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Head Ball 2 Guide (2020 Update): 14 Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Win More Matches

If you’re looking for another type of soccer game for your mobile device that’s different from your usual management title or super-casual alternative, you might want to try Head Ball 2 from Masomo Limited, a Turkish company that happens to be known mainly for the Head Ball series on iOS and Android devices.

This is a multiplayer soccer game that allows you to take part in real-time, 90-second matches against all sorts of “real players” — that would mean random strangers from your country or elsewhere in the world as well as your own friends, if they accept your invite to download the game and start playing.

head ball 2 tips

You can unlock all sorts of characters, as well as outfits, boosts, super powers, and other goodies that sets everyone in your roster apart from the other. Upgrade your characters’ skills with the cards and coins you earn, and unlock new stadiums that promise bigger winnings to go with the higher stakes.

Based on the game’s graphical style, it’s easy to assume that this is a bare-bones title that doesn’t have much to it. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, as there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the nuances of the game and the process of winning more matches and unlocking more characters. So join us for this comprehensive Head Ball 2 guide, where we discuss 14 tips and tricks that are mostly designed for beginner to intermediate players — we hope we can help you in dominating the league you’re in while stockpiling those resources and unlocking those goodies!

1. The Basics Of Head Ball 2

Compared to many other mobile soccer games that promise real-time matches against “real” players (that is, your fellow humans and not real-life soccer pros), Head Ball 2 is rather unique, as this isn’t your usual 11 vs. 11 game, or even one where you’re asked to score goals against multiple defenders and a goalkeeper. The premise of this title is that you are in control of a disembodied head, competing against other players who also control similar characters and trying to score more goals than the other after 90 seconds are completed. You will be facing each other in a straight line setting with goals on each end, essentially serving as your own keeper, defender, midfielder, and striker.

On the bottom right of the game screen, you will see buttons that allow you to attempt a low shot, attempt a high shot, and jump, from left to right. On the bottom left, you’ll see the left and right buttons to move your character around. Basically, your objective is to outwit your opponent and make the right shots — while also making sure that your goal isn’t left wide open when the other player attempts a shot. (Or the ball is simply put in play — we’ll explain more later, but that does happen!)

head ball 2 strategies

As you complete more matches, depending on whether you win or lose, you can gain or lose fans — gain enough fans and you will be able to unlock new stadiums, which promise bigger prizes as well as new super powers for your characters. You will also gain or lose league points depending on the match result — this determines your placement in your current league.

We shall discuss stadiums in greater depth later on, but before we move on, we should also let you know that you can earn coins for each match you win, with the number of coins for a win increasing as you move from one stadium to the next.

The game’s quick play feature allows you to compete against another human player, one who will ideally be at a similar level as you are, based on your current character’s stats but mainly on your rank in your current league. After completing the tutorial stages, you will be able to choose your own name, but your nationality/country of origin will be pre-selected by the game; likewise, the matchmaking system will also pair you with other players from the same country. Ideally, that helps players properly leverage the game’s social features, which you can already take advantage of during your first few matches.

Although this does not increase your attributes in any way, shape, or form, you can tap on the chat icon on the left side of the screen during a match, then choose any emoticon you wish — essentially, this allows you to trash-talk the other player to get int their head or congratulate your opponent for a good game, or at the very least react to a good play or a bad one.

After each match, you will have the option to watch a video to double your coins, fans, or league points if you win; adding to what we mentioned earlier, you can earn coins regardless of the result of a match, and you can gain or lose fans depending on the result. But what happens during a draw? You’ll still earn some coins but you wouldn’t get any league points and you will invariably lose some fans.

It won’t be as many as you would if you actually lose the match, but the message is clear — a draw is almost as bad as defeat. Still, you will often be offered a chance to watch a video and open a Special Chest after a match, and that will come with a variety of different resources, regardless of the match’s outcome!

2. Complete Your Daily Missions And Collect Daily Login Bonuses

As the game will advise you at certain points, coins are generally used to upgrade your characters and your super powers, while diamonds, which are the game’s premium currency, could be used to purchase boosts and other premium items and can also be used to play the Player of the Match minigame if you wish to continue after getting a red card or play once again after your free chance is used up.

head ball 2 daily missions

One of the best ways to earn more coins and diamonds for free is to complete your daily missions. These are simple tasks that can be completed organically, such as playing at least two matches, upgrading one super power, watching a video, or upgrading one common character. Depending on your player level, among other factors, these missions may vary, and once you complete all of them within the 24-hour time span (missions expire at midnight, local time), you can collect a “Big Reward” — these may include new packs that could allow you to unlock new characters or new costumes that could improve their stats.

