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Liar! Uncover the Truth Guide: 4 Tips for Getting the Perfect Boyfriend

Do you have a boyfriend? Are you thinking of taking your relationship one step further? Or are you quite single and ready to mingle but do not know who might be the RIGHT guy for you? Get ready for a once in a lifetime adventure and some serious self-exploration when you download the newest romantic app: Liar! Uncover The Truth. This romantic puzzle based exploration and discovery game is developed by the famous dating app developers Voltage Inc and contains dating elements quite similar to their previous famous titles but with a unique twist: you are the one in control here and you decide who gets to be your partner.

Liar! Uncover The Truth is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store. The game was released in Japan first and then an English Language worldwide version was released on 3rd October 2016 which has been regularly updated with new features and in game additions with the most recent game update occurring on 7th November 2016. The game packs stunning graphics and animations into a reasonable package size of only 299MB. There are in game downloads required for the game to progress through certain story sections but you will always be prompted before these downloads are initiated so you never have to worry about excessive data usage while playing Liar! Uncover The Truth.

If you are new to the concept, Romantic Apps basically simulate real life situations that you might experience or would like to experience as part of a romantic relationship with your partner. Most romantic apps are love filled dating apps where the primary objective of the lead character is to find the prince of her dreams and live happily ever after. Liar! Uncover The Truth sets itself apart from these typical romantic games by introducing a detective style puzzle solving gameplay with decision elements that can affect the outcome of the game. Yes! You finally have a choice in the matter and believe it or not, you can view both sides of the coin and making bad choices or good ones is entirely up to you. This freedom of choice provided by Liar! Uncover The Truth is rarely found in other dating apps and it definitely makes the game much more exciting to play with elements of surprise and suspense added to the mixture.

Liar! Uncover The Truth revolves around you as an attractive young girl who has a terrible taste in men and always makes blind choices for her boyfriends. The game prompts you to provide your own name for the character so that you feel a much more personal interaction during the story. The name provided will be used subsequently in all dialogues and pictures displayed by the game which makes it quite a real life simulation gameplay.

You are introduced to the prologue of the game which divulges the back story for the game. In this section which should take you about 20-30 minutes to get through, your character has finally found the man of her dreams and is very happy until she finds some proof pointing towards his having cheated on her. During the stage, you will be introduced to various features of the game so think of it is an interactive tutorial before the real game starts. Voltage Inc have done a superb job of making their storyline very engaging for players and before long you will find yourself feeling angry at your boyfriend Shizuo and this will be a turning point in the life of your character after which she will vow to never trust any man again.

To ensure the continuity of the game and not ruin any surprises for you it is imperative that any characters after the prologue should be discovered on your own. Therefore, this guide will only focus upon the gameplay elements that you need to be aware of to progress without a hitch. Liar! Uncover The Truth is a detective style puzzler so almost each level will consist of mini detective hunts and evidence search puzzles that you will have to solve in order to move forward. Let’s explore these features according to the chronological order that they appear in the game so you can get familiar with the main concept used in this game. Do remember that each of the ten men that you will meet will have different stories and it will be up to you to discover which detective strategy suits them best.

1. Searching For Evidence

Always be suspicious! After the prologue you know that men are always up to something behind your back and it doesn’t matter how much the guy swoons over you if he has multiple flings going on secretly. You are introduced to the basic evidence gathering mechanics of the game during the prologue scene. These techniques will remain the same throughout other scenarios of the game with the only difference being in the situations you would have to use them or the setting under which you might have to gather the evidence.

The evidence gathering procedure during the prologue is very straightforward and does not require any quick reactions from you neither does it hold you in fear of being caught because Shizuo is your long term boyfriend and you know he would not hurt you no matter what. The same level of safety cannot be guaranteed during your interactions with the other men though and you will have to take special care not to make them suspicious of your search which would give them ample warning to hide crucial and incriminating evidence from your reaches.

Throughout the game you will have to look through the contents of your partner’s personal belongings, his laptop or smartphone and even browse his social accounts if you find the opportunity to do so. This might feel like an invasion of privacy to most players which it mostly is and for this very reason the game developers have set an age limit of 17 and older on the game so that the methods depicted do not influence the social interactions of young teenagers.

