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Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Legendary Space Commander

In the year 2049, the human population’s only hope of survival is by migrating in outer space. The Terran Foundation commissioned the Icarus Corps as the first expeditionary fleet on a search for humanity’s new home. However, after discovering limitless resources on a mysterious planet, Icarus Corps decides to betray the Terran Foundation. Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest is a new space strategy game by Mars Game where you play as a space commander who is tasked to destroy rebels and restore order in the galaxy to save humankind.

As a space commander, you start by running and rebuilding your own space station. With the galaxy being a hostile place, you have to set up defenses to protect your colony. Take control of your very own fleet and build warships to fight off rebels and pirates. Gather resources in order to produce light warships, heavy warships, turrets, guards, or even tactical weaponry. You can go against the enemies alone, or you can join alliances with players all over the world to be stronger.

The game is incredibly stunning as it shows the beauty of outer space with its amazing graphics. Battles are on another level as you can zoom in too see every detail possible, or zoom out and watch the it all unfold. However, the essential key to Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest is your strategic thinking. With each enemy you face, you have to figure out a way to break through their defenses. Being a space commander is no easy task. In this Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest beginner’s guide, we will help you get through the basics and everything you need to know about defeating enemies, controlling your own fleet, and a lot more. So let’s get started with our compilation of Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Rebuild And Enhance Your Space Station

When you first start the game, an eBot takes you through a series of tutorials on how to rebuild your space station. You build each area as you progress. Every single one of these stations are vital to your colony’s survival, the most important one being the Command Center as the development of the entire station is dependent on it. Only when the Command Center is upgraded can you upgrade the others. The Hangar is where you store all your warships on standby. Upgrading the Hangar enables you to have more launchpads which will then allow you to deploy more squads in battle. Here you can also upgrade each launchpad so that you can hold more ships per squad.

aeon wars galactic conquest space station

The Light Starport and Heavy Starport is where you produce your light warships and heavy warships. Upgrading these starports will unlock better warships. This is also where you can enhance your warships by using materials you’ve gathered through battle or by changing their blueprints. The Solarium and Alloy Depot is where you store the solarium and alloy you gather. Upgrading this increases the capacity of your space station for each item. This can be done by using Ores which can be obtained through the Galactic Conquest. The Defensive Workshop is where you can produce defenses for your colony ship such as turrets and guards. Upgrading this unlocks better turrets and guards.

The Tech Hub is basically where you can find and access blueprints. This is where you can draw and buy blueprints. You can also equip gears here to enhance warships. Upgrading the Tech Hub allows you to change blueprints of higher-level warships. The Colonial Starport is where you produce and maintain colony ships. This is where you need to go to add defenses to your colony ships, upgrade them, and more. Upgrading this allows you to have more colony ships. The Weapon Workshop is where you produce missiles and other weaponry that you can use in battle. Upgrading this unlocks better weapons.

All upgrades will require either Solarium, Alloy, or both. Some upgrades require materials that you can gather through fighting rebels and other players. All materials needed for upgrading can be obtained through Radical Rebels, PVP, Star Scramble, or the Galactic Conquest. Upgrading also requires an eBot. You start off with one eBot, so you can only upgrade one thing at a time. You can save 500 U-Coins for an eBot to be able to upgrade two at a time. The maximum eBots you can have is four.

2. Build The Best Warships

Winning doesn’t solely depend on your thinking, it greatly depends on your warships as well. As previously mentioned, the Light Starport and Heavy Starport is where you produce light and heavy warships. If you enter on either one, you can still access the other, so they are very much related. Going to either starport will show you which warships you have unlocked and descriptions for each warship. Here you can decide for yourself which warship you think is best suited for you. Once you have decided which warship you want, tap on it to start building. You can produce as many and different kinds of warships you want as long as you have enough Alloy.

aeon wars galactic conquest warships

Producing a lot of warships may seem to be a waste of Alloy, but in this game, once your ship gets destroyed in battle, it’s gone forever. Having reserve warships that are on standby is better than only building them when you run out. That way you can immediately head on to battle once again and use a different strategy than what you did before. Going to either starport shows how many warships you have for each kind.

