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My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn Guide: 5 Tips & Tricks to Become the Best Teacher

Are your kids getting bored and frustrated of the same old routine at school? Children these days have become highly demanding of attention and you might even be finding it quite hard to control them at home. So what if, there was a solution to this predicament, which would allow your children to love their day at school and enable you to please them at home all with the added bonus of learning and education. Fret no more because the game: My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn is here to save the day.

My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn is an educational entertainment game developed and released by TabTale. With the release of this game, TabTale has added another amazing title to the list of their innovative ventures for kids all around the globe. My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store. Keeping in mind the increasing usage of iPads by kids, this game has been optimized for usage both on the iPhone and iPad. The game packs a ton of interesting and highly innovative activities for children in a reasonable app size of only 120MB and is available in all the major languages of the world so it can be enjoyed by kids all around the world.

This game follows a similar outlook and gameplay style to other vocational education games on the market. It offers a great visual experience however and you will instantly observe your children drawn to the game as soon as you give the iPhone/iPad to them. The game features various minigames arranged by order of increasing difficulty so that your kids experience a learning curve while they are playing the game. Some of these games include managing new students in your classroom as a teacher, giving out interactive assignments to your students, making them solve tricky puzzles and so on. My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn is a venue for your kids to safely experience the other side; the side that they greatly admire and maybe even playing the game might bring up some suggestions about their real-life teacher that you could discuss at your next parent teacher meetup.

My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn is a highly interactive and engaging game to play. However, during some of the puzzles and minigames, the game might pose a level of difficulty higher than your child’s capabilities. At this point, it is quite common for kids to put down the phone in search of a more rewarding or entertaining game. This will cause them to miss on one of the best educational experiences and wasting their time that could have been utilized in a much better way. Therefore, follow the tips mentioned in this guide to My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn to get an idea of how to get your kids out of these tight spots and make sure that they have the time of their lives while playing this game. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your iPhone or iPad and launch My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn now!

1. Decorating The School Building And Play Area

My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn begins with your child as a teacher and it is unique because it deals with how your child would love to see his or her school decorated and furnished. The physical environment of a school holds just as much importance for the correct character building and interest of children in going to school.

With this app, kids can create their own customized school buildings and maybe even help you to compile some renovation or extension suggestions for their schools in real life. There are various options and styles for the school signboard and the game also gives an option to purchase more expansion packs which contain even better and unique designs to really make the school stand out.

2. Squeaky Clean Classrooms

My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn provides kids with an excellent opportunity to learn about proper hygiene and cleanliness. As teacher of the school you have to ensure that all classrooms of your school don’t have any waste or excessive dust after each class ends. If you do find that a classroom seems unhygienic for the use of your students, you can use a broom to sweep the floor and a duster to wipe dust and marks off the tables and chairs. Don’t worry, there is a tutorial when the game starts which explains this function and others as well. The tip here is to remember to perform this clean up check whenever your class ends. You can buy additional cleaning supplies as well as scents and perfumes to increase your reputation with your students. These additional features can be unlocked through in game purchases of varying prices and if you really want to give your kids a perfect teacher experience, purchasing a few essential packs is most definitely recommended.

In addition to making sure that the floor, furniture and walls are clean, your job as a teacher includes the highly typical cleaning of the chalkboard in each classroom after the class has ended. For this purpose, you are provided with a standard chalkboard duster which might take four to five swipes in a circular fashion before you can get the job done. However, here too, My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn has provided many options for you to choose from if you are inclined towards purchasing the extra features package offered. The standard duster gets the job done fairly well though and it would not gain you any significant advantage to purchase better chalkboard dusters only for the sole purpose of clearing up chalkboards after the class has ended.

3. Giving Out Creative Assignments

How cool would it be if your real life teacher would give you the freedom to draw all day long and that too with awesome colouring supplies? With My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn, you get the option to give out whatever kind of assignments that you wish to your students during class. These can range from simple drawing tasks like drawing a house to colouring an apple for example. Also, you can work to increase the sharpness and intelligence of your students by giving them puzzles to solve or making them play “match the words with pictures” games.

Remember, do not act as a real life teacher would because that would make things quite boring. Rather, try to add excitement for the students by mixing up the routine and giving them a taste of everything. This will be beneficial towards your reputation as the most popular school teacher and you will gain points and score much faster this way.

4. Music Class Is The Best Class

As a school teacher, it is your priority to ensure that your students get an all rounder education in every aspect and that includes music as well. My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn actually gives more emphasis on the music class than any other class that you teach. You start off by fixing some of the musical instruments like the piano, guitar and drums that might have gotten damaged somehow in the past.

