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Taps to Riches Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide: How to Earn Your Fortune Faster

Taps to Riches is an idle clicker game by Game Circus for iOS and Android that distills the genre to what made it big in the first place – an opportunity for players to become rich beyond their wildest dreams, albeit in an in-game setting. A lot of the things you can achieve here have to do with tapping – may it be making money, upgrading the buildings in your city, or whatever the goal may be, you’ve got to tap, tap, tap to make things happen. You can also hire Advisors and Bizbots to upgrade the value of your business, expedite city building, and of course, earn more cash.

taps to riches guide

Of course, the game is going to start you out at the bottom of the barrel. You won’t have much to your name, but as you keep tapping (or, at some point, idling), you’re going to become a self-made person of sorts, amassing more and more riches and then some. But as you’ll find out, there’s more to just tapping and idling when it comes to building up your fortune.

So read on, as we present our complete list of Taps to Riches tips, tricks and strategy guide. We’re going to teach you the tricks of the trade that will help you get rich quickly…once again, in an in-game sense, not in real life!

1. Start Out Small, Then Big When It Comes To Milestones

You will be able to unlock milestones for your city’s buildings each time you buy 25 levels or upgrades. Milestones are important in your quest to becoming rich quickly, and building up your fortune, as they increase profit collection speed. And as you collect profits faster, you won’t just be able to double your profits, you might be able to increase them exponentially.

building an empire in taps to riches

But you’ll have to start out with the little things first, buying the most affordable options and then gradually working your way toward the more expensive ones as you add to your cash total. For example, it won’t cost you much to upgrade your Fireworks Foundry to level 200, but something like the Basset Hound Buses, on the other hand, would cost you a premium amount of in-game currency.

Eventually, you will have to focus on the larger, costlier buildings if you want to increase your profits per second. But when starting out, you have to start small, and work on cheap upgrades while those are the only ones you can afford.

2. Earn VIP Points By Watching Ad Videos

On occasion, the game will ask you if you want to watch an ad video. Why should you do this? First off, these are short, 30-second clips that won’t take up much of your time. Second, and more importantly, this can allow you to earn some VIP points.

The operative word here is “some,” as you’ll only get five VIP points per ad, with the requirement for unlocking the first level being 350. Doing the math, that’s 70 videos to get to that number if you rely on videos alone, but if you’re patient, and if you don’t pass up chances to watch videos, those VIP points can add up faster than you know it.

3. About Ads And Business Bonuses

Don’t be fooled; it’s easy to think that you also have to watch an ad video so you can get certain bonuses within the game, including, but not limited to the Business Bonus. But you don’t really have to watch those ads; tap on the X button to close the video window if you find those ad options too annoying.

taps to riches idle money

Keep in mind that you will get only your original reward bonus. Still, 30 seconds isn’t much to sit through, so watch those ads if you want a boost to your rewards.

4. Get Social

Technically speaking, Taps to Riches is a game which you can play by yourself. You don’t really need to join guilds and communicate with them; you can play this game solo and not have to worry about connecting your game to Facebook and reaping the social benefits. Then again, it is highly recommended that you connect Taps to Riches to FB, and add some friends to the game. Why is this so?

The reason would be adding to the number of keys you have, and consequently the number of crates which you can open with your keys. Once again, this is just an optional procedure and is not a mandatory requirement. But if you want to truly succeed in the game and do so quickly, connect your game to Facebook, add more friends, ask them for keys, and get more advisors and other great stuff without having to rely too much on tapping the houses for keys.

5. Earn More Money By Tapping The Right House

Unlocking new areas in the game allows you to tap on a new house. But keep in mind that you will often get a lower amount by tapping on a new house than you did when you tapped on the previous houses. This is a bit of a weird mechanic, and we’re not quite sure whether this has something to do with the upgrades you’ve made, or how much income you’re making from all your buildings at any given time.

how to boost earnings in taps to riches

So in the absence of clarity with regard to this mechanic in Taps to Riches, what you should do is to choose the house with the most income for you to earn, and the one that gives you more money per tap.

6. The Basics Of Advisors

The topic of Advisors is one that arguably requires its own separate guide. In fact, Advisors may be the most important asset you’ll have in this game. But we will try to summarize this topic as quickly as possible, and start out with the bare essentials of the Advisors mechanic.

For starters, there are more than 100 Advisors to choose from, though you’re limited to using only three of them at a time. They can be unlocked by opening the crates, or you can use your gems, the game’s premium currency, to buy them at the in-app store.

7. How To Choose The Right Advisors

Now that you know how to get or unlock more Advisors, the next thing to do is to know what they do, and what kind of bonuses they can provide if they work for you. For instance, you may get additional earnings per tap, a boost for a business type or two, or maybe all applicable types, or lower cost for building milestones. But keep in mind as well that Advisors, more often than not, are only assigned to a specific part of the in-game map, and not multiple parts.

taps to riches advisors

Let’s say you have an Advisor whose bonus gives you three times the earnings per tap in one region, say, the introductory area Dust Valley. That Advisor will only benefit the businesses in Dust Valley, thereby giving you 3x earnings per tap in those buildings and those buildings alone.

You can also toggle your active advisors and swap them in and out depending on your needs at the time, or your current goals. You don’t want your Advisor buffing Speed in Dust Valley to be active even when you’re working in other areas. Switch Advisors back in before you buy a new milestone, remove them until you’ve bought another one, and keep repeating this process as long as applicable.

8. Which Advisor Should You Use When Tapping Or Idling?

When playing the game, chances are you’ll be actively doing a lot of tapping. In this case, the Advisor you want is someone who increases revenue per tap. But if you’re heading off to bed or won’t be playing the game for several hours, you can then replace that Advisor with someone who hikes profits each time you’re not logged into the game. It’s as simple as that!

And this is where we end our guide for Taps to Riches. Have you come across any other tips or tricks that we haven’t? If so, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section!

Nirai somandin

Monday 20th of July 2020

What is the best way to spend gems


Monday 2nd of September 2019

How do i buy a franchise. How do i get to 20 franchises?


Wednesday 20th of March 2019

What is VIP thing? I just got VIP status for 4 hours and don't know what good is it doing.


Saturday 25th of November 2017

How do you buy new houses?


Monday 13th of April 2020

U go and tap on the button if U have enuf money


Monday 18th of September 2017

How do you level up your advisors?!


Monday 20th of November 2017

By earning advisor spins. Sometimes the spin will land on an advisor you already have and that particular advisor will be leveled up.