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Erica: Interactive Thriller Walkthrough: A Complete Guide to Unlock All 6 Endings

Erica: Interactive Thriller is Flavourworks’ mobile version of the full-motion video game, Erica, which was initially released for the PS4. Currently available on iOS, Erica: Interactive Thriller immerses players into a live-action thriller unlike anything they have seen or experienced on mobile. Erica: Interactive Thriller utilizes a touch video feature and lets players tap, swipe, or pinch to easily interact with objects or people in the story as well as choose from an array of decision points that shape the outcome of events.

You will take on the role of the titular character, Erica Mason, who is plagued by nightmares from her childhood. As she suffers from visions of her father’s demise, the journey towards uncovering the truth about her family begins. Erica: Interactive Thriller is brimming with scenarios where the choices you make will either provide you additional information to piece together the puzzles set before you or shape your future. There are 6 possible endings to discover and watch, which means that you have various reasons to replay Erica: Interactive Thriller a number of times.

Erica: Interactive Thriller is designed in such a way that you will continue to make progress and finish the story regardless of what choices you make. Even if you failed to make a decision in time, the story will continue to play and there will never be any instances of you having to repeat scenarios again until you choose to start a new story.

erica interactive walkthrough guide

As this is a complete walkthrough of the game, it is a solid given that there are spoilers, possibly all the spoilers you can ever experience relative to Erica: Interactive Thriller. If you have yet to play the game, we highly recommend playing through it blindly the first time around and then only continue to read our guide once you have concluded one story ending.

We will provide a step-by-step guide towards reaching the Not Alone Ending and will then proceed to the choices you need to make to unlock the other endings. Just a heads up, all of the decisions you make early on will not impact the ending until late in the story where you are presented with a decision point to kill the guard at the Delphi House grounds.

The Past

Erica: Interactive Thriller starts you off with a flashback from Erica Morgan’s past. You will turn the lighter on first and proceed to light the oil diffuser. You will then proceed to the turntable and play some music. After breathing in some mist from the diffuser, your father will come in and have a long conversation with you. He will show you 3 pictures as he tells you a story about your mother and how she is magic and can see the future.

He then proceeds to tell you that you are very much like your mother, who also have magical abilities. To test you, he will ask you to choose one of the 3 pictures and, immediately after, he will tell you to conjure up the power of the ancient priestess to guess which one from the 3 faced down pictures was the one you chose earlier.

the past erica interactive thriller

For this, you should choose the photo of your parents. When the photos are turned down, choose the one on the right side to convince your father that you have a special gift. In any case, he will still tell you that you are special even if you guessed wrong.

Your father will continue to tell you that your mother is always with you and part of you, even if she is no longer around. He will then ask you what you think you will see if you stare into the fire to look into the future. Fast forward to a slightly more recent event, you will proceed to open the door at your home and witness your father’s death in front of the fire place. Proceed to unbutton his shirt to see a peculiarly-shaped slash wound on his chest.

As you hug him, the door opens again and the silhouette of the assailant appears before you with a bloody knife in one hand and a pistol aimed at you on another. Tap on her head to have a better look at her face. The scene ends with you screaming as you wake up from a recurring nightmare.

Erica’s Apartment

After getting out of bed, you will proceed to the bathroom, in front of the sink. Turn the faucet on to proceed looking at the mirror. You need to wipe off the fog on the mirror to see more clearly. You will choose among “Let go”, “Face it”, “Reassure”, or “Justify” as your reaction to the nightmare. Each choice will have different scripts that follow it but will not have any effects on what follows.

erica's apartment erica interactive thriller

You will then hear someone cough outside your apartment and proceed to the door. Swipe at the peephole cover all the way up to see through it. You see that the person coughing is a woman with a fox headdress and she looks at your door before proceeding to the apartment just across yours. You will choose between securing the bolt on your door and unlocking it.