In addition, you will have a daily login bonus that allows you to earn free coins and diamonds — the login bonus appears to expire at the end of the month, but if you login to the game at least once per day, you can collect up to 5,000 coins or 75 diamonds! You can also earn free emeralds, which is like a super-premium currency you can use for special items in the store — for October, the Day 25 daily login bonus is 50 emeralds.

And for each seventh consecutive login per month, you can earn a Mega Pack, which includes guaranteed rare character and skill cards! You can, in fact, get two Mega Packs for your 28th straight daily login, so make sure you’re logging in even for a few seconds per day, even if you don’t have any time to play an actual game!

3. Level Up And Earn More Diamonds By Completing Achievements

Aside from daily missions, which naturally expire after one day, Head Ball 2 has achievements, which do not expire and are based on certain milestones. For example, the Goal King family of achievements allows you to earn rewards once you score 5, 250, 500, and 5,000 goals — for each achievement, you can get progressively more gems and stars! Collecting stars allows you to increase your player level and earn more currencies and other resources, so this is a great way to level yourself up in the game.

how to complete more achievements in head ball 2

Other achievements include the Pro Player family, which rewards players for winning a certain number of games, Match Monster, which is related to how many matches you play, regardless whether it’s a win, loss, or draw, and Tribune Leader, which is based on the number of fans you can accumulate. These are just some examples, and there are others out there that you can complete organically — it is, of course, better to check the Achievements menu by tapping on the medal button on the right side of the main screen, as that allows you to review the requirements for the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum achievements in each family. So keep playing the game if you’re looking to add to your diamonds and level up quickly!

4. Check Your Inbox For Free Boosts And Other Rewards

Aside from the missions, login bonuses, and achievements, there are several other things you can check out if you’re trying to earn more free rewards in Head Ball 2. Let’s start out with the Inbox, which you can access by tapping on the gift box button on the upper right of the main screen. Usually at random, you can earn free boosts that could allow you to increase your gold earnings or fans, and you can also check the Inbox if there are any other rewards you may have missed.

head ball 2 inbox

Bear in mind, though, that the free boosts you can earn, while they apply to all characters instead of the similar boosts available via Skill Cards, are only active for a limited period of time! You can pay diamonds in order to restore your boosts or buy new boosts at the store, but that’s something you would ideally want to avoid.

5. Act Fast, Think Fast, And Play The Ball Quickly After A Goal – The Keys To Winning More Matches

As we mentioned above, all matches in Head Ball 2 last 90 seconds, with no overtime periods in the event of a draw. There is also no halftime break where you can catch your breath and regroup, and technically, there is no referee to give out yellow or red cards, call fouls, or stop the action at any point of the match.

That’s partly because the matches play out in real-time, and since that is the case, you need to be on your toes at all times, assessing the entire situation and deciding how to time your shots and how to defend your goal and when to use your super powers. So while there are many ways to win a match in Head Ball 2, the most important tip that could help you improve your winning percentage is to be as quick as you can when making decisions.

how to win more matches in head ball 2

One important thing you need to take into account is that when the ball is put into play, you need to move it toward your opponent’s goal before it goes through your net. Normally, you can achieve this by hitting the jump button (the one on the extreme right on the bottom) at the right time in order to head it away from danger. All too often, players can get rattled when the ball drifts toward their goal, but you just need to be as calm as possible — don’t mash any buttons and choose the right move (usually jumping) to prevent the ball from going in.

Speaking of button-mashing, part of the “act fast, think fast” concept we discussed above means knowing which button is which — again, from left to right, that’s low shot, high shot, and jump. Make sure you’re pressing the right button at the right time, as hitting the wrong one could result in a tough situation where the opponent has a good chance of scoring!

Also, it pays to avoid getting behind your opponent at any time in the match, because once that happens, they automatically have first dibs at the easy score, thus forcing you to work harder to defend them. You want to be in front of your opponent and facing their goal at all times, and part of that, might we add, involves being aware of which side of the field you’re on — the game will randomly place you on the left or right side, so keep this in mind, especially if both of you are using the same character!

