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Wild Bloom (Nexon) Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Solve More Puzzles

Nexon’s latest match-three puzzle game is definitely one for the books. Wild Bloom utilizes traditional tile-matching mechanics and takes it to the next level by adding battle elements to it. The game lets you solve different puzzles by matching three or more of the same tiles. At the same time, you have the help of up to three creatures that you can take with you. Each creature has its own stats and unique skills. You can also upgrade the creatures to make them more powerful. Once you are confident in your skills, you can start dueling other players in order to win chests. Keep winning PVP matches in order to rise up the ranks and gain even better rewards. Keep recruiting more creatures and assemble your dream team. If you need help, you can always check out our compilation of Wild Bloom cheats, tips and tricks!

1. Complete The Tutorial

The tutorial levels will teach you the basics of Wild Bloom. As we mentioned before, this game adds its own twists to the traditional match-three mechanics, so it is best if you pay close attention. There are quite a few additional mechanics in this game, and you will find yourself struggling to win if you don’t know what to do. Once you are done with the introductory levels, you will be able to unlock all features including the Duels and chests.

2. Check Your Goal

The game is not just about matching all the tiles you see. Each level will have its own set of goals that you need to achieve. Most levels will usually require you to match a given number of specific tiles. For example, you may be asked to match 26 green gems and 26 blue gems. Levels with Blight will often require you to clear tiles with slime on them. The final stage of each area will often make you duel against a Boss. Always check your goal at the top right of the screen to ensure you don’t waste any time or moves on unnecessary matches. Don’t forget to also check the top left of the screen to see how many steps or how much time you have to complete the puzzle.

3. Create Power Gems

Just like in most match-three puzzle games, you are able to create special gems when you combine four or more gems in this game. Combining four gems will create a line bomb. Combining gems in a cross pattern will create an area bomb. Combining five gems in a row or column will create a rainbow gem that clears all gems that has the same color of the one you swap it with. Keep in mind, however, that unlike in other match-three games, you will not be able to swap special gems to create additional effects in this game. You will have to stick to using the special gems in normal matches in order to trigger their effects.

4. Collect More Stars

At the top left of the main screen, you will see a bar with a star on it. This indicates your progress in the current area you are in. Once you complete all ten stars, you will be given a chest that contains various rewards. When you tap on the bar, you will also often see markers on it. Markers have portraits of creatures on them. That means when you reach the marker on the bar, you will be able to unlock the creature on the portrait. Keep collecting stars in order to earn chests and unlock more creatures!

5. Choose The Right Creatures

As you progress in Wild Bloom, you will be able to collect more creatures. You will automatically unlock creatures when you reach certain stages, but you can also get more from chests. Keep in mind that you will need to unlock a creature first before it becomes available in chests. Once you have a lot of creatures, you will need to choose just three of them to take along on your next puzzle. The right answer will depend on the level’s goals. When you tap on the stage button, you will get a small window that tells you the goals of that level. You will also see your current team with an Edit Team button below their portraits.

Make sure you choose creatures that have skills that will help you accomplish your goals. For example, Giraffodil’s Rain Maker skill adds blue gems to the board when activated. This is a great skill to have if your goal is to match a specified number of blue gems. Some creatures have more powerful skills as well. An example of this is Pandalion’s Clear Orange skill which clears all orange gems on the board. If your goal is to clear orange gems, you can easily complete it with his skill. Finally, some creatures have skills that can be used in different situations. Saladmander’s Shuffle rearranges all gems on the board, giving you more matching options in case you are stuck. Always check the skills of your creatures to help you decide which ones would be most useful on the next puzzle.

6. Upgrade Your Creatures

Since you don’t know which creatures will be useful in upcoming stages, the best thing to do is to upgrade them whenever you have enough creature tokens. Another benefit of upgrading often is that you gain experience points every time you upgrade. Once you earn enough experience, you will be able to level up. Levelling up will reward you with a level up chest that contains a lot of creature tokens, coins, and gems. Keep in mind, however, that the upgrade cost increases as the creature’s level goes up. You will need a lot of gold if you want to be able to upgrade all your creatures.

7. How To Win Duels

When you enter a duel, you will notice a bar at the bottom of the two creatures with a marker in the middle. Every time you make a match on top of the attack tiles, you will be able to push the marker towards the opponent’s side. Your goal is to push the marker all the way to the other end. The more attack tiles you break in a match, the stronger the attack will be. You will be given two minutes to win the match. Once the two minutes are up, the game will go into overtime and both sides will deal double damage.

If you want to win, do not pay attention to the marker. It will only distract you from the tiles you are matching. You need to make matches as quickly as you can. Don’t bother waiting for the opponent to make his move. Just try to clear all the attack tiles as soon as possible. Once you remove all the attack tiles from the board, a new set will appear, and you will be able to deal more damage to the opponent. Do not lose hope even if the marker is almost at the end of your side. Remember, there is still the overtime round where you deal double damage. You can easily turn the game around by matching quickly during overtime. Don’t forget to use your creature skills as well. Gem-clearing skills like Pandalion’s Orange Clear can be very useful in duels.

8. Stop After Four Wins

Every time you win a duel, you will receive a chest. You only have four chest slots and you can only work on opening one chest at a time. That means you will be losing any additional chests after you fill up the four slots. You have the option to instantly open chests by spending gems, but that would be a waste of premium currency.

You will continue to earn Medals even if your chest slots are full. Once you collect a certain number of medals, you will be able to move up in rank. The higher your rank is, the more you get out of each chest. Rank 1 gives you a 20% bonus in chest rewards. Rank 2 gives you 40% additional chest rewards. The bonus increases by 20% for each new rank until you reach 100% at Rank 5. While this may be a tempting excuse to keep playing even if your slots are full, keep in mind that the contents of the chests you throw away will be more than the percentage bonus you will get once you rank up. It is better if you just hold off on playing more duels until you have free chest slots.

9. Complete Your Quests

When you tap on the scroll icon on the bottom of the main screen, you will be able to see your current quests. Quests often involve tasks like using bombs, winning duels, or using specific creatures. Always check your quests and work to complete them as soon as possible. Once you clear a quest, a new one will be given after a few hours. Every quest you complete will reward you with 100 gold. Since you need a lot of gold for upgrading creatures, make it a habit to clear all the quests on your list as soon as possible.

10. Play Online To Get The Most Out Of The Game

The game can be played offline, but you will be missing out on a lot when you do. Basically, you will only be able to play through the story stages when you are offline. Internet connection is required for practically everything else. You cannot claim quest rewards when offline. You also cannot open any chests or claim any other reward until you connect to the internet. Most importantly, you will be able to play offline duels, but you will not get any chests, gold, or medals even if you win. Make sure you are connected to the internet whenever you play in order to get the most out of the game.

Save the creatures and drive away the Blight in Wild Bloom! Follow our list of tips and tricks in order to ensure your success!