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Zombocalypse Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Taking Out More Zombies

The zombie-themed games just keep on coming in. Zombocalypse comes from Adult Swim Games, and is arguably one of the more popular zombie titles you might want to play on or around Halloween. According to the game developer shooting zombies with guns is a “bold new idea that’s just crazy enough to work.” And as you go along, you’ll meet horde after horde after horde of walking-dead individuals. However, if you can’t shoot them with your gun, you can use knives, and even some explosives as you save the world from yet another (in-game) zombie apocalypse.

That’s the best way we can describe this game for you, but now that you’ve got an idea of what it’s about, let’s move on to our compilation of Zombocalypse tips and tricks for saving the world from the zombies, no matter how many of them there seem to be.

1. Allow Zombies To Pile Up

When trying to kill zombies, focus on the left side or the right side; either or, it doesn’t matter. Once you’ve done that, let the zombies pile up on top of each other; this will allow you to generously increase your killing streak when you change sides, and with all the zombies piled up, it’s easier to kill them as well.

2. You Don’t Always Have To Use Your Gun

Firing guns at zombies is just one of the ways in which you can kill them. You can also use weapons such as your machete, as that knife, in particular, can do the job just as well as your pistols could. And you won’t be using any ammo here; knives are best used when you’re in between ammo drops. Again, focus on either side of the machete, and go amok while you’ve got it in your hands. No, you may not have any ammo, but that machete (and other knives) will do the trick in a pinch.

3. Upgrade Everything

Upgrading would be best pulled off if you’ve just leveled up, and once time comes to upgrade, go nuts. Upgrade all the unlocked items that you can, with the general rule being newer upgrades are better.

4. Who You Gonna Call, Kill Streak Support

The Kill Streak Support can truly help you in this game, but don’t call them in yet until there are a whole lot of zombies that could make your missile attack worth it. Don’t wait for the zombies to get too close to you before you give Support a ring; there’s a few split seconds delay between tapping the button to request missiles and them actually arriving. If the zombies are too close, you may end up losing some health.

5. Each Boss Has A Pattern

Moving on to the bosses in the game, each of them has their own patterns that make them unique from the other. Observe those attack patterns closely and use them to your advantage; avoiding attacks in the right way will prevent you from taking a huge hit to your life due to the sheer power of the boss character. In fact, you may even emerge unscathed if you pay especially close attention to a boss’ attacking scheme.


Tuesday 23rd of January 2018

i would love to know how to upgrade my XP from 17954 to a higher level other than "kill more" or "get the most combos as possible"