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Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate the Battle Arena

Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena is Wildlife Studios’ latest game on the mobile gaming market. As a veteran game developer and publisher that joined the industry back in 2011, Wildlife Studios has been home to some popular titles such as Tennis Clash.

Released just barely a month ago, Zooba has already been downloaded over a million times from the Google Play Store alone and continues to remain on top lists of games in several countries. While there remains a plethora of battle royale games in the mobile gaming market, Zooba offers a different twist in features and mechanics guaranteed to provide a totally different kind of fun and excitement even to veterans of the battle royale genre. With cartoony graphics and weird but cute zoo animals as characters, Zooba presents itself as a seemingly less serious approach to the genre but otherwise employs various avenues for strategies and tactics.

In Zooba, you initially get to choose 1 of 3 starting characters and as you progress further in the game, more can be unlocked. Like any battle royale game, the mechanics are simple, start of in the arena with nothing and gear up by picking up weapons and items. Every match you engage in comes with rewards to help your character grow stronger. On top of surviving against 19 other combatants, you also have to keep away from the raging fire that burns the land and makes the safe zone smaller and smaller. There is a bit of MOBA element as well considering that each character has distinct stats and skills. The goal in each match is pretty simple: be the last person standing and be the king of the zoo!

zooba zoo battle arena tips

Zooba is relatively simpler than other battle royale games in the market. Perhaps this can be partially due to the aerial or isometric view the game has. The controls are also similar to numerous games in terms of layout although holding down a skill or weapon button and aiming it may be something new to less experienced players. The initial stages that form part of the tutorial is simple enough and easy to follow even for total newbies.

While picking up and playing the game is easy, forming strategies and increasing your chances of standing out on top is a lot more challenging. If you are looking for more efficient ways of strengthening your hero and winning more battles, then read our Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena beginner’s guide. Our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies will certainly help you dominate the battle arena!

1. Get To Know Each Character

Before you jump into the game, you will be made to choose between Bruce, Nix, and Molly. Bruce focuses on strength, Molly banks on speed and agility, while Nix is somewhat average in both strength and speed. Although more characters will become available as you reach higher leagues and unlock more crates, it may take a while before you can use another character so be choose your starting one based on your preference and play style.

zooba zoo battle arena best characters

The initial 2 or 3 battles are pretty much part of the tutorial and once you are free to explore the menus and buttons on the screen, be sure to click on your character while on the main screen. While only your starting character will be the only one fully visible in the character menu, be sure to scroll across each character and tap the “stats” button. This will show you the character’s passive and active skills, respective stats as far as health, damage, agility, and range is concerned as well as the type of weapons the character can pick up and use in the arena.

Molly, the mobility expert, for example has his companion Joey as a passive skill and Joey attacks enemies as well as picks up items for you. You can compare his stats to other characters even if you have not unlocked them yet and notice that while Molly tops them all in agility, he lags behind some of them in all other stat attributes.

While viewing stats is primarily important in knowing your character’s strengths and limitations, being able to familiarize yourself with the other characters is also an important knowledge you need to acquire early on so you will be able to identify the proper approach and strategy playing against them. While some of the characters are locked behind league levels, it is very possible that you will be pitted against players that have a higher league level that you, giving them an earlier opportunity to use new characters most beginners are unfamiliar with. As such, get to know each one of the characters and identify plans of action whenever you encounter them before you even join the next match.

2. Plan Your Path During The 5-Second Pre-battle Countdown

Instead of the usual jumping off a blimp or plane into the battle arena to start off, you will be placed in a random location on the before the start of each match in Zooba. Although there is not a lot of time for planning, you have to be quick and decide if you would rather stay in the area where you are or move to a different quadrant.

zooba zoo battle arena path

Like typical starting strategies in other battle royale games, your decision is practically based on whether you would want to be away from other players first to loot and be fully ready before an encounter or dive right into where the action is. As some heroes in Zooba possesses active skills that can be an offensive weapon as well, knowing your hero’s set of skills and keeping them in mind should help you decide on where to plant yourself before the start of each match. If you are a beginner, though, we suggest going for an open spot to prepare longer before engaging other players.

