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Zombie Shooting Race Adventure Guide: 9 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Zombie Shooting Race Adventure is a new Android mobile game from Tiny Labs, where you have just one goal – get to the finish line while killing as many zombies as you can. There are a couple of different zombie types and a plethora of cars to choose from. Levels are relatively short but require complete focus since losing a life (or better to say getting your car destroyed) is easier than it seems. Touching stationary zombies a couple of times is extremely easy since your car isn’t very good at handling and acceleration is almost immediate.

The levels aren’t really stacked by difficulty. You can finish one level in a half a minute and then get stuck for a dozen of minutes on the next one trying to reach the finish. Fortunately, levels aren’t generally long, spanning for a couple of minutes at most. Zombies can be really annoying at times, especially their damage absorbing capability. For instance, you can shoot a couple of projectiles into a zombie and then continue your way only to found that zombie is still alive, shaving a couple of bars from your health scale as soon as you touch the damn zombie. Zombie Shooting Race Adventure is a solid game that can be pretty tricky at times. Because of this, we made this guide; it should help you finish the game without many stressful moments. So, let’s begin.

1. Take Your Time, Three-Star Rating Isn’t Hard To Achieve

No matter how slow you are, if you manage to reach the finish alive a three-star rating will be achieved. The larger problem is staying alive, so take your time, kill zombies one by one (except for the moving groups that should be moved down with a vehicle), be careful not to touch those that can’t be run over, and try not to run into them since they can push back your car for dozens of meters, really annoying.

2. Some Zombies Can Be Run Over, Others Have To Be Shot

Making difference between the two groups is very easy. Moving zombies can be run over with ease, while stationary ones have to be shot since they are immune to car hits. They will just throw your car a couple of meters away, and continue to stand and do nothing. It’s best to shoot them from a distance; if you come too close, you can touch them by accident, just to see how one (or a couple) of bars of your health just vanish.

3. Flamethrower Tank Is The Most Efficient Vehicle Available

You start with a couple of vehicles unlocked and by far the most efficient one is the flamethrower tank. Its weapon doesn’t have to be aimed with, fire is extremely hazardous for zombies with the only downside being the fact that you must approach pretty close to the enemy before firing since flamethrower has a very limited range. After you finish a couple of levels and earn some coins, unlock any other car type. They are all the same, damage-wise, while they only differ in looks. The speed and acceleration are also the same for all cars.

The best thing about unlockable vehicles is their weapon. It’s some kind of cannonball that explodes upon impact. It’s extremely easy to aim with, its damage is quite enough to enable you to finish levels with the first try, and it almost doesn’t have a cooldown period between two shots. Just earn 500 coins and unlock any vehicle, since the cannonball weapon is even better than a flamethrower.

4. Never Miss Picking Up A Health Pack

In Zombie Shooting Race Adventure, losing health bars is easier than smashing zombies. Just one wrong move and your health will go down in an instant. Because of this, it’s crucial to pick up all health packs scattered through levels. They will usually fill one or two health bars, enough to keep you alive. Just don’t lose health too often since health pickups aren’t that frequent.

5. Coins Get Collected Automatically

In the game you’ll be awarded a couple of coins for every zombie killed. The coins get scattered all over the place after you kill a zombie so you might try collecting them all, spending more time on each and every level. Don’t do that; coins are collected automatically, just drive forward and they will be pulled toward your vehicle, and picked up at the end.

6. Ads Give You Double Prizes

After each level, when you get your coin prize, the game will ask you to watch an ad and get your prize doubled. If you’re one of those gamers who like to unlock and collect all, watching ads will grant you much more coins, enabling you to unlock new vehicles much faster. They aren’t very long and can be skipped after a couple of seconds; doubling the prize is worth a couple seconds of ad watching.

7. Some Obstacles Can Be Destroyed With A Weapon

Obstacles can really be infuriating in Zombie Shooting Race Adventure. They slow you down, cause your car to flip (don’t worry about flipping your vehicle, only zombies can drain your health), and generally just cause problems. Luckily, most obstacles can be destroyed with a weapon, just hit them a couple of times.

8. Fire And Burning Objects Will Damage Your Vehicle

Avoid fire, or objects that caught fire. They will lower your health significantly in just a few seconds. If they can be skipped, skip them. If you must drive through them, just drive fast as you can. You can push an obstacle above the fire and then just drive over the fire without damaging the vehicle.

9. Bosses Aren’t Tough To Beat

A couple of levels feature boss-like zombies. They are huge, throw dynamite at you and can soak up tons of damage. They can look frightening at the beginning but are very easy to kill. Just drive towards them, keep your distance so they can’t hit you with dynamite, and constantly shoot them. Just tap the shooting button as fast as you can, and bosses will be dead in a matter of seconds.

We hope you enjoyed this handy guide and that playing Zombie Shooting Race Adventure will be a joy for you. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!