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Flight Alert: Impossible Landings Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Become an Ace Pilot

Flight Alert: Impossible Landings is an addicting new iOS game that puts you in the shoes of a pilot who’s got to land a plane successfully in a number of different crisis situations. These situations run the gamut, and may include turbulent weather, aircraft failures, and other extreme conditions. While the controls in this game are said to be simple, game developer Fun Games for Free emphasizes the realism behind the game, including the control system, as well as the planes themselves. So if your childhood dream was always to be that heroic pilot who saves the day, this game could be for you.

And it still could be the game for you even if you’re having a rough go at things at first. All you need is some patience and some practice, as well as some Flight Alert: Impossible Landings tips and tricks that could help you hurdle those challenges and keep your passengers safe.

1. Control Your Plane Gently

What’s interesting about Flight Alert: Impossible Landings is how it makes use of the gyroscope on your iPhone. All you need to do to move your plane around is to tilt your phone or tablet gently; wild, intense movements may cause your plane to go out of control. Even multiple gentle movements may have this effect, though the worst thing you can do here is move too much and too hard. The last thing you want is to spend most of your time worrying about how you can correct your downwards movement.

2. Upgrade Your Starting Plane At All Times

Starting vehicles are often the epitome of boring, especially when all the vehicles tend to be easily replaceable by something more powerful or fancy. The first plane you buy after the tutorial mode is what you should focus on. But you’ll likely be stuck with that plane for a while, and buying a Tier 2 plane (yours, of course, is Tier 1) will cost 18,000 coins and up. It’s your choice whether you want to level your existing plane or whether you’d rather move on to the next tier once you’ve mastered the first.

Most claim they’re most successful sticking to the first plane, so we’d advise you to go for that and see how it plays out – keep on upgrading it so that it could keep up with the enemies.

3. Flying Your Plane

Now, let’s go to the fun part – actually flying your plane. When flying look for the blue lines that appear on the side of your plane. If you stay within those lines, you could earn bonus points. Just be careful about not moving too herky-jerky, too fast, or too slow. Be yourself and again, keep those movements gentle.

4. Landing Your Plane

When it comes to landing your plane, start lowering your throttle as you move closer to the landing strip. Higher throttle means your plane will travel faster, but if you lower that just right as you draw closer to the strip, you should be fine. Just don’t lower that throttle too much.

5. Watch Ad Videos For Free Gold

If you’re looking for more gold but don’t want to pay anything for it, you can keep watching the ad videos the game offers. Leveling up also earns you some gold, though it really wouldn’t be much at all. The videos offer more lucrative coin bonuses, so go watch them if they’re available.

Huey Hauler

Sunday 4th of September 2016

Finished Level #3, Haneda Airport & can't go to Level #4, if there is one. Primary & Special have been completed. I've completed 108 Flights on the Contract but it doesn't tell me anything. I Can still watch Videos for Coins & can still add up Coins by playing the Level over & over & over !! Is there only 3 Levels to this game ???