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Art of Conquest Tips, Cheats & Guide to Expand Your Kingdom

Battles may be won by brute strength, but wars can only be won by wit and wisdom. Master the ins and outs of war in Lilith’s new mobile title Art of Conquest! This strategy game for Android and iOS lets you control vast armies under the leadership of legendary heroes. Choose from five different races and expand the territory of your chosen kingdom by conquering your enemies. You can even challenge your friends to real-time duels to see how your strategies fare against theirs. If you find yourself in a tight spot, don’t worry. You can rely on our Art of Conquest tips and tricks to help you achieve victory!

1. Pick The Right Hero

When you start the game, you will be given the chance to choose between three heroes. This is a decision that you shouldn’t take lightly because it will take you a long time before you can get another hero. Of course, the right hero depends on how you plan to play the game. Take their skills and attributes into consideration before you decide. Otherwise, you will have a hard time integrating them into your strategies. To help you make this momentous decision, we have listed the three heroes and their descriptions below.

Avalon, the Last Hope of Silverwing

This hero is a good pick if you are new to strategy games. He provides support to archers and has several skills that can help make things easier for novice players. His Focus Fire skill is useful in taking out Bosses quickly. His Capture Supply skill, on the other hand, helps you keep your resources up after every battle. The Natural Leader ability, however, is the primary reason he is useful to newbies. This ability increases the maximum number of units you can deploy which is useful for new players who are not used to managing their units just yet.

Avril, the Ice Mage

Avril is good at dealing damage as well as controlling the battlefield. Pick her if you are good at perceiving the battlefield as a whole. Her skills will cost you a lot of Mana so you will need to strategize well if you want to maximize her use. Her Ice Wall skill will divide the map, and enemies will not be able to cross. Her Blizzard skill, on the other hand, freezes enemy troops. If used correctly, you will be able to conquer a stronger opponent with her abilities.

Rufio, the Golden Stallion

This guy is brute force incarnate. He can deal up to three times more damage when he is at full strength. Using his Heroic Leap with Chopping Blade can help you obliterate entire battalions of light armored troops. To top it off, his Resilience ability keeps him alive even if you keep jumping deep into enemy lines. Pick him if you like beating your opponents into submission.

2. Invest In Abilities

As your heroes level up, they will gain ability points which you can use to strengthen them. You need to be strategic in using these limited ability points or you will find yourself struggling later on. The best approach is to put all the points in their default ability first. After that, you can start investing points in their support ability. Next, you should put your points into the control ability. The DPS abilities are useful up to a certain point so you don’t need to put points in them early in the game.

3. Stock Up On Resources

There are several different types of resources in the game, and each have their own use, Gold, Mana, and Wood are used to upgrade buildings and technology. They can be found throughout the map, and can also be generated by the castle. Diamonds, Mithril, and Crystals, however, are rare resources. These cannot be produced by your castle. You will need to look for them in the map or plunder them from your enemies. They can also be acquired by opening chests. Make sure you prioritize these rare resources when you see them on the map. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your warehouse. Leaving your capital will leave you vulnerable to plunderers. Your warehouse will protect a certain amount of resources depending on its level.

4. Upgrade Your Buildings

When you start out, your main priority should be gathering resources. Once you have enough resources, though, you should focus on upgrading buildings to increase your power. Improving technology will help you produce better units. It is a good idea to focus on certain units so you can maximize the use of your limited resources. For the human race, you should focus on archers. If you chose the Dwarven race, then you should work on riflemen and tanks. Lich mages are good investments as well. You can always change your race if you feel your current race isn’t matching your playstyle. Just remember that you will lose any progress on unit technology if you do so.

5. Know Your Units

A good commander knows the strengths and weaknesses of his troops, and uses those to his advantage. You will be controlling hundreds of units in this game. It only makes sense that you take time to get to know each of them in order to use them properly in battle. There are general rules when it comes to your units. Archers are useful against Spearmen. Spearmen are useful against Cavalry. Cavalry are strong against Infantry. And Infantry are useful against Archers.

Aside from those rules, you should also take into consideration the soldiers in each unit. There are units that have high DPS but only have a few soldiers. These high DPS units are useful against AOE units but are weak against units that have a lot of soldiers. AOE units, on the other hand, are good at wiping out units with a lot of soldiers. Keep these things in mind during battle and know which troops to send against your enemies.

6. Hold Off On Moving Your Capital

Even if you stand to earn a lot of resource income when you move your capital, you also expose yourself to a high risk of getting plundered. That is why you need to make sure you are ready to fend off attackers before you decide to move your capital. Your capital cannot be attacked in its initial location. Stay there until you have at least City Walls level four. Keep your warehouse levels high to protect as much resources as you can. Lastly, consider using the protection feature if you will be logging off for a long time. Moving your capital is a high risk, high reward decision that will only be worth it if you prepare well for it.

7. Fight For Honor

Honor is a resource that can be used to upgrade your racial abilities. Ironically enough, Honor can be earned by robbing your enemies. Aside from that, you can also earn it by defending your allies and slaying wild creatures. Gather as much Honor as you can as racial costs go up as your level goes up. Use Honor to construct race-specific buildings, recruit new units, as well as change race. It takes a while to gather enough Honor but the upgrades it provides you will be well worth the effort you put in.

8. Have A Lot of Fodder

When you want to win a war, you should be prepared for the long haul. High DPS units are useful for bursts of offense but fall short in drawn out battles. Make sure you always have plenty of cheap frontline troops that can serve as cannon fodder to help you advance towards enemy lines without sacrificing your more valuable units. Always keep your unit ranges in mind, however, and arrange your troops accordingly. There’s no point in spending on stronger troops if they get stuck behind their comrades, unable to attack.

9. Manage Your Frontlines

While having a lot of cannon fodder is good, if you spend all your resources on them, then all you’ve done is help your opponent with target practice. You can’t win battles with just cheap units. Make sure you manage your frontlines properly by maintaining a good flow of cheap units but make sure to weave in your higher-ranking units strategically as well. Manage your resources and don’t let too many units die. Even cheap units can put a dent in your reserves if you keep throwing them away for nothing.

10. Plunder With Care

Plundering enemy shipments can be a great way to gather additional resources but only if you can manage them well. If you are not careful, you will end up losing more than you gain after attacking. Consider your target well and make sure you will not lose too many units while attacking. Feel free to ask for help from the other players in your kingdom. Your allies can help you attack the same target which will ensure the enemy is taken down quickly. This will help mitigate the costs of attack, making it easier for you to profit. Of course, you have to make sure you return the favor someday or they will stop answering your call.

Conquer your enemies and expand your kingdom’s territory in Art of Conquest! Use the tips and tricks we gave you to help you on your path to world domination!