As part of the evidence gathering mechanics, try to search smartly rather than obtusely. Instead of clicking on everything once you get your hands on his laptop or bag, try to link the next piece of evidence you need to any previous occurrence in the story. For example, if you have received a text message from your friend saying that she saw your guy with another girl then try to search specifically for any ornaments or clue to his being with a girl. Adopt this approach and you will save a lot of time on your evidence search. Remember, you have to act intelligently in order to always stay one step ahead of your boyfriend and avoid him guessing what you are up to.

2. Planning Your Accusations

The most important step in the game after collecting substantial evidence is to learn how to accuse your boyfriend. The accusations differ from guy to guy but the method you will use to carry out these accusations will remain pretty much the same throughout the game. The most important thing to keep in mind is the timing of your dialogue with your boyfriend. Ideally, the accusations will be best carried out when you either catch your boyfriend on the phone and you start piling up the evidence on him or you can confront him in a public gathering where he will be vulnerable and unable to react violently to your accusations.

The basic procedure for carrying out an accusation against your boyfriend involves three steps. In the first step you will have to confront him in a subtle manner with the least incriminating type of evidence that you have in possession. Judging by his reaction towards this confrontation, you will be able to decide whether his reaction was nervous or mildly surprised. If it is the former, then immediately carry forward to step two which involves you directly accusing him of being with another girl behind your back.

This is the most important step and his reaction to your accusation will determine his innocence or guilt. If he reacts flustered and shocked you can rest assure that your hunch was correct and you can now move on to step three in which you put the final nail into his coffin. For step three there is only one highly infuriating piece of evidence remaining and you can shove this into your boyfriend’s face before walking away from him forever.

3. Giving The Final Verdict

Liar! Uncover The Truth is a game that will greatly appeal to the Feminist inside of you because of its strong language usage against guys like your unworthy boyfriends. This side comes forth even more due to the past history of every guy you have ever been with turning out to be a cheater. Don’t worry though, the game does have one guy who is able to fulfill all of your expectations and give you the dream relationship that you had always hoped for. But before you can find this dream boyfriend, you will have to eliminate the other nine guys from your dating escapades.

The final verdict is a feature unique to Liar! Uncover The Truth and is rarely found in other romantic dating games. This feature allows you to make one of two given choices with different outcomes. You can always choose the bad option just for fun and see what your good for nothing cheating boyfriend has in store for you. However, be aware that choosing the bad option will cause you to reset your progress with that boyfriend and you will have to search for evidence and accuse him again. Granted this will be quite an easy task since all of the locations and dialogues will be repeated but it does get quite boring especially since you will not be able to skip forward to the final verdict section.

Choosing the right option will bring you to an animated cut scene sequence which can be quite funny at times and sometimes the actions of your boyfriend upon hearing your final decision can be terrifying and violent to say the least. Liar! Uncover The Truth is rated for mature audiences and has plenty of sexual innuendos embedded in dialogues along with direct references to male and female body parts so prepare to deal with some heavy language during the break up scenes.

It is best that you play the game alone or with female friends who are your own age to avoid any provocative scenes that could trigger other family members or younger friends. Regardless of all these factors, the final verdict section of the stage will be a worthwhile experience for you and even more so if you have provided your own name for the main character as that will trigger an even more personalized response from within you.

4. Who Is Mr. Right?

Liar! Uncover The Truth does an excellent job of keeping up the suspense all throughout different sections of the game. You can feel your character on her toes whenever a new boyfriend compliments her or if you go so far as to leaning in for the first kiss.

The game has already told you that nine out of the ten guys you will meet during the game are fakers and will cheat on you. However, it does not tell you which guy out of the ten will be Mr. Right for you. The one guy who will become your partner for life and who you can finally take to meet your mom so that she stops threatening to marry you off to some redneck from the back country.

Seeing the title of this tip, you might be getting excited but sorry to burst your bubble. The main purpose of this game is to keep you guessing and on edge and that purpose is quite defeated if the identity of the perfect boyfriend is revealed beforehand. Know this much, however that you will be quite surprised at the outcome of events leading you to Mr. Right and that is what makes Liar! Uncover The Truth a pure gem of a game.


Thursday 28th of June 2018

Can you please explain whether while choosing ending out of 4 options after busting the first liar is just for that character or for the entire story?,What would happen if i choose love ending after the first liar?Will it make a love ending with the liar you busted or for the last guy standing?I am really confused,!Hope you help me out,thanks!