6. How To Collect More Characters In The Game

All in all, you can collect tons of characters in Head Ball 2, though at first, you will only be limited to a few common players. You can collect Character Cards from Common, Rare, or Legendary Packs, which can be earned once you level up, won as mission rewards, purchased with diamonds, or earned through other means such as the Player of the Match minigame. You’ve also got the Free Packs that can be opened every four hours by watching a video in the in-game store. Characters can be Common, Rare, or Legendary in terms of rarity, and there are also some that are considered Exclusive, or available for a limited time, usually for real money as opposed to in-game currency.

head ball 2 characters

They are rated in four categories, namely Speed, Jump, Shoot, and Size, and you can improve those stats by upgrading them — this can only be done if you have enough cards of that player, as well as enough coins to perform the upgrade. Upgrading to specific levels also unlocks new Skill Cards, which allow you to take advantage of special buffs. We’d say all these stats are self-explanatory — Speed determines how quickly your character moves, Jump impacts their ability to leap and perform headers, Shoot determines their accuracy, and Size shows you how large they are in relation to other characters.

While the three stock players, Jack, Roni, and Tadya, should become available after you’ve gone through the tutorial stages, the other characters can only be unlocked if you get enough of their cards — again, this would depend on the cards you draw from the packs that you earn.

Rare and Legendary characters, as well as the limited-time Exclusives, are naturally more talented and powerful than the Common ones, so while you may want to focus early on the characters that you currently have, you will eventually have to switch priority to Rare, Exclusive, and/or Legendary characters once you unlock them. The cost to level them up increases with each upgrade, and you’ll want to budget your coins properly instead of using them on characters you may no longer need!

7. What Are Costumes And How Can They Help Your Players?

In the Character tab, you will also notice that there are tabs corresponding to jerseys/shirts, shoes, hats, eyewear, and yes, believe it or not, tails — these are for your characters’ Costumes, and the same principle would apply. Costume Packs can be earned as level-up or mission rewards or purchased with diamonds, and these contain any of the apparel items we mentioned — equipping them on a character could, in most cases, improve their stats, so don’t mistake these special wardrobe items as being little more than cosmetic add-ons! You can also get them by opening Free, Common, Rare, or Legendary Packs, though these would normally be secondary rewards to the new Character Cards.

head ball 2 costumes

One basic example you can easily collect is the Colorful Hat, which, as you can see in the photo, adds 2 points to your Size. You can, however, get a 6-point boost in the Shoot stat if you, for instance, collect all 20 cards for the Disco Spike shoes, while wearing the Lion King’s Exclusive jersey gets you a boost of 5 in Jump and 1 in Size. Generally speaking, shoes improve Shoot, tails improve Speed, hats improve Size, jerseys improve Jump, while eyewear tends to improve multiple stats, with none in particular standing out. Collect as many of them as possible and mix and match them with different characters, especially if you notice a certain character is weak in a particular area!

8. Super Powers – Use Them Wisely As They Can Only Be Activated Once Per Match

Next to your character on the main screen, on the middle left side, you will see the Powers menu, which is where you can access your Super Powers. You can unlock new Super Powers by unlocking a new stadium, and depending on the number of upgrades you’ve performed on your players, you can have anywhere from two to six available to use at any time. You can also watch an ad video, play Player of the Match, or scratch on Scratchers to collect a free Super Power, though if you get a duplicate of one you already have, that’s fine — duplicates can be used to help you upgrade them along the way, thus allowing you to use them for longer or improve their efficacy.

But regardless of their power or how long you’re able to have them active, there are two things all Super Powers have in common — they are the same across the board regardless of which character you’re using, and they can only be used once per match!

head ball 2 super powers

That means you’ll need to unleash them at just the right time instead of tapping on a Super Power willy-nilly just because you’re in a tight spot. As we mentioned in an earlier tip, part of acting and thinking quick means knowing when to use a Super Power.

Talking about which Super Powers may be the best, your mileage may vary and your best choice may also depend on certain situations. But generally speaking, we’d avoid the Giant Player Super Power — this turns your character into a giant version of themselves, theoretically allowing you to bully your way past your opponent. But this cannot be used to its full extent unless you’re particularly fast or you’ve upgraded it to the point where it remains active for at least five seconds, so we would opt instead for the good old Frozen Super power, which freezes your opponent for a given number of seconds, or Clone Goalie, though you’ll need to be very quick if you’re using this to stop a goal you aren’t able to contest due to your position on the field.