This is where the interesting part lies as children are introduced to the inner workings of these common musical instruments and even use hand held solder torches to repair the piano for example. This shows that this game is focused upon not only providing an effective simulation of becoming a school teacher, it also works towards providing essential knowledge of daily use items to children which is a very well thought of feature to add by the developers. In this section, tips on how to fix each instrument are mentioned.

Fixing The Piano

This is the most interesting of all the instruments because the game displays the internal circuit board of the piano on the screen. Usually we are not able to see beyond the already visible white and black keys on a piano but this exposed view might spike the curiosity of your child and there is a very high chance that he or she would like to learn how to play a piano after playing this particular mini game.

The procedure to fix the piano is quite simple yet very interesting. You are provided with a hand held solder torch and you just have to swipe it over the damaged cracks that are visible on the internal circuit board where the normal keys have been removed for inspection of the piano. Once you have successfully completed repairing all the visible cracks, a glue gun will appear to the side of your screen. Apply the glue to the area and next just pick up the section of piano keys that had been removed and adjust them back into their right spots. This is a match and position game so you will have to judge which section of the piano keys fits into which empty slot. Ta da! The piano is now fixed and as good as new!

Repair The Guitar

Just like with the piano mini game you will instantly notice that there is something wrong with the guitar as well. Two strings of the guitar are broken and one middle string is perfectly fine. This is a hint for kids to find out how to position the new strings that are available by clicking towards the left corner of the screen. The strings are placed in the form of a circle however, and you will have to unwind them into straight lines before you can place them in the guitar. Stretch out the strings until you hear a sound which indicates that the strings have been correctly placed and the guitar is ready to be played now. Do take care not to overstretch the strings during this process because if you lose any of the strings, you will have to start all over again or purchase extra strings for money through the in game purchases option.

Fixing The Drums

The next instrument that you will have to handle is the drum which definitely seems to be incomplete at first glance. The tops skin, right handles and even the drum sticks are missing. You need not worry too much however, because this is a matching puzzle game more than a repairing game. You will just have to place the parts that are visible in a sidebar to the left of the screen according to their corresponding matching shapes on the drum. For example, you will see two stick shaped shadows above the drum. Here you can instantly pick up the drum sticks from the sidebar and place them by moving them over the shadows. In this manner, keep on matching the correct shapes to the parts of the drum and you will have a finished and ready to play drum in no time.

After having completed the drum, you will be given the option to get creative with it and decorate it to appear as attractive to your students as possible. For this purpose, you are provided with a fill color option which serves to change the entire color of the drum wooden surface. In addition, you are also provided with brushes and color crayons using which you can draw literally anything that you are able to imagine. So let your creativity run free and create the coolest looking drum of the century!

Making The Trumpet Blow

For the last student of your music class, you have the trumpet to repair. This is very similar to the drum and is also a “match to shape” puzzle mini game. There are quite a lot of parts though so it may take some time before you are able to arrange all of them in order. It also is not as easy as the drum matching due to many parts and their shadows looking almost exactly like the shadows of other parts. Due to this it might take a while before you are able to recognise each of the parts for their correct shadows and placement.

Just as with the drum modifications, you have the option to get super creative with the trumpet as well and because you have a lot of small parts sticking out, you can put your artistic skills to great use here. You can paint the entire basic surface of the trumpet in one color and use tons of different colors on the trumpet air holes and blow holes for example. So unleash the artist within you and create yet another masterpiece for your students to enjoy!

5. Dress Up and Group Photo

A huge aspect of My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn deals with dress up and fashion games. Some parents might complain that this makes the game a tad bit girlish and boys might not be so inclined to play it. On the contrary, it is a well known fact that boys are usually fascinated by their teachers and classmates but are not as expressive as girls about it. Therefore, worry not parents because no matter if you have a daughter or a son, My Teacher – School Classroom Play and Learn is the perfect choice for your kid. After having made your students enjoy the normal class, drawing class and music classes, it is now turn for the group photo of you with your students. You need this moment to be memorable however so you will have to make sure that all of your students are looking as cute and handsome as possible.

You have four students in your class: two girls and two boys. The game will give you dressing options according to the gender of the student you have selected for dress up. For example, if you are working on one of your girl students, you will have the option of various skirts and frocks as well as very colourful and attractive tops for her to dress up in. You can also purchase expansion packs for even more amazing dresses which would make your students look like little princesses. In addition to dresses, various props like hats, tiaras and goggles are available for you to make your students look even cuter. Similar options are available for the boy students and the skirts and frocks are replaced by jeans and shorts to name a few.

After you are completely happy with the look of your students, you will get the option to customise your own dress. This is a very exciting part as you will get to decide how you appear in the photo alongside your students. Once you think you are pretty enough for the picture, you can click on the next button to take you to the group photo stage. Move around some of the furniture by swiping at it to make a clean and elegant background for the picture. Now place your students into the matching shadows with you in between them and turn on the camera.

Finally…say CHEESE!!