Either one works the same way as you will proceed to open the door enough to choose whether to complain or ask her if she needs help. Regardless, you will proceed to bed again afterwards and spend time on your sketchbook. After browsing some pages and drawing the wound on your father’s chest, you will open the door and grab a package. Opening the box reveals a bloodied, severed hand with a medallion clutched within it.

fragile box erica interactive thriller

Fast forward to after the authorities are informed, Sergeant Duncan Blake arrives at your apartment. He will proceed to ask your permission to see your sketches and you will choose between handing it all to him or rip off the page you doodled earlier. Either choice is okay. You will then choose again between asking a question or simply cooperating with Sgt. Blake after he asks you about the Delphic Epsilon you just drew.

After revealing who the hand belongs to, Sgt. Blake will inform you that the hand’s owner used to work at Delphi Place, and believes that you and your father have visited the place. You can choose history, links to case, or relevance as the gist of your next question and the choices will simply impact the next set of information you will hear.

links to case erica interactive thriller

Regardless, you will discover that your father co-founded the Delphi House with Lucien Flowers who is also a potential target of the killer. Sgt. Blake will then proceed to convince you to stay at Delphi House for your safety.

Staying At The Delphi House

While entering the Delphi House, you will swipe at the screen to reminisce an earlier visit to the establishment with your father. Tap on the counter bell 3 times and Sgt. Blake will put his hand on it to tell you to stop. After Sgt. Blake leaves to check on the personnel, you should tap on the co-founders’ portrait behind you to walk towards it. You can swipe on all directions to see all other pictures.

counter bell erica interactive thriller

The lights will flicker and you will see cultist people in robes with animal masks on run across a nearby room. The phone at the reception will start ringing and you will then have to choose between answering it and proceeding to the room earlier.

Either choice comes with its unique set of experiences but will both also lead to being back at the reception with Karl Steinbeck, the night manager. You will notice a mark on the arm of the night manager and when Sgt. Blake finally returns, you will have another choice of what to tell him. Either one practically leads to the same response from him.

animal mask erica interactive thriller

Dr. Rosa Ballard and Chief Inspector David Caulker finally appear to meet with you. Upon greeting, the choice of response to the Chief Inspector works almost the same way. As Dr. Ballard accompanies you to your room, she tells you that she worked with your father and the choice of question you ask leads to the same information about your parents.

As you reach your room and Dr. Ballard finally leaves you, you can swipe at the scene to reminisce on your earlier visit to Delphi House. You remember you father holding a record you will then proceed to open the record player and find the same record, Aria For Delphi, in the box beside it. As the music plays, you will travel back down on memory lane being on the same room with your father. He then shows you a gift from Lucien, which is a doll with a butterfly mark on the arm, saying that she is just like you.

gift from lucien erica interactive thriller

Oddly enough, the scene takes you back to a recurring nightmare about your father’s death. This time, though he is not yet dead and you will wake up as the assailant pulls the trigger. You can choose to look in the mirror or head on out the door, either choice leads to the same scenario later on.

After coming down the stars, you will meet a Delphi House patient Kirstie Caulker, telling you not to step on the carpet as she is cleaning it. Your choice here will naturally impact Kirstie’s impression towards you but will not affect the endings in the story. You will shortly after meet the 2 other patients, Tobi Neumann and Hannah Kaye.

Upon seeing Tobi with a cigarette, you have options on how to approach her. Again, the choice you make will trigger different reactions but will not alter the endings to go for. Either way, Hannah will ask you to join her and you will play Aria For Delphi on piano with her.

tobi neumann erica interactive thriller

While playing, Hannah’s nose starts to bleed and you will need to hand her a tissue paper. Kirstie enters the hall and you will have options on how to respond. Different choices will play different scenarios ending with Dr. Ballard along with some facility personnel coming to the scene.

