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Gear.Club Strategy Guide: 12 Tips & Tricks to Get More Gold and Become a Champion

We already started you out on Gear.Club, which is a mobile racing game from Eden Games, that’s gotten lots of praise for its fantastic graphics, thrilling racing experience, and inclusion of real-life cars with realistic attributes and physics. The game offers the authentic world of cars to mobile gamers, and you don’t just get a plethora of real vehicles, but also tons of (fictional) race tracks to go through, and different types of races. You can compete against the AI or compete against friends/random strangers, and since the tougher races will require more out of you and your ride, you can upgrade your existing vehicle with new and better parts.

Those are merely the basic features of the game, and last time around, we gave you the basic tips that will be of most help to those who have just downloaded the game and started racing. This time, we’ll be moving on to our next Gear.Club strategy guide, which is designed for intermediate players who may have been playing for a few days but cannot yet be considered experts at the game. Read on as we give you a list of general tips and tricks for the intermediate racer, though if you need more tips on the game, we’ve got several coming up in a couple more strategy guides.

1. Complete More Missions And Achievements

These are two different things in the world of Gear.Club, and to differentiate the two from each other, missions are the game’s equivalent to quests, and you can access them by clicking on the calendar icon on the top right corner of your screen. In-game characters Jo (the first guy you meet in the game) and Max (the lady giving you pointers from time to time) have their own specific missions, and you can earn cash, gold, or rewinds for completing them. The game also allows you to refresh a mission if you don’t find it to your liking, though we don’t see much point in doing this, as the missions tend to be things you can do while playing the game naturally, such as finishing a certain number of standard/Flash races, installing certain sections in your Performance Center, or traveling a certain distance.

Achievements, on the other hand, are accessed by clicking the ribbon icon next to the calendar icon that allows you to pull up your Missions. Once again, Achievements can be completed by naturally playing the game, though some of them would require you to buy a certain manufacturer’s car, such as gold bars for buying a BMW, Alfa Romeo, etc. As we’ve noticed, Achievements almost always (if not always) reward you with gold bars, so if you need more cash/rewinds than gold, focus your attention on Missions instead.

2. Avoid Contact With The Other Cars

When driving, there are certain things that can slow you down more noticeably than others. For one, you wouldn’t want to veer off the road, as that’s an invitation for other cars to pass you by with little effort. But we’ve noticed that coming into contact with other cars is even worse. You won’t actually be taken out of the race in most cases, but more often than not, you’ll end up with the short end of the stick, with the opposing driver’s car escaping unscathed, while you desperately play catch-up after spinning and losing lots of speed.

3. Service Your Cars

Even if you don’t get your tires too worn by driving off-road, and even if you don’t bump other cars during a race, your car will still go through its fair share of wear and tear. At first, the effect will appear to be negligible, but when the bars representing your car’s condition turn from green to yellow, you might want to take your car to the Performance Center and have it serviced. Condition could also deteriorate to a “red” level, and the more damage your car takes, the longer it would take for servicing to be completed. Instead of waiting, you can opt to have your cars instantly repaired by spending some gold, though we don’t always recommend this. Likewise, we don’t recommend paying gold to speed up servicing, unless you’re flush with it or if the damage isn’t too bad.

4. Look Out For The Roundabout

Many races in Gear.Club are straightforward – either you navigate a closed-circuit track for one lap or more, or go through an open track from one point to another. But many others include a roundabout, which is a circle-like path in the middle of a course where you have to make your way around it in order to progress through the rest of the race. Roundabouts can take some getting used to, but as long as you follow the arrows (or follow the other cars, should you be trailing), you don’t need to worry much about them throwing you off.

5. About The Different Race Types

Most of the time, you’ll get to race against seven other AI drivers, which means you’ll have to be careful not to get your car bumped too often, if at all. Aside from that standard format, you may also have to take part in a duel, where you and another AI driver compete in a two-person race. You also have your Time Attacks, where you’re still competing against computer-controlled drivers (or human players controlled by the AI), but don’t need to worry about bumping into them. All other cars in Time Attacks show up as blurred “ghost” vehicles, so you can confidently blast into them without worrying about losing ground.

6. You Can Use More Than One Car When Playing In Leagues

Gear.Club has a multiplayer mode, where you can join “leagues” and race against ghosts of human-controlled cars. This is similar to how you race in time attacks, as you won’t be bumping into any cars; you can focus instead on navigating through the right path and avoiding hitting the dirt or other surfaces that aren’t the road. Playing in the multiplayer leagues is a good idea as that can win you tons of goodies (gold, cash, etc.), but since entering your car in a league race takes its toll on the vehicle’s condition, you can maintain multiple cars if you can afford it; one for racing in the standard story mode, and one for racing in the leagues.

