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Zombie Gunship Survival Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Survive Longer

Zombie Gunship Survival is a new bleak shooter and base building game from Flaregames, that is available on both iOS and Android devices. The game will have you building a base for survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. You will also be given the chance to enjoy the use of a gunship against a horde of zombies. Surviving in the game will prove to be a difficult task. It’s a good thing you can depend on our Zombie Gunship Survival strategy guide to help you through those dark days.

1. Be Familiar With The Buildings

Check the hangar to be able to equip new weapons. Your gunship will be allowed to carry two weapons early on in Zombie Gunship Survival. The number of weapons can increase as you progress through the game. Troops will also be available in the hangar, ready to be assigned. The number of troops are limited at the start of the game. The hangar’s workshop will be the one responsible for the weapon upgrades. Find the weapon you like best and upgrade it. Assign red metal to a weapon to boost its level. It is a good idea to also upgrade the machine gun early on. It will be needed in most situations. Make sure to assess the situation of your base. Arrange your defenses accordingly and plan ahead before laying things out. The base will always need a good defense.

2. Choose Battle Types

The game will let you decide which one to play. You have two options, you can either defend your base or scavenge for supplies. Base defense will be all about fending off wave after wave of zombies for a few minutes. It will be available after a few hours. The rewards here are no joke so try to do it as often as you can. Bear in mind that it will be a non-stop shooting session for a few minutes. Scavenging is more of a story-based adventure. You will be required to loot a certain number of buildings to maximize its benefit. After looting, you will gain the resources needed to help build and improve your base. You will be able to put your survivors somewhere near the outside of the base. But be careful of where you put them. Once you lay them down they will be independent of your control. Retreat is also an option. It is very easy to get surrounded by zombies especially if your weapons are weak. There will be times that you will be required to destroy towers and barriers. Make sure that your survivor will be able to handle this. Try to see what is going on and scout ahead.

3. Complete The Objectives

The game will have two types of objectives – Daily and Regular. Daily objectives are very easy to do. They involve things like going to battle or upgrading a weapon. You will earn resources just for doing something that you were already going to do. Regular objectives are a bit harder to do. They require effort and tend to base on the progress of the game. These take time but you can’t ignore the rewards so try to complete them. Never forget to check your objectives to claim the rewards. After every battle you will be awarded with crates. These will help a lot. They take time to open but these are worth it. Never forget to open these.

Avoiding all that chaos is going to be hard, and surviving the zombie apocalypse is even harder. But if you follow our Zombie Gunship Survival strategy guide, survival will be a breeze.