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Octodad: Dadliest Catch Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Maintaining Your Cover

You may have heard of the Octomom, but the game Octodad: Dadliest Catch by Young Horses is all about the titular Octodad. Of course, no such creature exists in real life, but in this iOS game about “destruction, deception, and fatherhood,” you’ll be controlling Octodad as he pretends to be a human dad. And that includes “mastering mundane tasks” by means of you tentacles while still keeping your true identity as an octopus secret from your family of humans. This game also happens to be a sequel, as Young Horses did release an Octodad game prior to this one; the new game has you in a bit of a quandary, considering your wife’s growing mistrust and a recent trip to the local aquarium.

You’re going to have to do a lot more pretending in this game as you try to keep your secret identity as a real octopus a secret. So check these Octodad: Dadliest Catch tips, tricks and cheats if want to stay “human” for as long as possible without anyone being the wiser.

1. Find Your Groove

Like in the original Octodad game, you will only be rarely asked to work as quickly as possible. And the first few levels could be very, very easy. Use those levels as a way for you to practice walking and climbing, to get yourself used to the game’s mechanics. These skills, while they may not sound important, will also help you when the going gets tougher.

2. Experiment With Different Objects

The biologists in this game could be rather annoying to deal with, but there isn’t just one way, but several ways to outsmart them and keep your real octopus identity safe. These ways include playing around with all the objects or paths in a level; who knows, you may find yourself a shortcut to the next level if you play your cards right!

3. How To Become Invisible To Other Game Characters

Yes, Octodad can become invisible too, but not really invisible in the truest sense. We’re talking about not being seen by human non-playing characters, which you can do if the direct line of sight is blocked. Look for ways to ensure this and no human will catch you being something you’re not.

4. Throw Things Around

Those tentacles can be a bit tricky at times to use, and sometimes they won’t cooperate with you, especially in levels where you’re under time pressure and you may have to solve puzzles by placing objects in certain areas. So how can you save some seconds off your time? Just throw the objects towards where they are supposed to be located; that’s going to allow them to stick to the right place.

5. Play Around With The Settings

This may work for some, but not on others – how about turning the translucent setting off? Normally, Octodad’s body will turn translucent when he switches from walking to grabbing; some players may find this tricky, as you may have a hard time determining which side the tentacles are located. But with translucence off, all action behind your character is hidden conveniently. Choose the setting that fits your playing style the best, then stick with it.