7. Expand And Upgrade Your Performance Center

We will be dealing with the Performance Center in more detail when we move on to our advanced tips, but since we’re dealing with intermediate tips for the meantime, we shall tell you about how important it is to have an up-to-date Performance Center. This is where you will go to service your cars or upgrade them by adding new parts, though you will need to upgrade the center itself to a certain level so you can unlock the more advanced part upgrades.

8. Watch Ad Videos For Goodies

Last, but not the least for these tips, we’ve got something that we probably should have touched on in our beginner guide. The game will ask you from time to time if you want to watch an ad video, and that opportunity will come up after you’ve completed a race, or after you’ve set your car up to be upgraded or repaired. For the former situation, ad videos allow you to double your earnings, so you’ll want to save those videos for a time when you’ve won a race and therefore have the most attractive possible rewards. For the latter situation, watching videos lets you speed up or skip the upgrade/servicing process, and that’s certainly a better option than paying gold to do the very same thing. If the opportunity arises, then watch those video clips!

9. Redeem Your Daily Rewards

Gear.Club recognizes players who log in every day by issuing daily login rewards. These rewards get progressively better as you log in on more consecutive days in a week, and you may get cash, gold, rewinds, or a new car on the seventh day in particular. So how do you get gold through your daily logins? As of now, we see gold as the prize of the day for your third and sixth consecutive daily login. Take note that we said “login,” as you only need to load up the game in order for your login to count; if you’re too busy to race, that’s fine, just as long as you launch the game. Missing one day knocks you back to day one, so make sure you’ve got that streak going!

10. Complete Championships With All Possible

The game’s story/standard mode comes with several “championships,” or series of races where your performance determines how many stars you get – three, two, one, or none at all. A championship is considered completed if you’ve accumulated all the stars there are to have, and that’s done, of course, by finishing with three stars on all the championships’ races. Doing so will often earn you a ton of gold as a reward, so if you completed a race with two stars or less, feel free to replay it, or upgrade your car first before replaying the race, so that way you’ve got a much better chance of victory.

11. Win Flash Races Stars

Flash Races are another topic we’ve previously covered in the beginner guide, and adding to what we already discussed, these are limited-time races where you and your opponents all drive the exact same car with the exact same configuration and rating. As such, they are harder to complete than your regular story mode or league races, but the rewards are almost always better. You can win a hefty amount of cash or gold, and things seem to be divided 50-50 as far as the odds of a cash or gold reward are concerned.

However, there is one catch to competing in Flash Races. Unlike in the standard races, where you can still get a star or two even if you don’t win (just as long as you aren’t in the bottom three), Flash Races are winner-take-all affairs. If you finish second, you don’t get any sort of prize, and the race won’t be counted as a “complete” Flash Race in anyone’s missions, unless you finish first.

12. Use Social Media To Your Advantage

This last tip, just to make things clear, is 100 percent optional. But we would still advise you to connect your game to Facebook – this doesn’t just allow you to save progress, it also gives you a good 50 gold bars as a reward for connecting the game. Additionally, those connection rewards mentioned in the first tip (your daily login rewards, in other words) will get doubled once the game is connected to Facebook. And while it’s even more optional than connecting your game, you can also choose to share your accomplishments on Facebook, as the game makes this choice available each time you complete a race. Doing this doubles your race rewards, so don’t be afraid to gloat a little if you want to maximize your gold-earning potential!


Friday 27th of April 2018

There is at least one tip which is missing from this paper:

The runs near the corresponding cars sellers, for the whole category, are the best retributed; so, once you get access to the category D(1), do: Golden_Bridge/Esparring run. It is the best remunerated from all the runs, and let you spare about 400'000 bucks if you finish first at it.

For new players, this may help for fine tuning their cars.

Then, you can finish the game more rapidly with the less remunerated C- and B- class runs. Think about it.

-And for the mentioned run, avoiding other cars don't help always (about point 2 of the paper); if you set the competitors to difficult, they get a higher advance, so that in the first tight turn, you are about to friction them rather than the barrier. As they are moving in the same average direction as us, the friction is less damaging in time loss, than if this one was done against the barrier (which is statical). And this will let the driver win precious tenths of second! You can verify it.