ask your help with finding some sea creatures. Once you complete this quest, a mini game will be unlocked. The mini game appears quite easy at first, but you’ll need a strategy in order to maximize your results. You can produce different types of sea creatures on a board by merging two similar ones. Higher-tier creatures are transformed into energy at the end of the game, while lower-tier ones produce stars.

You can only move the pieces on the board either vertically or horizontally to create new creatures. Players have a limited number of moves at their disposal, and the game ends once you’ve exhausted all the moves. The game is restored every hour or so, so make sure you check back and play the sea creature game as frequently as you can.

Complete Orders

Completing food orders from Amanda, can also supplement your energy supply. That’s why it’s important to keep your plant production up at camp. Orders may include additional by-products, for example, mashed potatoes, for which you need to harvest potatoes first.

6. Take Frequent Breaks From Playing The Game

Sometimes, despite employing all the methods we’ve described above, you can still end up energy-less. If that’s the case and you’ve exhausted all avenues for getting extra power, our suggestion would be to take a break from the game. Focus on doing something else for a change, and allow the game to fully restore your energy meter.

Depending on the capacity of the energy bar, it might take from about an hour to more to have your full energy restored. At first the tank has a maximum of 21. After all that is used up, the game regenerates +1 energy, once every 55s until the maximum is reached again. However, as you level-up throughout the game, you’ll be able to increase the maximum cap, so it will take longer to get access to a full tank of energy.

atlantis odyssey tricks

Keep in mind that you can increase the energy above max by employing the strategies in section 5. So if you have 30 energy points at one point (which is the max for the level that you are at), but you’ve stumbled upon a vase, the total energy count can go to 39 without a problem. There’s no limitation on that.

Anyway, every time you run out of options, it’s best to step away from the game and wait until you have full energy to go back to playing. It doesn’t make sense to check back super frequently because you won’t get enough energy to make significant progress this way and you will end up just feeling frustrated.

7. Gauge Your Needs Before Selecting Tomorrow’s Gift Item

Back at camp, Robert has a surprise for you and so he will allow you to choose a gift that you will receive the next day. This can be anything from energy, wood, coins or simply a surprise reward.

atlantis odyssey tomorrow's gift

Before making your choice, take a second to analyze your situation in the game. Are you working towards accumulating wood so you can restore a building? Would your gameplay benefit from more energy or perhaps you’re short on coins? Make your decision, based on what’s happening and how you see the game developing. Then, the next day you’ll be able to start your game with a bit more energy, or extra coins, which is always nice to have and helpful.

8. Take Advantage Of Events When They Happen

Atlantis Odyssey isn’t flooded by in-game events like other releases, but the occasional one will surface from time to time. Spread across several days, these happenings usually give players the option to collect additional resources.

how to take advantage of events in atlantis odyssey

For example, Temporary Adventures takes you to hidden locations (you won’t see them on the regular map) like Misty Hill where you’ll be required to complete an alternate list of quests in order to unlock rewards. The only disadvantage with events like that, is that they rely on the same energy reserve as the one you’re using for the main game.

So whenever you have some energy to spare, or for whatever reason, find yourself bored with the main storyline you can simply travel to the hidden locations and spend energy towards uncovering the secrets of that parallel world. In the process you might get some additional goodies including coins or stars.

9. Keep An Eye Out For Prizes

Sometimes, although not every day, the game generates an extra gift. It will show up in the lower right part of the display next to the Storage tab. Whenever you notice it’s available, tap on it and redeem the rewards. These usually consists of Dynamite.

atlantis odyssey dynamite

Dynamite is an effective tool in Atlantis Odyssey, as it can be used to clear a large amount of land without spending an ounce of energy. Dynamite, however, is quite rare, so make sure you don’t rush to use what you have available immediately. Instead, try to converse them for when, for example, you’re very close to leveling up.

That’s it for our Atlantis Odyssey beginner’s guide! We hope that these tips and tricks will help you make your way on the island faster and uncover all the mysteries of the great lost civilization of Atlantis. If you’ve been playing this game for a while now, and know of any strategies we haven’t mentioned in our list, you’re invited to share it with us via the comment section below.


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Monday 6th of December 2021

What’s the point of the coins? I have millions and only see the option to buy decorations. Is there any other function? Also how do I get my camp to grow?

Yvonne Sharp

Wednesday 20th of October 2021

How do u rotate gate mechanism to open it .level 23


Saturday 9th of October 2021

Am stuck on ice gorge can see the sleeper capsule but can't work out way up to it


Tuesday 24th of August 2021

How do I get more co’balt, there isn’t any left so I can’t move on?