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AdVenture Ages Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Rank Up Fast and Restore History

AdVenture Ages is a new idle game developed by Hyper Hippo which follows in the footsteps of their previous titles, AdVenture Capitalist and AdVenture Communist. The timeline has gone kaput, and it is up to you to rebuild and repopulate history because your future depends on it. Harvesting resources and using those resources to hire people to produce even more resources is the name of the game–expect some serious country-hopping as you enlist the help of various historical figures, both real and mythical.

Spread across five Ages, along with limited-time events that offer extra goodies, AdVenture Ages can get quite difficult especially for those new to this sort of game. Luckily, AdVenture Ages offers tasks that grant Time Capsules containing Heroes and assorted resources. Later on, you will gain access to limited events that take place in independent time periods, which offer goodies if you can complete them in time.

adventure ages strategies

The storyline is pretty basic, as expected with games in this genre. An occasional “wall” of requirements can easily halt progress, but all you need is some patience and they can be overcome. Or, you can just spend some gems on some time warps and cut to the chase. With the introductions out of the way, stay with us and check out our AdVenture Ages beginner’s guide for tips, tricks and strategies to restore the timeline!

1. Patching Up The Antiquities

As we mentioned earlier, the “standard” portion of AdVenture Ages is split into five Ages: the Bronze Age, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Age, and the Atomic Age. Each Age produces its own dedicated resource, which is used to purchase additional workers. A large amount of a given resource is required to unlock the Age after it:

adventure ages gladiator

• The Bronze Age produces Weapons,
• The Middle Ages produces Knowledge,
• The Renaissance Age produces Art,
• The Industrial Age produces Machinery,
• The Atomic Age produces Science.

Each Age has its own set of workers or “Relics”, with a “base Relic” that produces the dedicated resource. Higher-tier (or “deeper” in the game’s terminology) Relics produce the Relics directly above it, with each new Relic taking longer to generate its given resource/Relic. To give some examples (as we have yet to unlock the Atomic Age as of writing):

• In the Bronze Age, you rely on Gladiators to produce Weapons. Once you have enough Gladiators, you unlock Chariots that automatically generate Gladiators. Having enough Chariots means that you can unlock Arenas that automatically generate Chariots.

• In the Middle Age, you start with Monks that produce Knowledge. Then, you unlock Churches that produce Monks. Finally, you unlock Knights that produce Churches.

• In the Renaissance Age, you have Artists that produce Art. Next, you unlock Galleries that produce Artists. Lastle, you unlock Musketeers that produce Galleries.

• In the Industrial Age, you have Workers that Produce Machinery. You then unlock Foundries that produce Workers Finally, you unlock Light Bulbs that produce Foundries.

adventure ages starting out

This pattern continues until you reach ten Relics per Age. The last Relics will potentially cost a small fortune to purchase and it will take some patience to get there. Coupled with resource requirements jumping in several orders of magnitude to unlock new Ages, do not be surprised that getting to the deepest Relics of the Atomic Age can take months.

At first, you will have to manually tap the Relic’s icon every time you want it to produce the particular resource. Later on, you will unlock Heroes that will automate a specific Relic’s production. You can double the rate of production across all Ages by watching ads, with each ad giving you four hours that can be extended to twelve hours, at maximum. The amount of collected resources needed to unlock the next Age gets higher each time, so upgrading your Heroes becomes a must. We will discuss Heroes in the next section.

Each Relic has a set of stats that affect how much is produced per second, as well as any Relic cost reductions that may be in play:

adventure ages relic stats

Power: how much of a given Relic/resource is produced per cycle
Discount: any active reductions to the Relic cost of manual purchases, down to a minimum of one Relic per unit purchased
Speed: how long the production cycle will take before resources are produced; automating this process naturally grants a speed boost
Luck: the chance a given production cycle will produce a bonus amount of Relics/resources
Bonus: the multiplier that affects the aforementioned bonus amount

Relics and resources are not the only things that limit your growth. Every second, you get a small amount of Population from your time machine. This is used to manually purchase Relics. Players can opt to purchase Relics one at a time, in percentages of either 10% or 50%.

adventure ages population

Another option is to purchase the maximum amount of Relics based on the accrued resources. This option is also available for Population growth. Players can boost the amount of Population generated via the Upgrade tab, spending an increasing amount of period-specific resources, wherein each period’s resources have independent values. Over time, Population growth will become a bigger obstacle for purchasing deeper Relics, as automated Relics do not consume Population.

2. Heroes Throughout Time And Space

You are not alone in the process of repairing time, and your fingers will get tired of manually tapping the screen. This is where the Heroes come in. Heroes are based on historical figures, mythological characters, and the occasional fellow from literature relevant to a given Age.

adventure ages hero collection

For instance, Heroes for the Bronze Age tend to hail from the Roman Empire, which include the likes of Julius Caesar or Spartacus. Heroes confer various bonuses relating to Relic and Resource Production and come in five rarities with each rarity denoting their roles and abilities:

Common (Blue): Heroes of this rank will automate a chosen Relic, and further upgrades will increase a Relic’s Speed. There are 51 Common-tier heroes to unlock.