3. Grab Gears Dropped By Eliminated Players

There are various weapons and items to be found scattered across the battle arena. Additionally, guards that patrol the area oftentimes drop better items than the ones you can find randomly lying about. Beyond all that, the best item and equipment drops come from other eliminated players and the best part is that you do not necessarily have to be the one to eliminate them to benefit from their drops.

how to get better gear in zooba zoo battle arena

While being able to loot and equip gears that a fallen player drops can tremendously increase you offensive prowess, carelessly lunging towards it may put you at risk as well. This is especially true if it is a fresh kill and the other player who is did the eliminating is still close by. Unless you are certain that you can win against that player, approach only when nobody is around.

On top of the typical scenario, in can happen as well that seeing rare items on the ground can be a trap laid out by an enemy. As such, be sure that you are well prepared at all times to engage or flee when a surprise attack comes. Depending on your chosen character, some active skills that can help you to escape from unfortunate surprise ambushes, like Molly’s double jump, is great to keep fully charged before entering risky territory.

4. Use Each Skill Wisely

While each hero basically only has 3 weapons and an active skill to use in the battle arena, how you utilize each one as well as all of these skills in combination can spell the difference between winning and losing. It may happen initially that you need to keep an eye on each button to check how soon they will be fully recharged after using or even look at some of them before activating because muscle memory still has not kicked inform you to know where each button exactly is on the screen without quickly glancing at them.

how to use skills in zooba zoo battle arena

Although it may take a few matches to fully knowing charge times and button locations by heart, you will soon have to be able to know both these details to be able to react quicker in battle and consequently be more effective. Once you can play a match without constantly having to glance at the weapon and skill buttons before making a move, the more important task of knowing when best to use each skill comes next.

There are basically two criteria that impacts your performance in each match. While most players enjoy and focus on the eliminating aspect, doing so especially if you are just starting out is not as recommendable as focusing on survival. Keep in mind that the longer you stay in a match, the higher your rating goes. This stays true even if you do not eliminate any players. Even so, this strategy should not prevent you for opportunities to eliminate players when an easy opening appears.

Even if each character sports a unique set of stats, you should have an idea if your entire arsenal should be able to eliminate an enemy. As a general strategy, engage only if there is no other choice and if you feel like you have an advantage, like if the opponent’s life is lower than yours or if you have 2 health kits in your inventory. If you will attack anyone you might as well utilize all your skills and have a solid intent to eliminate your target. This means that you have to barrage the enemy with all weapons in your arsenal and if you are certain that you will not be able to eliminate an opponent after using everything, then you might as well back of and proceed to a more viable target.

Keep in mind that as battle royale games go, it is hardly a one-on-battle for the most part. Oftentimes you may encounter 2 players duking it out and if you feel the rush to join in, the same concept applies in the sense that you should proceed to attack if you are fairly certain that you can eliminate both. It does not necessarily mean finishing both players at the same time but rather, eliminating at least one with all your weapons and skill and then still being at an advantage in HP to eliminate the other one after charging the next move.

5. Make Good Use Of The Environment

As Zooba currently holds only one map as its battle arena, getting used to its general layout should come along easily after a few matches. Beyond its overall topography, be sure to pay attention to dead ends, water bodies, and bushes. These may present both opportunities and threats for you as you play through each match and having a fairly good idea of each one’s location will always be beneficial for you both from an offensive as well as defensive standpoint.

zooba zoo battle arena environment

Some areas have dead ends and avoiding them should come naturally when running away from a skirmish when you are disadvantaged as well as moving away from the raging inferno. Whenever you move in water, you will not be able to use any weapons or abilities so if your active skill involves jumping, you should time their usage right to hop across.

Likewise, being in combat while an enemy steps into water turns the tide for you so you should have total aggressiveness in assaulting an enemy who is currently in water even if he has more HP than you. Bushes in Zooba offer huge tactical advantage most especially if you know how to utilize it well. Every player becomes perfectly hidden while moving through bushes. The only indicator that will give your position away is if you use an attack with an area of effect like the grenade, if you move in too close to an enemy, or if an enemy sees you heading towards the bushes.

