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King’s Empire Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Build an Unrivaled Empire

King’s Empire is an immersive strategy game by Tap4Fun for Android and iOS devices where you need to lead your people and build an unrivaled empire to begin your world conquest. The game lets you to take part in player-vs-player wars with powerful allies as you team up with players from all over the world in this strategy game. You can customize your army, hiring different types of soldiers and even magicians and sorcerers. And of course, you’ve got to get that army ready to face those from other kingdoms, and trade resources real-time in the auction house. Those are just some of the features of this game, and as you may notice, it’s all about the social elements in here.

Truth be told, King’s Empire has been around for a while, and as of the moment, it’s one of the most successful games eve released by Tap4Fun. Now, if you’ve just started playing this game, or probably picked it up and downloaded it due to a recent update, then we recommend checking out our King’s Empire strategy guide as your one-stop shop for all the helpful tips and tricks relating to this game.

1. Upgrade Your Warehouse After The Initial Quests

First off, you’ll be asked to complete the initial quests at the start of King’s Empire, but once you’re done with that, you can upgrade your warehouse so you can hold more resources, such as food and stone. Then again, don’t upgrade your warehouse beyond what is absolutely necessary; remember that you’re not competing against computer AI, but rather against other real players from all over the globe. You don’t want your city to look too attractive in the eyes of others, because they’ll only want to attack it even more.

In relation to this above tip, save the rewards from your quests for a time when you really need them, and in order to gather more resources, attack brotherhood and crusader camps, robber camps, and villages to add to your stock.

2. Attack Long-Abandoned Castles

The spy feature of the game will allow you to find players who are no longer active; these players have, in all likelihood, tired of the game and not tended to their castles in a while. Once you’ve found them, raid their castles and keep on raiding them so you can score more resources. These castles typically don’t have any armies, and their walls aren’t properly defended. What these castles still do is produce resources, and you’ll want to pillage those castles and get some resources easily.

3. Focus On Earning More Gold

Resources are undoubtedly important to your cause, but what if you don’t have enough workers to make the most out of this all? What you can do instead is to remove all your mine, farm, mill, and quarry workers from their respective buildings. As they won’t be working at a building, they can then earn you gold in lieu of resources. To further build on this, make regular upgrades to your Living Quarters so you can have more potential residents in your city.

4. Use Your Gold To Buy Resources

So now you’ve got a ton of gold, thanks to the above tip, but you’re still a bit short on actual resources like food, iron, wood, stone, etc. What you can do is to use the gold you earned from your residents to buy those resources, preferably at a discounted price. The amount of resources you can buy can be best determined if you consider some simple computations. You can earn 5-10 units of resources per one unit of gold spent; remember that workers earn a unit of gold per hour. That means ten resource units per worker per hour, in other words.

5. How To Form A Good Alliance (Part 1)

Want to have an alliance that’s sure to have your back? You should form one where you know you’ll get along with everyone, and probably make some friends outside of the game. Some have suggested having a theme for the alliance, e.g. an alliance of Game of Thrones fans, or an alliance of fans of a certain band. Use these themes to recruit people, and once you’ve got some members, everyone will have to give to the alliance as you recruit more and more members. Doing this will give you strength in numbers and even more power, maybe enough to justify declaring war.

6. How To Form A Good Alliance (Part 2)

Forming or joining an alliance in the game is very, very important. That’s why we’ve got a separate second tip for this aspect of the game. If the above tip doesn’t appeal to you, then you can take all the surrounding players in an area dominated by newer players, and send them invites via mail, asking if they want to join your alliance.

7. Scouting Can Only Do So Much For You

While the scouting function allows you to see how many troops your opponents have, you won’t be told about their army’s total attack rating. Instead, you should go to the barracks or to the magic sanctum to determine each troop’s total attack, and other information such as the defensive ratings against each type of troop. You can then enter the statistics you gather on an Excel file, for instance, then repeat the process as you scout another player/village/camp. This should be useful in comparing your stats against your opponents’.

As a bonus tip, send one scout – no more, no less – to a scouting expedition. Or send the bare minimum of troops. By keeping things simple to manage, the game will still give you the quest prize regardless of the type of mission.

8. What To Do Before Going To Bed

If you’re done for the day and are heading to bed, there are a few things to do in King’s Empire. Go to your barracks and magic sanctum and select several troops for training. Switch the Resource Bar at the bottom to the minimum level, and move the Troop Quantity Bar on top to its highest level. Less resources means longer training, but at least this tip still ensures your productivity if you’re asleep or unavailable to play.