Rare (Green): Heroes of this rank will increase either the Power or Luck of all Relics in a given Age, or multiply the population growth upgrades from a given resource. There are 20 Rare-tier heroes available.

Legendary (Purple): Similar to Rare Heroes, Legendary Heroes affect all Relics of a given Age, in this case increasing either the Discount or Bonus of all applicable Relics. There are 14 Legendary-tier heroes you can find.

Epic (Yellow): An odd duck when it comes to effects, Epic Heroes will grant additional resources from certain low-tier Time Capsules for a few hours. They are obtainable only through events, and five Epic-tier heroes can be found, one for each Age’s resource.

Historic (Red): The best of the best, and with good reason. They act like Rare or Legendary Heroes but their effects apply to all five Ages, and are represented by historical figures that do not really match up with the available Ages. As of writing there are only five Historic-tier heroes available, and all in all there are 95 heroes to unlock in the standard game.

Heroes can be obtained in two ways: purchasing them from the store or getting them as rewards from Time Capsules. It is important to note that Gems, the game’s premium currency, count as a Legendary drop, so do not be surprised if you get a handful of them in lieu of a Legendary-tier Hero. Any duplicates of Heroes you already have are saved as you can upgrade a Hero once you have enough duplicates.

adventure ages time capsule

Upgrading a Hero requires XP tokens, obtained from either Time Capsules or through manual or automatic acquisition of a set amount of Relics, with the yellow circle around the Relic icon indicating progress. Naturally, the XP token and duplicate requirements increase as the Hero’s upgrade level increases.

Rarer Heroes will consume more XP tokens to begin with. Because of the randomized nature of Hero drops, you might end up with a Hero will lots of copies for several rank ups, limited only by the amount of XP tokens on hand.

3. Saving The Past To Bolster Your Future

Heroes are not the only ones who can level up. AdVenture Ages gives you tasks to complete in order to rank up and progress further. These tasks are located above your Ages tab, and can range from getting a set number of Relics to collecting or spending XP tokens.

adventure ages before mission

Once you have completed a task, you can collect a Time Capsule for Heroes, Gems, XP tokens, and some progress for your next rank. Every now and then, a Time Pod will float across the Tasks sections, and tapping on the pod will give resources, XP tokens, or Population.

However, on occasion, you will need to watch an ad before you can collect the Time Pod’s rewards. You need to complete at least ten tasks in order to rank up, and any extra tasks can be ignored or completed. When you rank up, you will get a new set of tasks to complete, though with adjusted difficulty based on your overall progress.

adventure ages after mission

Similarly to other idle simulation games, ranking up will reset your progress and will send you back to the Bronze Age with only a lone Gladiator for company. However, any upgraded Heroes will keep their progress, allowing you to quickly rebuild for the next set of tasks and rank ups.

Ranking up also unlocks new Heroes to find in Time Capsules, and rewards you with an extra Time Capsule that may even contain Heroes you just unlocked! This gives you some extra incentive of resetting your progress, as it will make future runs a less tedious affair. In some cases, you might even find yourself completing tasks back to back for a rapid rank up.

adventure ages ranking up

Once you reach Rank 8, you will unlock Operations that are essentially more complex tasks tied to a season of rewards. Every time you complete an Operation, you get season points along with your rewards, which are used to progress through the reward list every time you get one hundred season points. Each season lasts one month, and once the duration is up, you get your rewards based on how far you traveled down the season reward list, which goes up to level 25.

You can also change an Operation with Gems if you feel that you cannot complete it for whatever reason. There are three Operations to complete every day, with new ones being generated at the start of a new day. Operations also give out up to three free daily gifts every four hours, which also reward a small amount of season points.

adventure ages operations

The game’s store offers an alternative way of getting Heroes, XP tokens, and Time Capsules. Aside from in-app purchases to get more Gems, you can exchange XP tokens or Gems to acquire a Hero you do not have yet, or simply get enough copies for a rank up. However, the game does offer a free Hero every few hours by watching an ad.

Although most of the Time Capsules in the store can only be purchased, including those that have better odds of rewarding Historic-tier Heroes, you can get a free Time Capsule every four hours, and they can accumulate. This means that you can just save up and go on a Capsule-opening spree if you desire it.

adventure ages store heroes

There are also Time Warps purchasable with Gems. These instantly reward a given duration’s worth of production, and come in one-hour, four-hour, and one day variants. The game offers a free one hour warp when you are starting up.

adventure ages time capsules

The game also has the option of purchasing the Historic Pass, which offers a variety of bonuses such as extra Operation Rewards and a permanent, ad-free production multiplier. Finally, AdVenture Ages will periodically offer bundles that consist of Gems, a high-level Time Capsule, and some guaranteed Heroes based on who you have unlocked.