For an offensive approach, bushes are the perfect cover to cast an ambush and while we do not recommend camping, or staying in one spot for a long time, moving along within bushes to wait for the perfect moment to eliminate an enemy or enemies is generally a sound strategy. For the most part, there are several large bushes on the map and moving along them is fairly easy. Defensively, be sure to use bushes as cover whenever you need to heal. If you have active skills that boost speed temporarily, use them after hiding in the bushes rather than before and misdirect your opponents by moving in a different direction as soon as you hit the bushes.

6. Play Better Or Play More

The basic gauge of your activities in Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena are best represented by the stars you earn after each match that fills up to earn you a chest. Although better performance in terms of kills and length of survival earn you more stars, Each match you participate in will reward you one way or another. If you are not performing as well as you hope, you can easily make up for it by playing more matches to earn more stars and obtain more chests. Essentially, you would want all open slots for crates be filled up before you decide to leave the game.

zooba zoo battle arena tricks

Although it may happen that you do not quickly feel your improvement as far as overall performance is concerned, each match you partake in guarantees some sort of learning. Although luck also plays a factor relative to the opponents you are matched with and their respective levels and skills, utilizing everything you have learned can still earn you wins. Don’t be discouraged if you do not rank high enough in your initial matches. While some players may have characters stronger than the ones you have, looting higher rarity weapons in the arena can still heavily impact the outcome of each match.

7. Upgrade And Use Each Hero You Have

Although in general we would recommend focusing on a main character above all others, the only shared resource you need to split across heroes on upgrades is gold. The only other requirement are hero tokens of the character you want to upgrade which is unique to each hero.

As far as gold is concerned, designating one hero as your top priority is recommended but you would still need to use all other heroes you unlock to increase their mastery level and earn extra rewards. Although there will certainly be a point in the game where you will need more gold to upgrade all your heroes, investing a bit on others to help them raise their mastery is an investment that will earn you back the gold you consumed with some interests in the form of the other rewards

how to upgrade heroes in zooba zoo battle arena

To view each hero’s mastery level, simply tap on the platform the hero is standing on at the main screen. Each use of the hero in a match will earn you mastery points and reaching certain milestones will reward you with gold, gems, items, and even tokens.

Upgrading each hero also enables them to equip items. With this feature, you can customize each ehro and make them more formidable in combat. You can switch equipment from one hero to another easily so be sure to check that the hero you are using has been optimized as far as items go before you engage in a match with that hero.

Although gold, and especially gems are important resources that should be spent very carefully, checking the store every day for the daily deals can be beneficial for you. While you may want to save up gems to purchase a Legendary Crate or any of the crates that are difficult to obtain otherwise, spending a few coins on single hero tokens can help you boost your hero’s upgrade.

You should consider purchasing extra hero tokens when you are just one or two tokens short of being able to upgrade a hero. For the most part, you should only do this for your top hero and until you have maxed that hero out or decided that another one has become your top favorite.

8. Complete Daily Missions For Extra Rewards

how to get more rewards in zooba zoo battle arena

While participating in the match earns you outright rewards and experience points and reaching a new league level also grants more rewards; daily missions can provide extra rewards you can obtain following milestones you reach in terms of the total number of missions you clear within the season. These rewards include several crates on top of gold and gems and will greatly help boost your progress in the game. As such, make it a point to accomplish all 3 missions daily and claim as many of these rewards as you can.

9. Take Advantage Of Free Items

Although there is already an abundance of rewards to be earned in the game especially if you play actively, there are still some free stuff you can earn outside of matches and accomplishments. For starters, if you visit the store by clicking on it at the upper left side of the main screen, you can immediately claim extra gold under the daily deals. On the upper right side of the screen under the gem icon, you can obtain free gems instantly after watching a 5 to 15-second video ad. Last, but definitely not the least, is the free 7-day VIP trial.

how to get free items in zooba zoo battle arena

You can check this under the premium tab at the shop or the daily missions area at the upper right side of the main screen. As the free VIP trial offers plenty of perks for a limited period of time, it is an opportunity that should not be ignored. However, be sure to activate your free trial only when you are certain that you can make the most out of it for the entirety of the period. Likewise, remember to end the subscription within the free period if you are certain that you do not want to be charged for it on the following week.

That wraps up our Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena beginner’s guide and we certainly hope that you picked up a lot of learnings from the tips and strategies that we shared in the article. If there are other tips you know that you would like to share with us as well as your fellow readers, don’t hesitate to write them down in the comment section!