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Arena of Evolution: Red Tides Guide: Tips, Cheats, Strategies and Tactics to Crush Your Enemies

Hero Entertainment, the company behind the hugely popular action titles such as Crisis Action: Bio Avenger and Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival, has created a very unique mobile card game. Arena of Evolution: Red Tides is a type of hero card collecting game mixed with elements of battle royale games. The main difference is that the heroes are already fully available for you to use right from the start. But like a battle royale game such as Hopeless Land, you have to continue the match until you’re either dead or the final winner. During the matches, you play rounds either against another player or against the mobs (special rounds).

However, during the matches, all hero gains are done so at random. Much like how you gain weapons and/or items during a battle royale game. The real problem most players face is in knowing which heroes to use and when. With the help of our Arena of Evolution: Red Tides tips, cheats, strategy and tactics guide, you’ll have plenty of info to get the job done.

1. The Different Sections Of The Game

Arena of Evolution: Red Tides, oddly enough, starts you right out in the game. But beyond that, there’re no other tutorials to get you used to playing the game. So here we’ll first give you a quick run-down of the main game screen.

arena of evolution red tides tips

Starting in the upper left corner is the account info. Tap your avatar icon to see the various info about your account. You can also edit your name in there. In the top middle of the above screen shot is your resources (Silver and Eternium), Friends list, Inbox, Settings (bind your account here), and your signal strength. You should pay attention to that signal strength icon because that’s where to look if the game lags. In the middle left of the above screen shot is the main Play area where you’ll want to play the most. Those are all ranked games. Where “Season 1” is showing is where you can find various info about your playing. This includes wins and losses records. Also included is the Quests section.

When you check the Quests section of Arena of Evolution: Red Tides, you’ll see what all you have to do to complete quests. Note that these quests will auto-complete when you accomplish them. The associated points will pile up automatically and the rewards will also be given automatically. Make note of what those rewards do. Some rewards might only last for 1 game. You can see the Quest points you’ve already accumulated in the above screen shot and the associated reward. The Store is pretty self-explanatory! Yes, you can get items from the Store that boosts Silver rewards. The Rewards showing under the Store are gained from daily logins.

Showing in the bottom right corner of the above screen shot is the Customization section of Arena of Evolution: Red Tides. That’s where you can apply Silver boosts. You’ll gain more Silver when you set your commander, board, and/or gate. The characters (letters) won’t apply a Silver boost but they’re nice to have some fun with depending on what characters you gain. The Heroes section is where you’ll want to spend a lot of time.

arena of red evolution red tides heroes

The bad news is that currently you won’t find an Items section to figure out their effects. The good news is that the Heroes section has all the current heroes available in the game. Again, when you start a match, you can gain any of the heroes Arena of Evolution: Red Tides has to offer at any given time at random. They’re all unlocked so you won’t have to collect them. The problem is that you can only gain the heroes for use during the matches at random. What this does is adds hefty replay value to the game and gives every player a fair enough chance to win a match. That also includes against much higher ranked opponents. So it really becomes a matter of you being able to use all the heroes properly. The main way to do that is by spending lots of time in the Heroes section to figure out how the heroes work.

When you first start out in Arena of Evolution: Red Tides, your very first match will be against the AI.

arena of evolution red tides tricks

When you check the Casual Play section, you’ll see the three sections above. All the matches of the game will play the same way. Unranked games can and will count towards Quests just like ranked games do. Check your Quests to make sure. The Custom Game is where you can setup matches between you and your friends. Then you can let others join in to those matches if you want to. It’s a matter of locking and unlocking (with a password). It’s the Versus AI section that you’ll want to spend a lot of time playing.

The Versus AI section of Arena of Evolution: Red Tides is where you can practice against AI opponents. The good news is that you can still gain Silver and EXP via playing here. The bad news is that you won’t gain nearly as much compared to playing in the ranked matches. In any case, playing the Versus AI mode can help you a lot in trying out various tactics. Since this mode will play exactly like a ranked match, you’ll have the random outputs just the same. The main strategy here is to go at it as though you were in a ranked match. One of your best bets is using the Versus AI section not long after checking things out in the Heroes section.

During the match, your screen will have a variety of nifty goodies to deal with.

arena of evolution red tides guide

Showing across the top of the above screen shot you have your current win/loss record for that match. In the upper middle is the countdown timer before the next round begins. In the upper right are the signal strength and the game settings icons. Going down the right side of your Arena of Evolution: Red Tides match screen is you opponents list. You can see how many opponents are left and how much HP they have each. Clicking on an opponent’s name will allow you to see their current setup. The trick here is to remember that you have a set amount of time before a round begins. So be sure to get back to your setup and ready it before the next round begins.