4. Timestream Detours

adventure ages event unlock

Once you reach Rank 12, you unlock time-limited Events that take place in time periods separate from the standard game. In our playthrough, the event revolved around ancient Egypt. Resources, Relics, and Heroes were reskinned accordingly, and there was also a separate store and production multiplier. Events will run independently of your standard game and vice versa, allowing you to focus on one while the other continues to run.

adventure ages event

Compared to regular gameplay, Events are essentially compressed. There are fewer resources to manage; a Rank up bar requires less tasks, normally achievable with five to six tasks instead of ten; and there are only 21 Heroes to find as opposed to 95. The overall collection is limited to just Common and Rare Heroes and their bonuses come in greater increments.

In addition, ranking up is automatic and does not reset progress. All this is balanced out by Events only lasting four days at most, so you have to make do with the time you have. While Events have a separate pool for XP tokens, Gems are shared across both Events and regular gameplay.

adventure ages event heroes

Event Rewards are split into two categories: a progress section which measures how many levels you ranked up (up to a maximum rank of 25), and a global leaderboard based on how many Trophies you have acquired. Trophies are obtained only from Time Capsules, which are rewarded by completing Event Tasks, or through the Free Time Capsule at the store. Your rank in the reward brackets can change wildly depending on the time of day.

Any other Time Capsules, be it those purchasable through Gems or through the occasional bundle available at the Event store, will NOT reward Trophies, discouraging players from simply brute-forcing their way with money to the top spot. Do note that Time Warps can still be used to accelerate progress, and the XP tokens you get from them can be used to quickly rank up Heroes.

adventure ages event rewards

Once the Event is over, your accumulated progress and leaderboard rank are tallied and you receive your rewards, particularly Epic-tier Heroes that can only be found via rank progress. Then it is just a matter of waiting for the next event to begin for another shot at the top spots, and possibly finding duplicates for your Epic-tier Heroes so you can rank them up.

5. Temporal Tune-Ups And You

Now, here are some tips and strategies to maximize your progress during each run of AdVenture Ages. This will really come in handy the further you go, and it can mean the difference between only getting to the Top 10% of an event’s leaderboard or reaching the much more enticing Top 100 reward bracket:

adventure ages time warp

Keep that Production Multiplier up! Doubled resource production can go a long way in completing tasks, especially during events where you will more or less square off against other players for lucrative rewards. Remember that it will max out at 12 hours, so make sure it expires at a time where you can restore its effects.

Patience, patience, patience. At its core, AdVenture Ages is a waiting game where your workers will do their tasks automatically., There is really no need to keep the game open day in and day out (not to mention that it will wreak havoc on your phone’s battery life). Again, the Production Multiplier helps out a lot as it bolsters fabrication while you are away from the game for whatever reason.

Save your XP Tokens and Gems! Purchasing chests and Heroes with them may sound tempting. However, using XP Tokens to rank up your Heroes and using Gems to purchase Time Warps is more cost-efficient, especially during Events. Both Operations and Events can reward high-tier Time Capsules if you perform well enough, with the grand prize guaranteeing at least one Historic-tier Hero, so get your Rank up to unlock them. Even if you do not get to a high enough rank, you will still get Gems as is or as Time Capsule drops. Make sure that you keep an eye out on your coffers before the next Event starts.

Buy in bulk! You will get results a lot faster if you choose the maximum amount of Relics your supplies can purchase. Only rely on the 10% or 50% options if you plan on upgrading multiple Relics because you do not want to overshoot a given task’s requirements.

Focus on the deeper Relics! As they ultimately produce all the Relics above them, deeper Relics will generally serve as the bulk of a given Age’s production. Building up on our previous tip, buy them in bulk and prioritize ranking up the relevant Hero to boost their performance. That said, it may be wise to choose automated relics over un-automated ones, as it will take a while for even very deep Relics to pay for themselves.

Do not forget your Population growth! Is it taking some time to buy enough Chariots for the next task? Check if you have any upgrades on standby in your time machine and spend away. Remember that each Age has its own upgrading requirements for Population growth, so you can get a large boost to your Populations as long as you keep them in mind.

Rank up when you can! The moment you complete enough tasks, rank up so that you can start fresh. The Time Capsule rewarded upon a rank up awards a sizeable amount of XP tokens, which can be used to easily gain progress in XP collection or Rank up-related tasks. You might even find the right Hero to cut down Relic costs or automate your newly-unlocked Relics. Unless you are very close to completing a task, you can shuffle them for something easier to complete by Ranking up.

adventure ages ad booster

And that wraps up our AdVenture Ages beginner’s guide and we thank you for taking your time to read it! Hopefully, this guide aids you in conquering difficult tasks or getting to the best spots on an event’s leaderboard. If you guys have any tips and observations we might have forgotten to mention, please let us know in the comment section! Thank you and have fun!


Saturday 20th of August 2022

Maybe next time, talk about how much relics buildings cost and how many relics you can earn on the game! Also about the max levels of heros!

Emily Benson

Saturday 12th of February 2022

This is actually useful! I have a BUNCH of heroes that needs to level up so this might help me out!!!