9. Skill Cards – Think Of Them As Buffs As Opposed To Special Skills

One common misconception for new Head Ball 2 players is that Skill Cards are similar to Super Powers. That cannot be further from the truth. It’s most accurate to say that Skill Cards are the game’s equivalent of buffs, as they can be used to instantly upgrade a certain statistic. You can also use them to increase the amount of gold or fans you can earn after the match, or play them in order to extend the duration of a Super Power’s effect by one second. Skill Cards can be found along with your Character Cards in the Common, Rare, and Legendary Packs, though there is no guarantee you will get cards that correspond with the players you currently have unlocked.

head ball 2 boosts

Skill Cards are subdivided into each of the four player stats, as well as 2x Boosts and Super Powers. Each of them have different star ratings — for example, the one-star Skill Card for Jump allows for an increase of 2, the two-star an increase of 5, and the three-star an increase of 9. Keep in mind, however, that you cannot equip a Skill Card unless you’ve at least leveled up a character to level 2! These can also be quite expensive to equip — a two-star skill, for instance, could set you back by a whopping 20,000 coins if you’re trying to set it up.

If you’re starting out and still in the early leagues, we wouldn’t bother with them too much — it would arguably be more important to focus on upgrading characters to increase their level and stats and also on improving your in-match timing, both when using the action buttons and when activating Super Powers.

10. The Friends Menu – Get Social And Connect Your Game

On the main screen, you can access the Friends menu by scrolling to the extreme right at the bottom of the screen. Once there, you can get started by connecting your game to Facebook. This will reward you with 30 free diamonds, but more importantly, this allows you to play matches against your friends, save your progress even if you delete Head Ball 2 or switch to a different device, and play the game regardless of which device you’re using.

head ball 2 friends

Regardless whether you’ve connected your game or not, you can go to the Add Friend tab and add any other player, regardless of where they’re located. If you don’t have any real-world friends who play the game, it’s advisable to take note of the handles of the players you face in Season Mode and add them via the Add Friend feature.

In addition, you can invite friends to install Head Ball 2, but under the game’s referral system, you won’t be able to earn rewards until your invited players reach level 3 or higher. That might sound like a lot of work and a lot of convincing on your end, but it will be worth it in the end — once one invited player reaches level 3, you will earn 40 diamonds. This will increase as you keep inviting more players and they reach the required level — if you invite 50 players and all of them reach level 3, you will be rewarded with a whopping 1,000 diamonds!

11. All About Energy And Tickets

Another important, yet basic thing to keep in mind is that each character has a specific amount of Energy they can use, and this gets depleted each time you use them in a match. You can wait for their Energy to automatically refill, though you also have the option to use an Energy Drink (winnable via Player of the Match, Special Chests, Ball Baskets, or Scratchers) or pay some diamonds in order to immediately replenish this resource. The best way to work around this is to have as many high-level Characters as possible, but not too many — again, you don’t want to blow all your currency on upgrading too many Characters.

head ball 2 energy

Tickets, on the other hand, are subdivided into Career and Season Tickets, and correspond to their respective game modes — this is another resource you will need in order to keep playing these modes, and while you can earn them via most of the same methods we mentioned above (POTM, Special Chests, scratchers), you can also purchase some with Diamonds if you’re in a pinch and want to keep playing to I improve your current ranking.

12. How Does Player Of The Match Work?

On the left side of the main screen, you will see the Player of the Match button, but you shouldn’t let that name deceive you — technically, this does not have anything to do with earning a big-time Rare or Legendary Character that you can use to dominate your opponents in your current league. Rather, this is a minigame of chance that can be played once per day for free — playing more than once in a day would require you to pay some diamonds.

How do you play this minigame anyway? Basically, you will be presented with four cards and asked to draw one of them — three of them contain a prize that may include Super Powers, gold, diamonds, Career or Season Tickets, or on rare occasions, Character Cards or Energy Drinks. The fourth card is a Red Card, and if you draw that, you will be forced to leave the game and forfeit everything you’ve won so far, watch a video to keep playing, or pay a progressively increasing number of diamonds to keep playing — the option to watch a video to continue is only available once!

head ball 2 jackpot

POTM can run up to 40 rounds, so you may end up paying a massive amount of Diamonds if you want to make it to the rounds where Mega Packs may be among the available rewards during the jackpot rounds. Mega Packs contain a larger number of cards, as well as guaranteed Legendary Character and Skill Cards, so these are truly the ultimate reward as far as packs are concerned.