You will then find yourself at the office of Lucien Flowers, and within the long conversation, a couple of choice points will be presented to you. Like most decision points, these will impact the information you get but will ultimately lead to the same outcome. Lucien will proceed to give you back the lighter you used at the beginning of the game, telling you that it belonged to your father and was a gift from your mother.

lucien flowers erica interactive thriller

After attempting to light it, Sgt. Blake comes in to tell you that your father’s and Mr. Johar’s (the man whose severed hand was sent to you) killer are potentially one and the same person. Your choice of response again leads to different information received but will most likely lead to a regression therapy session supposedly designed by your father to help patients deal with trauma. You can keep refusing the request and wind up at the grounds of the facility.

During the therapy session with Dr. Ballard, multiple choices are presented to you as pictures are flashed before your eyes one after another. Regardless of the choices you make, it will all end up with the slideshow going too fast as you are taken once again to your recurring nightmare. This time, though, your father speaks to you and a woman with a butterfly mask reveals her face.

killer erica interactive thriller

A choice pops up as Dr. Ballard comforts you and both questions lead to the same scenario. She will hand you the paper you were supposed to write on during the session and flipping it over reveals a sketch of your mother you supposedly drew subconsciously during the therapy.

On the next scene, you will have to flip over the lighter’s cover a couple of times and Lucien will approach you with a brief story about your mother. He will then give you an envelope that you have to open to see your mother’s death certificate. You can choose from different responses again, which all will lead to Lucien taking you to your mother’s grave.

choices erica interactive thriller

After cutting a stem of Oleander in front of the headstone, which is by the way a highly toxic plant, you need to wipe the headstone to more vividly see the wordings on it. You will be interrupted by Tobi raging as she storms out the yard of the facility. Hannah then approaches you and asks if you want to join her make perfume and Lucien will say that lunch is being served.

This will lead to a tough decision on which of the girls to go with as each one will provide you different sets of knowledge and experience. The scenarios from each choice are very different from one another, making this point one of the reasons to replay the story and choose the other options.

You will then wake up the following day and find yourself at the hall with a gift before you. You will open it to find the doll that Lucien gave you when you were younger along with a bloodied skin with a mark on it. Hannah’s nose starts to bleed again as she goes into a seizure and the choice presented to you leads to the same scenario.

gift box erica interactive thriller

Dr. Ballard comes in and you look back at the bloody piece of skin. Swiping across it lets you remember that it belongs to Karl Steinback, the night manager you met at the Delphi House’s reception when you came in.

Back at Lucien’s office with Sgt. Blake, the latter will present you a photo that you can swipe across off. Your choice of what question to ask leads to slightly different information. Wiping away at the doll takes you back to when you first received it and a choice selection will be available again to respond to the sergeant’s question. It all leads to you having to head back to your flat as Sgt. Blake needs to know if there are other things missing from your home.

Revisiting The Apartment And Meeting The Chief Inspector Again

As you check back on your apartment, you will discover that it has been completely messed up. You will have a choice of whether to pick up the picture frame or your sketchbook first and either one will lead to hearing Sgt. Blake checking on your neighbor.

messed up apartment erica interactive thriller

As you approach the door of your apartment, Sgt. Blake will instruct you to stay there as he forces the door of the neighbor’s apartment open. Wiping away at the screen refreshes your memory of the coughing lady who lives across you.

opening the door erica interactive thriller

Choosing to follow Sgt. Blake’s orders and staying in her apartment as against actually following him is a dichotomous decision point that branches to various scenarios. Despite the different sets of experiences, Erica will wind up still seeing the corpse of the night manager and the apartment being riddled with graffiti of the Delphic Epsilon. Checking the arm and chest of the night manager will finally confirm earlier suspicions.

Back at the Delphi House, the next scenario will be dependent on your earlier choices involving the 3 girls that stay there. You may check and have a conversation with Hannah, witness as Dr. Ballard takes both Hannah and Toby away, or be invited by Kristie to sign a get well soon card for Hannah.

delphi house erica interactive thriller

Ultimately, Tobi will start revealing that she has been seeing Oleander petals dropping from the sky in her dreams, much like what Hannah experienced as her nose coincidentally starts to bleed as well.

