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Mr Bean Risky Ropes Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Master the Game

On a mission to gather coins from Teddy and scale everything from cliffs to the moon, Mr Bean Risky Ropes is an endless style, tap-to-play arcade game that brings us back to our childhood.

Brought to us by Good Catch Games, developers of titles such as Pointless Quiz and Black and White Bushido, Mr Bean Risky Ropes offers a clean, vibrantly coloured design alongside the obscureness of Mr Bean’s world. Players will encounter everything from buzzing bees to nosey llamas, and that is just in the first level of the game.

The objective of the game is to lead Mr Bean down incredible drops, dodging obstacles, and collecting coins. These coins will allow for new levels to be unlocked and mastered. Luckily for players, Teddy likes to float by every now and again to help out. Good Catch Games have made sure to include the Mr Bean soundtrack as the backing music so players can bob along to the beat.

This is a simple, pick-up-and-play type of mobile game that’ll definitely keep us tapping throughout the day, getting our Mr Bean fix.

Our Mr Bean Risky Ropes guide will aid you in Mr Bean’s madness, getting you to the top of the leaderboard and filling those pockets with coins.

1. Cointastic

Coins are the key to progression in Mr Bean Risky Ropes. The sole purpose of gold coins is to unlock new levels for you to conquer with the first unlock at 500 coins and the highest, a staggering, 2000 coins. Coins are collected in 4 different ways:

Watching Ads: On the home screen players can watch a brief for 20 gold coins. Whilst this is a great way to get those extra coins, it’s really only worth doing when you’re just shy of being able to unlock the next level.

Gifts: Appearing randomly after death, gift boxes appear and offer a relatively generous donation of approximately 40 coins. No ad is required to collect them, they fly straight into your savings. Whilst there is no way to influence the number of gift boxes received, it is a good idea to hit them every time they pop up.

Teddy: Through gameplay, you’ll notice Teddy float by on a balloon, you’ll need to time your jumps accordingly to reach him as you’ll get a 3 coin reward each time that you do. Teddy is definitely worth aiming when you get the chance, however, missions provide much greater rewards so it’s not always worth the risk.

Missions: These are your money-makers. Missions are completed in a sequence with the option for players to skip if they are having difficulty. Typically we advise skipping all missions that require too much time e.g. “Collect 50 coins from Teddy”.

As all missions reward the same amount, you’ll be better off taking on missions that can be completed in a single round. Mission rewards also offer x1, x2, and x3 collections, x3 requires an in-game purchase which simply isn’t worth the investment. The x2 however, only requires an extremely short ad break. You’ll be better off, in the long run, collecting x2 rewards after each mission.

2. Tap-A-Lot More-A-Little

Whilst navigating your way down treacherous mountainsides you’ll encounter a variety of obstacles. The best method to approach and tackle each obstacle, regardless of function, is to tap a little each time to slowly edge your way closer. This will leave you in a prime position to make the necessary leap. Judge each leaps length according to any follow-up obstacles, it’s usually a good idea not to make massive leaps even with an open path as you don’t know what might be around the corner.

3. Taking The Leap

Now that you’re ready to conquer the obstacles there are a few important factors to consider.

Obstacle Proximity: Mr Bean’s just trajectory is angular so make sure you don’t position yourself too close to an obstacle before leaping, this is a guaranteed loss.

Finger Release: Knowing how far you need to jump comes with practice, however, it’s best to release sooner than you think when landing in a tight gap. There is a delay between finger release and Mr Bean’s decline, again, this will mastered through practice.

Obstacle Motion: Most obstacles are either stationery or move horizontally across the screen. Take some time to learn different movement patterns, typically to defeat protruding or intruding movements it’s either one large leap or numerous small leaps, respectively, to get passed.

Take these 3 factors into consideration and you’ll be blasting through the levels in no time.

4. Adapting To Level Physics

Each level will place a unique set of physics attributes onto Mr Bean. This will result in slower or larger leaps i.e. jumping underwater will be a much slower leap than jumping on the cliff level. You’ll need to learn to play each level well, as missions are level specific and you’ll have to flick between them to get those extra coins.

5. Mr Bean And His Crazy Costumes

Whilst offering no in-game benefits, they offer great comedic value and are a way to show off your progress to your friends. As costumes are only unlockable through achieving certain milestones, only the best players will have them all.

6. Race Against The Clock

If dodging llamas, eels, bees, and goats weren’t enough, you’re also in a race against the clock. You’ll notice that if you stand still, your screen still pans down, continue not to move and this is a loss. Make sure to keep moving at all times even if in tiny increments, dying because of a timeout is definitely not a good way to go.

Mr Bean is a great game for all, especially us 80’s and 90’s kids. Players get to aid Mr Bean on his impossible task of clambering down incredible feats whilst dodging some hilariously random obstacles.

Hopefully, our list of Mr Bean Risky Ropes cheats, tips and tricks will aid in your nostalgic adventure as you tap your way to the top of the leaderboard. Good luck and happy tapping!