In the middle of the above screen shot is the playfield. Placement of your heroes is done via drag and drop. Of utmost importance is the placement of your heroes. The aim here is to have your heroes placed mostly according to their ranges. If you numbered the rows of the playfield starting at the bottom 1 to 7 upwards, you would want ranged heroes with Grid 5 or more in row 1. “Grid” refers to their range. So Grid 1 heroes are melee ranged. Grid 4 and 3 should start out in row 2. Grid 1 and 2 heroes would start in row 3 or 4. You can only place heroes up to the fourth row. The one you want the most in the fourth row is Kamikaze. You want that hero to get killed with a great chance of being surrounded by your opponent’s heroes!

The section below row 1 is your staging area. When you buy heroes from the Shop in the bottom right corner, this is where they’ll go. You only have 8 spaces to work with. The recommendation is to be quick because that 30 second timer before the next round can run out quickly. Quickly swap heroes in and out to the playfield so hopefully you won’t have to sell off many heroes to make room.

Keep in mind that you’ll need 9 of the same hero for its maximum upgrade (3 stars). In the bottom left of the above screen shot is your current level and gold. You have to use gold to buy heroes, refresh the heroes list in the Shop, and/or add 5 EXP points to your level. The higher your level, the more heroes you can have on the playfield. However, gold gains are not so heavy unless you can gain a lengthy winning streak. So you do have to manage your gold wisely. That letter “i” next to your gold will give you some info as to how much you’ll gain if you win the round you’re in.

The Item Box is directly next to the Shop in the bottom right corner. Any and all items you gained during “bonus rounds” are put in there.

arena of evolution red tides tactics

The above screen shot is showing the bonus round of Arena of Evolution: Red Tides. The bonus round happens once every 5 rounds after round 10. The first 3 rounds of every match will be bonus rounds. These bonus rounds will be you against the AI mobs. This is the part of the game where you should start praying! The aim to these rounds is another 5 gold (no gold bonuses here) and items.

You’ll have bonus rounds where you’ll only get 5 gold. Yes, this is a disaster depending on your current situation in the match. However, you’ll also have bonus rounds where every mob will drop an item. While you’re busy praying for an item drop, now is a good time to add in the hopes for really good items! On the left is the damage done by your heroes. This comes in very handy. You’ll be able to see how well you’re heroes are performing so maybe you can adjust things accordingly.

In the upper left corner of the above 2 screen shots are the Synergies. Directly from the start of the match will be Synergies that can be made depending on your first hero selections. Once a Synergy is activated, it will remain in place as long as the particular heroes that activated it are on the playfield. Clicking on this spot will show you your current Synergies and potential Synergies you can have based on the heroes you have on the playfield. You can have just about any number of Synergies depending on how many heroes are required to activate it. For example and showing in the above screen shot, you have the Psyker and Walker Synergies. If you remove Arhat, you instantly lose the Walker Synergy. But if you remove Thunderer, you’d lose the Psyker Synergy.

On the opposite end of that, adding in Commando or Sniper would activate the Longshot Synergy. Longshot requires 3 Longshot heroes on the playfield to activate it. Thunderer and Arhat are both listed as Longshot heroes. And yes, the effects can work well with each other depending on what they are.

2. Putting It All Together For Wins

As mentioned, you’ll see your current win/loss record in the upper left corner. That’s nice and all but what you have to remember is that being in first place is the main goal. Your win/loss record only matters when it comes time for gold gains after each round. Beyond that, even if you only have 1 HP left, a first place win is a first place win! So here are some strategies and combinations to use while playing Arena of Evolution: Red Tides.

Of the highest importance during a match in Arena of Evolution: Red Tides is the first hero pick of round 1.

arena of evolution red tides strategies

In checking the above screen shot, who do you think would be the better bet as a first hero choice? You might think it was the Keenedge because it can hit harder. How about the Sniper because having a ranged attacker is a good idea, right?! It’s really the Marauder. It’s not because there’re 2 of them showing at the start (one 1 gold at the start). It’s because its Synergies really help in combination with others. Specifically it’s the Blaster Synergy. The Blaster Synergy reduces all enemies’ ability resistances. In combination with heroes with incredible abilities (skills), this can make for some devastating hits. But after that first pick, it’s all luck of the draw and what you’re able to make of it. The Arena of Evolution: Red Tides devs didn’t make it that easy for you!