Before the day ends, Sgt. Blake and Lucien takes you to the home of Chief Inspector David Caulker. There are choices to make along the way but each one boils down to the same scenario. As the alleged killer’s identity is revealed to be that of Mia Greene, who was a former patient of the facility and a close friend of your mother’s, Lucien contended the findings claiming and providing proof that Mia Greene died of an overdose at the facility after your mother’s death. Regardless of your response, the discussion is cut short as the phone rings and Sgt. Blake is informed of an intruder within Delphi House.

evidence erica interactive thriller

Regardless of whether you insist on going with them or not, you will stay with the chief inspector as your nose starts to bleed. Once at the bathroom to clean yourself up, everything starts to flash and you can choose between looking out the window and heading straight downstairs.

questions erica interactive thriller

Both choices will lead you to head back downstairs but the former will only let you see the chief inspector dead while the latter will let you see him hanging on to life and hand you a drawing made by Kirstie. After turning his chair around, you will inspect his desk drawer to find a medallion, similar to the one you received from the package back in your apartment, as well as a photo of the chief inspector with her daughter, Kirstie.

gun erica interactive thriller

Mia Greene finally appears and you can wipe the screen to connect the scene to the recurring nightmare you have about your father’s death. Regardless of the choices you make as you converse with Mia Greene, she will continue to provide the same accusations about everyone that worked or is working at Delphi House and invites you to meet with her and use the medallion to uncover the truth for herself.

Into The Mysterious Warehouse

Back at the Delphi House with Sgt. Blake, the conversation will depend on Erica’s relationship with him based on earlier decisions to be cooperative or defiant to the sergeant’s advices and orders. Never upsetting Sgt. Blake with any prior decisions made will raise your intimacy level with him enough for him to hug you and provide an option to kiss him as well.

conversation erica interactive thriller

Regardless of your decision here, the more important one lies ahead as you will have to choose between telling him the truth about Mia Greene or lying about it. This decision point will not affect any of the endings you will go for but will tremendously provide different sets of scenarios that follow.

If you lie to Sgt. Blake about Mia Greene, you will use the medallion on a secret entrance to hidden areas within the facility. Regardless of which secret entrance you go into, it is the same scenario that follows. Within the inner corridors of the Delphi House, you will choose between going straight and exploring either of the options at the right side of the intersection.

hidden area erica interactive thriller

Heading straight right away will lead you to witness Sgt. Blake and Lucien talking about you. Checking on the red area will take you to see Hannah’s corpse as well as a storage unit for an organ. The flashing area holds a therapy session for Tobi conducted by Dr. Ballard and after heading towards the door straight ahead, you will see Dr. Ballard proceed through the huge door. You can try to open the door with the medallion but will wind up still at the exit of the inner corridor and into the warehouse.

room erica interactive thriller

Once inside the warehouse, there is an altar where the photo of your mother that got stolen from your apartment lies. You will pull a crate from underneath the altar to uncover vials made from Oleander. This is where you get to meet Mia again as she sprays you with something that sends you into a hallucinating state.

hallucination erica interactive thriller

If you decide to tell the truth about Mia to Sgt. Blake, the whole secret passage scenario will be skipped and you will head to warehouse with him. Initially, Sgt. Blake will inspect the warehouse himself while you will be able to peek into some of his stuff in the car to uncover some secrets.

hallucinogen erica interactive thriller

In any case, the sergeant will eventually return and you get to venture into the warehouse together with the altar scene and the vials. Once Mia pops up, he will kill Sgt. Blake and proceed to knock you down with the hallucinogen.

The Finale

This is the part where some decisions will begin to branch out into the 6 major endings that you can witness in the story. As we are primarily going for the Not Alone Ending, we will proceed to make the choices needed to be done for the ending to happen. Afterwards, we will summarize the changes to be made to unlock the other endings.

