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Fastlane: Road to Revenge Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Guide to Get a High Score

Gangs have taken over the city, and you are the only thing that’s standing between them and complete domination. Fastlane: Road to Revenge is a new action-packed arcade shooter from Supercell, which is available for Android and iOS devices. The goal is to wipe out the gang menace that is terrorizing your city. Choose from a wide variety of souped-up cars then mount them with weapons. Take the city back one lane at a time by obliterating your enemies. You can depend on our Fastlane: Road to Revenge ultimate strategy guide to help ensure that you will emerge victorious!

1. Keep It Steady

The game drops you right in the middle of a car chase where you get to take out enemy cars with the weapons mounted on your vehicle. Of course, you can’t expect those gangsters to just take fire and do nothing about it. They will return fire and the game is over if you get hit. It would be easy to dodge their attacks at first but as you go farther, the speed picks up. Soon, you will barely have time to react when they attack. That is why you should avoid jumping from one lane to another. Swerving back and forth will only give you even less time to react. Stay on one lane as much as you can then just switch if you see incoming attacks.

2. Observe Obstacle Patterns

Aside from having lightning fast reflexes, another thing that will help keep you alive in this game is remembering the obstacle patterns. They may seem random at first but if you see them often enough, you will realize that there actually is a pattern to it. You just need to pay attention when you are playing in order to remember what these patterns are. Once you have them memorize, dodging them will be a lot easier.

3. Get Better Cars

If your goal is just to brawl with other cars, you’re probably wondering why you need to get the flashy cars available in the garage. Well, aside from the fact that they look absolutely gorgeous, they actually help you get better scores in the game. These higher levels cars let you collect cash and experience faster on top of giving you higher reputation points for every vehicle you take out. That’s a whole lot of perks for getting a sweet new ride so why not go for it?

4. Slow Down When Necessary

Taking your finger off the screen is like taking your foot off the gas pedal. The game slows down when you stop pressing on the screen. Use this to your advantage by slowing down whenever you are in trouble. You can use this trick when you need more time to dodge a rocket or to switch lane in order to catch up to your enemies. Just keep in mind that it does not buy you a whole lot of time so don’t depend on it too much.

5. Transform Your Car

If you’re looking to solve your cash problems and looking absolutely cool while doing so, then you should go for Transformations. You can unlock Transformations by levelling up and collecting the flashing cubes that you see scattered throughout the lanes. Once you collect enough cubes, your car will suddenly transform into a huge helicopter, and you will find yourself blasting away enemies in speedboats.

6. Bait The Trucks

Trucks are tougher to take out compared to most other vehicles in this game. You usually won’t be able to destroy them before they return fire. On top of that, their shots deal a lot more damage. That is why it isn’t a good idea to stay behind them for a long time. What you need to do is switch to a different lane to bait the truck’s shots. Once it starts firing, quickly switch back to its lane so you can shoot it without taking damage. Rinse and repeat until you are able to destroy it.

7. Know When To Continue

The game gives you the option to continue when you die by paying diamonds. You don’t want to waste your diamonds so make sure your run is worth continuing before you pay for anything. Once you have gotten far enough into the race, bonus experience and reputation cars will appear, giving you a shot at even more rewards during your run. You should only spend diamonds on continuing if you have reached this point in the race. Otherwise, just start over and hold on to your diamonds.

8. Destroy The APC

Remember when we said that trucks are stronger than MOST vehicles? They’re not stronger than all vehicles because the APC is the true bad boy of the streets. You’re not even worth the APC’s attention until you reach a certain point in the race. Try to reach that point as much as you can because the APC is will give you diamonds if you destroy it. Keep in mind that it’s a lot stronger than other vehicles. Be careful and learn its attacking patterns or you will find yourself in trouble.

9. Buy Extra Guns

When you are just starting out, your basic guns will be enough. Later on, when you’re reaching higher levels in the game, there will be more enemies to deal with. That is why you should invest some diamonds in the Extra Guns upgrade. These will allow you to fire at cars in other lanes to help you destroy even more cars. They help raise your DPS through the roof, therefore raising your scores even higher.

10. Unlock The Repair Bot

Speaking of upgrades, the Repair Bot is one that you literally cannot live without. Unlock it as soon as you can because it will help you survive for much longer in the game. It will replenish your car’s health for as long as it is active. The importance of the survivability it gives you cannot be stressed enough. The longer you stay alive, the better the rewards you get. This investment will more than pay for itself in the long run.

Hunt down and take out gang members on the road in Fastlane: Road to Revenge! Just stick to our strategy guide and you will surely come out on top! In case you know additional tips or tricks for this new Supercell game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!


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