Let’s say you went with it and gained the Blaster Synergy. That’s nice and all but it’s still limited to ability damage. The heroes can only use their active abilities just so much. However, there’re heroes with passive abilities. These abilities are based on the heroes’ basic attack. Take the example of the Thunderer. Its ability is based on its basic attack. This ability bounces the basic attack to multiple targets. This is why the Thunderer can score nice and high in the damage department. The tactic here is that when mixed with the Blaster Synergy, Thunderer can hit viciously hard! Even though Chain Lightning is meant for Thunderer’s basic attack, it is an ability so your opponent’s heroes suffer 20% extra damage from Thunderer’s attacks. But it doesn’t stop there.

In continuing the example, you’ll have the Blaster Synergy and the hero Thunderer. Now add in a Sniper. It’s the same idea as the Thunderer’s ability as explained above. Now add in a Commando. This will not only activate the Longshot Synergy, but the Marine Synergy as well all at the same time. The Marine Synergy will reduce all enemies’ armor by a specified amount. The aim here is to put things together for wins. So how long do you think your opponents will last when they’re already starting with -3armor against all your heroes and -20 ability resistances too?! Then add in the fact that the Longshot heroes will ignore 4 more armor. Your Longshot heroes start out a round with your opponent’s heroes at -7armor.

In putting things together for wins in Arena of Evolution: Red Tides, it’s important to mention you should aim for a nice mixture of hero attack ranges. This means you should have both ranged and melee type heroes on the playfield. If you went for a mix of melee ranged heroes only, there’s a chance it might work out for you. However, the most likely case is that your melee ranged heroes will be fighting in a group against your opponent’s heroes. This leaves their ranged heroes to constantly hit your melee heroes until your heroes can go after your opponent’s ranged heroes. If you attempted an all ranged hero setup, your opponent’s melee heroes would easily get in close to remove any range benefits.

The fun part to Arena of Evolution: Red Tides is that the combinations don’t stop with just this stuff! You still have items to gain at random during a match. Seems like pretty straight forward stuff, right?! Well first you have to gain the items and that’s not always easy. The truth is that you have to get extremely selective as to which heroes you place items onto. Even at that, you still have to make sure the hero in question can use the item(s) in question. Take the example of a Bone Saw. This one happens to be a very simple item but its effectiveness is greatly increased when used on a Longshot hero when the Longshot Synergy is active. That hero gains more armor ignoring so that hero will hit even harder. But on any hero, the Bone Saw can really help produce a lot more damage. Place a Bone Saw on a Thunderer for a very devastating Thunderer!

Now take the example of the Conjurer’s Stone item in Arena of Evolution: Red Tides. This item will add energy to the hero when the hero deals damage. This also includes during the use of its ability. Now try that Conjurer’s Stone on a hero with a passive ability. It would be 100% useless! Place the Conjurer’s Stone on a Thunderer for example. There’s no energy to gain so the item is wasted. Do remember that the only way to get an item back is to sell the hero you equipped the item on. But if you placed that Conjurer’s Stone on a Skycrab or a Commando, that hero can shell out damage like crazy! Try a Crossbow on the heroes with heavy damage and slow attack speed and/or a life steal item on Thunderer and/or a Conjurer’s Stone on an Illusionist!

You have all kinds of Synergy and item combinations. So how about the hero combinations?! Yes, some heroes work very well with others. Take the example of the Outrider and the Ironbird Rider. You’ll have the Rider Synergy mixed with Blaster and Longshot Synergy potentials. Try out the Mindbreaker, Kamikaze, and Grenadier. You’ll have the Insectoid and Specialist Synergies with potential for having the Marine and Blaster Synergies. Mix an Illusionist with a Thunderer. You’ll have the Psyker Synergy with potential for the Longshot, Summoner, and Puppet Synergies. There’s a massive range of possibilities but the real problem is the random nature of the hero gains.

For something a bit different in combinations in Arena of Evolution: Red Tides, try out the Summoner Synergy if you can. What that Synergy does is takes 8% of the damage each of your heroes does and coverts it to energy for that hero. Doesn’t seem like much, right?! The truth is that it’s a lot depending on the heroes you have. Do note that your heroes’ abilities have a cool down. So overdoing their energy charging can be a waste. The other trick behind this is that you’ll have the Swarming strategy. There’s a reason why they’re called Summoners! The problem is, 2 of the Summoners have very long cool downs on their abilities. So the best Summoner is the Illusionist. Its ability cool down is only 7 seconds compared to the others which are 60 seconds. Even with this, your opponents can suddenly find themselves surrounded by a lot more heroes in a hurry! Just be sure to equip the Summoners as properly as you can.

There you have it! This ends our compilation of tips, cheats, strategies and tactics for Arena of Evolution: Red Tides. If you have anything to add to our list of tips, feel free to let us know in the comment area below!