After having a series of hallucinations of sorts involving the masked cultists and the ritual, you will wake up to realize you are at your former home, from when your father was still alive. Mia will try to convince you about how evil your father and the Delphi House is and numerous conversational choices will be presented to you. Regardless of the decisions you make here, you will still wind up helping Mia infiltrate the Delphi House, “save” your mother, and put an end to all the madness.

mia erica interactive thriller

At the grounds of the Delphi House, Mia hands you a knife to cut the wire and disable the security camera. She will tell you to keep it as you may need it later. Mia will take down one of the guards patrolling the outer vicinity of the facility and ask you to kill him. If you choose to kill the guard, you will enter Delphi House armed with a knife. If you refuse, Mia will take the knife from you and murder the guard.

cutting the wire erica interactive thriller

Once you are within the Delphi House, you will turn off the power to avoid detection. If you lied to Sgt. Blake and enter the Delphi House unarmed, you will encounter him inside and he will express his concerns for you. If you carry the knife, though, he will point the gun at you and consider you a threat. In any case, Mia will once again pop up from behind you and murder Sgt. Blake.

sgt. blake erica interactive thriller

Regardless of the choice of response to Mia’s actions, she will be unable to continue going with you as she is dying and will leave you to take the gun.

Again on your own, you will need to wipe the fog off the window to witness another guard discover the bleeding guard outside the facility and the alarms will trigger immediately. You will rush into the secret passage and find yourself in the room where Dr. Ballard is in the middle of performing a procedure on Tobi. Again, this is a critical decision stage in the story to unlock the Not Alone Ending as you will need to save Tobi.

decision regarding dr ballard erica interactive thriller

Your choices will determine if you will kill Dr. Ballard or let her go. For this ending play through, your choice will not matter with regard to Dr. Ballard but some choices lead to identifying Epinephrine as the medicine you need to inject on Tobi’s heart. Kirstie will arrive and will react based on your choices as well. Regardless, you will pull the tube off of Tobi’s nose and she will start to bleed.

medicine cabinet erica interactive thriller

Upon opening the medicine cabinet, you will see 3 types of medicine: Oleandrin, Lidocaine, and Epinephrine. Oleandrin is toxic and is not approved by regulatory agencies for medical use. Lidocaine is an anesthetic. Epinephrine is an adrenaline.

The obvious choice here is Epinephrine as you want to save Tobi. As she begins to shake, you will control the syringe and rip off the top of her gown, and finally inject Epinephrine to her heart. Conversational choices here will not matter much as you proceed deeper within the secret area of Delphi House alone.

Back to the huge hall where the secret door can be found and the exit close to the warehouse is located, you will finally meet Lucien. This is yet another important decision point that directly impacts the ending and to unlock the Not Alone Ending, you must kill Lucien.

killing lucien erica interactive thriller

The conversation between you and Lucien will be long and you will be faced to choose from among a variety of responses as well as the option to tap on the gun. For each instance, you have to choose to tap on the gun and disregard all other choices. Finally, you have to choose to murder him and pull the trigger.

After killing Lucien, a medallion key will drop from his pockets and you will use it to finally open the huge backdoor. After using your lighter to illuminate the surroundings, the long passage takes you to an altar where you once again light up the oil diffuser that generates Oleander mist.

opening the backdoor erica interactive thriller

As you grab hold of the oil diffuser, you are faced with the third and final critical decision point that shapes the ending ahead of you. You can choose between burning Delphi House or breathe in the Oleander mist.

oil diffuser erica interactive thriller

To reach the Not Alone ending, you have to go with the former choice and burn down the Delphi House. As you exit the burning establishment, you meet with Tobi and Kirstie, and the 3 of you slip into the night.

meet with tobi and kirstie erica interactive thriller

Happy Family Ending

happy family ending erica interactive thriller

To reach the Happy Family Ending, and join Lucien at the Delphi House, the requirement is that you should not kill anyone. At the gardens with Mia Greene, you should not kill the roving guard. Once back inside the Delphi House, you should let Dr. Ballard go and save Tobi as well.

