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Lily’s Garden Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Helping Lily Renovate the Garden

Lily’s Garden is a game that combines themed puzzles with a captivating storyline. In other words, you will be helping Lily solve all sorts of mysteries by playing the puzzle game. Created by Tactile Games, who are also behind Bee Brilliant, Lily’s Garden is available for your iOS and Android devices. Once you download the game, you will see why this mobile game attracts so much attention worldwide.

At the same time, you will realize that there is more than meets the eye with Lily’s Garden. To clarify, the puzzles require a lot of skill and concentration. But fear, now as our Lily’s Garden guide is here, featuring a number of useful tips, cheats and tricks. By using some of the following methods, you will be able to overcome the challenges and help Lily complete the makeover of an old mansion.

1. Earn Stars To Complete the Tasks

The story of Lily’s Garden begins with Mary receiving the sad news that her great-aunt Mary had passed away. Also, Lily is the now the only heir of the LaRosa family estate. And, her duty is to restore the decrepit mansion back to its former glory. To complete this project, Lily will need all the help she can get.

how to earn stars in lily's garden

So, that’s where you step onto the scene. By completing the tasks, you will help her decorate the premises and fix the run-down house. So, to join Lily in her campaign, you should check out the bottom left corner of the screen. The icon you will find there is the menu for the missions and objectives in Lily’s Garden. Needless to say, you will be visiting this section on a regular basis, especially if you notice a red notification. Of course, the little notification will tell you that new tasks are available. Once you complete an objective and solve the puzzle, you will be rewarded with stars. The stars are necessary for completing the story and helping Lily with the renovation.

2. Go Straight To The Puzzles If You Don’t Want to Follow the Campaign

Even though the love story that will develop on the LaRosa estate is highly entertaining, some players will be more interested in the puzzle games. Of course, different players have different preferences, which is perfectly understandable. With that said, the game allows playing the puzzles without even paying any attention to the story.

So, the shortcut for the puzzle board is located at the bottom right corner of the lobby. By going directly to the playing area, you will move through the levels at a much faster rate. In other words, players can play Lily’s Garden without watching the cinematics and all the amazing animations. In our opinion, this would be a shame since the plot of this game is eye-catching and full of witty humor. At the same time, players will earn the stars, even if they don’t follow the Campaign.

3. Always Keep An Eye On The Number Of Moves

When it comes to the puzzles in Lily’s Garden, the interactive board is full of colorful tiles. Also, the tiles are designed in accordance with the theme of the game. As a result, you’ll find lots of flowers on the board. By matching two or more of the same tiles, you will make them disappear, earning valuable points. In a way, making the tiles go away will be your main duty when playing Lily’s Garden.

lily's garden number of moves

So, the goal of the game is to match the required number of titles within a certain number of moves. Yes, the number of moves is limited and we recommend keeping a close eye on the number on the left-hand side. In the early stages, you will be able to complete the tasks without any problems. Yet, higher levels will require a bit more effort. At the same time, the number of moves will be of great importance. So, make every shot count!

4. Activate The Rocket Booster To Clear Out An Entire Row

As you progress through the game, the tasks will become more and more challenging. For instance, your mission will be to bring the bags of seeds all the way down to the bottom of the board. Of course, such a mission would be impossible without the use of power-ups. Yes, Lily’s Garden is a game that will help you with demanding tasks. Your job as a player is to make the most out of those boosters and upgrades.

lily's garden rocket booster

So, one of the first power-ups you will unlock is called a Rocket. In a way, the name of this booster is self-explanatory. By activating the Rocket, the players will clear out an entire row of tiles, no matter which color they are. On top of that, the Rocket can clear out columns as well. To ‘create’ a Rocket, players need to match 7 tiles of the same color. Once the tiles are located in adjacent positions, you will see that their icon has changed. And, by tapping on one of them – you will place a powerful missile onto the board.

5. Detonate The Bombs To Clear Out Large Chunks Of Tiles

After the Rocket, the next powerup you will unlock in Lily’s Garden is the Bomb. Once again, the name pretty much explains the nature of the booster. Like any other bomb, this one also destroys everything in the vicinity. So, don’t hesitate to trigger the Bomb whenever you see it on the board.

To place a bomb on the board you will have to merge 8 or 9 tiles. In most cases, this will be easier said than done. Yet, if you manage to create such a cluster – it will all be worth it! Also, remember to pay attention to the positioning of the bomb, or any other of the power-ups, for that matter. What we mean by this is that you can select the position of the booster by tapping on the preferred tile. So, if a cluster has 9 tiles, choose the one that will place the power-up in the best possible location. As a result, you will clear out the most tiles, maximizing the efficiency of the booster.

6. Merge 10 Or More Tiles To Activate The Magic Flask

After unlocking the Rocket and the Bomb, the game will provide you with another excellent power-up. The next one is called the Magic Flask, and it can cause massive destruction when unleashed. So, we recommend using this booster as soon as you get the chance. However, the tricky part about this particular power-up is that you need 10 or more of the same tiles to unlock it.

lily's garden magic flask

In other words, you will need to form a large cluster of the same-colored tiles. In essence, this means that you sometimes have to resist the temptation of clicking on the group earlier. Remember, 7 tiles give you a Rocket while 8 or 9 will land a bomb on the playing field. Yet, if you manage to create the Magic Flask you will not regret it. This booster will clear out the tiles of the same color, no matter where they are located on the board.

7. Launch The Combo Attack Whenever Possible

By now, you should’ve gotten the hang of using the power-ups. Whether you prefer ‘working’ with the Rockets, Bombs, or Magic Flasks, the goal of the game will remain the same – to clear out as many tiles as possible. For that reason, we want to share another important tip with the players of Lily’s Garden.

lily's garden combo attack

All you need to do is to place two or more power-ups in the adjacent tiles. For instance, if a Rocket and a Bomb are next to each other, you can then activate them at the same time. As a result, the simultaneous attack will reap havoc on the board. Tiles will be cleared left and right, and almost half of the playing field will be obliterated. In fact, the combo attack is the most powerful ‘weapon’ you will have at your disposable when playing Lily’s Garden. Thus, make the most of it!

8. Get The Boosters Ready Before You Even Start The Mission

As we said, the power-ups are an integral element in winning the puzzle games and helping Lily renovate the old villa. Since there are several types of them, you should learn how to use them so that you maximize the potential of each one. On top of that, combo attacks are a force to be reckoned with. Therefore, try to create large clusters of the same-colored tiles to unlock the power-ups.

Alternatively, players can even have the boosters available before they start the mission. Once you reach a certain level, you will unlock this option. For example, a convenient hand trowel will become available. This booster will allow you to clear out a single tile by tapping on it. So, before the start – you will be able to choose the power-ups you want to have. However, their numbers will be limited, so choose carefully.

With the final advice on our list, we conclude our Lily’s Garden tips, cheats and tricks guide. Needless to say, if you know any other useful tips or just want to share your thoughts about the game, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!


Saturday 11th of September 2021

I see where some players have made a four digit score. How is that achieved? What is the trick to make higher scores?


Thursday 2nd of September 2021

I have been on level 531 for almost three months now. Does anyone have advice how to conquer this level. Thanks


Wednesday 18th of August 2021

Not a comment, but a question.... How do you get rid of the rocks? When rockets go through them, they don't always get the rocks


Saturday 14th of August 2021

Should we start at the top or bottom on the board?


Tuesday 27th of July 2021

How can you Warner more points? My score= my level, i see Some have much higher scores than the level. How to do That?