Skip to Content Beginner’s Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Become the Last Man Standing is a fun top-down battle royale game from the developers of the popular, which pits players against hordes of undead enemies. EndGame has brought us a way to get into some intense firefights with our squad whilst hiding away on our lunch break.

The artistic team has done a great job of delivering a simple and welcoming game in the form of that ticks all of the boxes. This new fun approach to the battle royale genre is a great way to keep it light-hearted whilst still allowing absolute chaos to reign down.

Players parachute out a plane and into hell along with 99 others. With the option of battling it out as a lone wolf, in a ride or die partnership or even a death squad of 4, there is something for everyone. boasts a huge range of weapons from trusty baseball bats to legendary miniguns, whatever weapon you have, make sure you’re ready to cause utter carnage.

As with all battle royale games, the aim is a simple one, be the last man standing. Players will need to search buildings for potions and weapons in order to survive.

The purpose of our ZombsRoyale guide is to give you the best fighting chance in this arena of death. Hopefully, by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll be just as prepared as hardened already battling through the leagues.

1. Lone Wolf Or Death Squad?

Decision number one in, how to enter the battlefield. Players are granted 3 options, they can enter solo, as a duo or in a squad of 4. Typically we recommend that anyone new to, let alone the battle royale genre, should always enter in a squad. Playing in a squad will allow for you to make some mistakes as well as giving you some time to get used to the game mechanics whilst your team watches your six. It’s also great fun to work in a team, as you don’t feel like your playing alone.

Once you’ve mastered the techniques you need to get you through the initial onslaught of bullets flying around, perhaps move to duo in order to up the intensity. This will double the number of enemy teams you’ll encounter during gameplay.

Finally, now all you need is a bat and a target, give solo games a try. These are the rounds that everyone wants to win as you battle your way to the top of the 100 player lobby.

2. How To Get More Gold

Gold is how you’re going to stand out from the crowd! Gold lets players purchase chests, when opened these chests can unlock new emotes, skins, and even parachutes. Gold can be acquired from 4 main streams:

Challenges: These are a set of tasks that the player has to complete in order to unlock gold or even item rewards. These are some of the simplest challenges you’ll come across so it’s definitely worth trying to get these out of the way early in the day.

Seasons: As you play more and more games, your reputation starts to increase and you’ll notice that this causes your season tier to rise. Again, this doesn’t simply unlock gold but also hard to acquire items such as sought after skins.

Free Rewards: Every 3 hours players are granted a free reward. It’s important to hit these as often as possible as they don’t stack so if you leave it, you’ll be missing out on chances for more chests.

Gameplay: The higher up you finish, the better your rewards. This is a great way of getting gold as it can be quite easy to finish in the higher ranks. Also, for finishing in the top spots you can also unlock more items. We put a lot of our focus on bettering our gameplay as it will also increase your season tier.

3. Participate In Events To Get Rewards also throws some great events where players can play a fun new game mode whilst also collecting extra rewards. These events are often linked to your daily challenges and definitely worth a few games. They’re also good to give you a break from the huge waves of enemy players out for your blood.

4. It’s All About The Guns

The most important tool in Your arsenal. works on a similar principle to other battle royale games where the quality of weapon is depicted by its ‘rarity’. From bottom to top, weapons can be found as; common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.

The higher rarity guns are only found through gold chests that are commonly located in buildings spread across the map. Obviously towards the beginning of a round, grab any weapon nearby to defend yourself. From here slowly start filtering out your lower level weapons for higher rarities.

Due to being a top-down shooter, we typically prefer fully automatic weapons as accuracy is far less concerning. Try to get your hands on an assault rifle or SMG to start until you can come across the legendary minigun, once you have this bad boy you can unleash a hailstorm of bullets.

Rockets launchers and snipers are good high damage at longer range weapons, but due to the size of the map and the number of players, you’ll really only use these for randomly firing into the distance hoping for that extra kill.

5. How To Use Player Slots

It’s all about the potions. Ammo is pretty easy to find so once you’ve got a decent gun you don’t really have to worry about running out. Use the first potions you come across to build up your shield, once at 100% store any you can get your hands on, these will really help you out in those intense firefights where you might be battling multiple opponents. We advise having 2 different fully automatic weapons, ideally an assault rifle and a minigun, a single high damage weapon, a rocket launcher or sniper, and then using the rest of your slots for potions.

6. Choose Your Play Style

In there are really only 2 playstyles to get you through the game;

Absolute Maniac: These players will really on fully automatic weapons and scavenging bodies for ammo and potions. This is by far our favourite ways to play and will get you more points at the end of the game. Typically fire around buildings using them as shields and lead your target so they run into your fire.

Hide & Wait It Out: Buildings will be your friends. Whilst this might seem less fun, it’ll definitely get you into the final 5 every time. Simply manage your way from building to building whilst collecting the best loot you can find, this will help you in the final battle for that top spot.

7. Where To Drop

Every round we played, around 30-40% of players drops almost instantly, don’t do this. You’re best bet is to wait it out as long as possible and get as far away from enemy players as possible. This will give you fewer opponents to battle it out with and therefore a chance to get better gear before heading inland.

8. The Gas Circle Of Doom

You’re in a constant battle, not only against other players but also the enclosing gas circle. Although the gas circle will kill you, it can also be your friend. Our favourite strategy in any battle royale game is play to the edges. If you’re right up against the edge of the circle, you know enemies can only come from in front of you providing you a greater chance of getting those first crucial shots off.

9. Shoot & Move

It’s never been as true in any game, but shooting and moving in is an absolute must. With bullets flying from every direction, through trees or out of building doorways, it’s imperative to never stop. This will also give you the edge when in those 1-on-1 firefights, if you can outmanoeuvre your opponent then victory will be yours.

Hopefully, our compilation of ZombsRoyale cheats, tips and hints has shed some light on how to survive certain doom and you’ll be well on your way to that number 1 spot. Don’t let the first few rounds get you down, after killing a few hundred enemy players, you’ll soon be feared by all. Now, good luck and happy shooting.


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