As you finally encounter Lucien towards the end choose the following responses in sequence: Greene, Girls, Lies, I’m Not Crazy, Lower Gun, and Trust. The Delphi House and all the secrets that it holds remain safe and your face is added to the portrait of the co-founders, Lucien Flowers and Peter Mason, as a new member of the happy family.

Prisoner Ending

prisoner ending erica interactive thriller

To reach the Prisoner Ending and remain as a patient confined at Delphi House, you need to kill at least one person except for Lucien. You can opt to kill the roving guard at the garden when Mia tells you to or you can go for Dr. Ballard and Tobi as well. Once you meet Lucien, you have to choose the following words as responses: Conspiracy, Mother, Lies, I’m Not Crazy, and Lower Gun.

After hugging Lucien, he will inject you with a relaxant and you will slowly fade away. Fast forward a bit and you will be back at the Delphi House as yet another mentally ill patient sedated while drawing on your sketchbook. Mia Greene, who is your nurse, says the exact words you father tells you in one of your earlier visions.

The Butterfly Ending

the butterfly ending erica interactive thriller

In order to unlock the Butterfly Ending and assume the role of the ancient priestess, the first critical decision point you have to make is to kill Lucien when you encounter him towards the end of the story. Once inside the secret sanctum and in front of the altar, the next choice you have to make is to breathe in the Oleander Mist.

After seeing visions of you mother telling you to find her and set her free, you delve into the secret garden and discover the butterfly mask, along with the cultist people that you often see in your visions. The third and final choice you have to make is to simply choose to accept the butterfly mask and ultimately assume your role as the next vessel of the ancient priestess, to gaze into the flame and see the future.

Into The Moonlight Ending

into the moonlight ending erica interactive thriller

The Into The Moonlight Ending works very much like the Not Alone Ending, save of course for the fact that you will be leaving the Delphi House all on your own. To initiate this ending, you must opt to kill Tobi after finding her at the lab. Choosing to inject her with either Oleandrin or Lidocaine will do the job and it will not matter whether you choose to kill Dr. Ballard or not.

Kirstie will be disgusted and leave. The next decision point should lead you to kill Lucien and choose to burn down the Delphi House. The ending scene takes you outside of the burning facility as well but with no friends to accompany you as you fade into the moonlight.

Alternate Ending

alternate ending erica interactive thriller

Erica: Interactive Thriller comes with an extra unique ending that is like a mix between the Butterfly Ending and the Into The Moonlight Ending. For this ending to happen, the first requirement is that you kill Tobi again. You can proceed to encounter Lucien and murder him as well. The next step takes you to choose to breathe in the Oleander Mist.

Finally, when you discover the butterfly mask at the end of the secret passage, you should choose to reject it. You will wind up exiting the burning facility all on your own but will surprisingly see Kirstie waiting for you just outside of the Delphi House.

And that finally wraps up our complete walkthrough for Erica: Interactive Thriller. We hope that his will help you reach the rest of the endings apart from the one that you uncovered on your first play through.

More than that, we certainly hope that you heeded our warning and played through your first story in the game all on your own. While the 6 different endings require 6 different full sessions to unlock, the choices in the story that branch to different results can lead to needing more than 6 run-throughs to fully uncover everything.

To be honest, despite the amount of time and focus we dedicated to immerse ourselves in Erica: Interactive Thriller, there are still question we have yet to answer. Perhaps much of the sense and logic to be derived from any and all run-throughs are entirely dependent on the player’s interpretation. In case we missed some details or something or if you have uncovered some unique trivial information on the game, do not hesitate to share it with us through the comment area below!