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ZLONGAME Extends Closed Beta Test for Open-World Sci-Fi MMO ‘Second Galaxy’

Second Galaxy is shaping up to be every space exploration fan’s dream for mobile devices. ZLONGAME launched its closed beta last July 5 and it was initially set to end by July 14. The closed beta period has just been extended to July 21 to allow players to experience the Sovereignty War gameplay mode and features better.

second galaxy closed beta test

Second Galaxy is set three thousand years into the future. In the game’s timeline, mankind has managed to explore and colonize the origin region, which they dubbed as the Second Galaxy. There are five factions in the game: Neo-European Federation, Economic Community of Dawn, Oracle Empire, Republic of Svarus, and United Solar Systems of Hygara.

The primary draw of Second Galaxy is the ability of players to truly explore the open galaxy that spans over a thousand lightyears. ZLONGAME also managed to utilize the new dynamic server distribution strategy to allow up to 500,000 concurrent online players on the same server, with thousands of them battling it out on the same screen. This feature is highlighted during the Sovereignty War.

The Sovereignty War feature of the game pushed players to their limits, though it may have been a bit too much. ZLONGAME is extending the closed beta phase in order to tweak the difficulty level of the Sovereignty War while addressing other technical issues at the same time.