The good thing about the Jackpot Rounds is that there are no red cards — there are four choices of substantially attractive prizes, including much larger amounts of coins and diamonds, as well as rarer card packs. You can quit POTM at any time and collect everything you’ve won, though we would generally recommend doing so once you’ve lucked out on a Rare Pack or better during any given Jackpot Round.

Also, take note that once you draw a red card, there will definitely be no red card in the following round! That’s because you will be asked to pick from the remaining three cards during the next round if it’s a multiple of 1 to 4, and there wouldn’t be any red cards anyway if the next round is a Jackpot.

13. Breaking Down The Other Game Modes and Features

Season Mode, as you should know by now, is the quick-play mode you can access by tapping on the Play button, and it’s the one you would normally be playing. But you’ve also got Career Mode, which also involves 90-second matches against human players but with a twist — you would need to have a certain cumulative Team Power (all your characters’ average stats added up) in order to access the different Milestones, and for each step you complete in Career Mode, you can earn various rewards, from gold to bonus fans to new Character Cards. Again, don’t let the mode’s name fool you — you will still be facing human opponents and not AI rivals like other career modes in other games!

head ball 2 milestone

Events are limited-time specials that require you to complete certain tasks in order to earn rewards. For example, the ongoing Invincibles event is based on the number of fans you accumulate from the time the event kicks off, and for your first 100 fans, you can earn a Common Pack; earn 1,200 and your can get 20 Dynamo Lad cards (that’s a Rare Character), and earn 2,400 to get three Costume Packs! You’ve also got the Daily Giveaways that allow you to win coins, Costume Packs, Common Packs, or Rare Packs — just as long as you visit this event at least once before the clock strikes midnight!

Team is Head Ball 2’s equivalent of guilds, and you can either join a preexisting one (preferably one that’s based in your home country to allow for smoother communication and greater social opportunities) or create one of your own. You can represent your team in team matches as you rise up the rankings and earn more fans. Finally, Manager allows you to make a deal with the game’s “manager” in order to earn more fans, and for this, you will either need diamonds or pay a special currency simply known as Money, the latter of which is used for renewing contracts. As far as we’ve seen, paying real-life money (no pun intended) is the only way to earn more Money in the game.

14. Scratchers And Ball Baskets

Last, but not the least, let’s talk about Scratchers and Ball Baskets, which are two ways in which you can collect even more rewards.

Scratchers can be accessed in the in-game store, as the Scratchers tab allows you to scratch one card for free every four hours, pay 4,000 coins per Special Scratcher (limit of 20 per day), pay 30 Emeralds for a Premium Scratcher, or pay money for the Scratch King or Lucky Scratch. The type of reward may vary depending on the type of Scratcher you’re scratching, but these usually include Super Powers, coins, diamonds, boosts, and sometimes, even those coveted Rare Packs or better. You can only win one prize, though, and it will be based on the three identical spaces on the card out of the six that are on there. Just to set your expectations, your prize will usually be the least attractive one on the Scratcher.

head ball 2 scratchers

Ball Baskets, on the other hand, are rewards that you can earn once you score a certain number of cumulative goals, and in Head Ball 2, this would be 30 goals across all matches in Season Mode. Goals in excess of 10 in any given match are not counted, and you can only open one Ball Basket per day. Prizes available in the Ball Basket may include any number of resources, such as gold, diamonds, Energy Drinks, and yes, sometimes even more Scratchers.

And that’s all you need to know to excel in Head Ball 2! In case you have come across other useful tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments below!


Friday 8th of April 2022

Hello, I see several times players have yellow/brown color of there powers, those are wich you can see in top during playing, normal a icoon dissapear after using a power, they can use a power two times, instead one time. So they can frooze you a second time again for example How do you get these extra power?


Wednesday 1st of September 2021

how can i garner points in the FAN CONTRIBUTION column in my team?

Sudip Samanta

Monday 8th of March 2021

The green cash is for your manager in the game and it is also usable in store


Thursday 14th of January 2021

What is that green cash for?