Each warship can be enhanced through the starports. Selecting a warship shows its stats on the right side of the screen. If you have a blueprint for a warship, you can equip it to have additional stats such as additional 30% damage to other warships or prioritize attacking turrets. However, you also need to upgrade the Tech Hub in order to use blueprints on higher level warships. You can access the blueprints menu on either the starports or the Tech Hub.

3. Know Where To Place Your Warships

Fighting enemy rebels is your main task as a space commander. Radical Rebels is a campaign mode where you can execute your strategic skills and go head to head with enemies and occupy rebel planets. There are two different modes you’ll encounter, one where you fight against an enemy colony ship and another where you defend yours against the enemies. As of this writing, there are 72 stages and new stages will be added later on. Playing through this campaign enables you to get a lot of resources and also unlock rewards.

aeon wars galactic conquest radical rebels

When attacking a rebel colony ship, before you start, you will be taken to a screen where you have a chance to edit your squad before launching an attack. Doing this will take you to the Hangar. Here you can do any upgrade or change any lineups you want before heading onto battle. You can also assign formations to your squads to maximize the damage you deal to enemies. On the right side of the pre-battle screen, you can equip your missiles and other weaponry.

On this pre-battle screen, you will be able to see your enemy’s colony ship and where its defenses are stationed. You can use your fingers to have a 360-degree view of the enemy ship. With this information, you can now think of a strategy on where to place your warships while attacking. When you’re ready to fight, tap on the button at the lower right.

Before launching your fleet, you can once again take a look at the enemy’s ship and its defenses. You can use the missiles before launching your fleet for additional damage. Launch your squads on the most vulnerable side of the enemy ship. Sometimes enemies place all warships in front or on one side. To counter this, just launch your ships behind or on the opposite side. This way you’ll be able to avoid taking initial damage and also attack the colony ship first. Destroying a colony ship even if you didn’t destroy all warships ensures your victory. If you want to focus all your warships’ attack onto one target, tap on the desired target and watch all of your fleet shoot that ship down.

4. Prepare Your Colony Ship

Colony ships set out to mine resources on different planets. You can access your colony ship by tapping on the Colony Ship button at the bottom left of the screen. Here you’ll see how much your refineries have mined and this is also where you can collect them. Other than collecting Solarium and Alloy, you also have to set up your defenses in case rebels or pirates go after your colony ship. By tapping on Turrets, you can assign turrets on your colony ship. It’s the same for warships as well. However, you need to take note of the population as each warship, turret, weapon, etc. requires a number of people before you can place them. If the population is insufficient, you will need to upgrade your colony ship in order to place more defenses.

aeon wars galactic conquest colony ship

When it comes to Gear, you can create them in order to enhance your colony ship. Gears enable your colony ship to have more HP, speed up refinery collection, raise turret attack damage and health, and increase population. Requirements for these gears include Solarium and Polymer which can be bought by using points you’ve earned through PVP Skirmish or obtained through other game modes. Other gears will be unlocked once you’ve upgraded your colony ship to a higher level.

Once you’ve placed your refineries, warships, and turrets, you can test it out and see if it can survive attacks through Simulation. Tapping on this enables you to either do a squad simulation or a colony ship simulation. You can test out your squads before battle and also see if your colony ship can withstand enemy attacks. Doing this enables you to get an idea if your squad or defenses are good or if you need to change them. As this is only a simulation, you will not lose any of your warships or resources.

5. Fight Other Captains For More Resources

Other than the Radical Rebels campaign, you can also fight other captains from all across the galaxy through PVP Skirmish. To access this from the main menu, tap on Launch at the bottom right and then select PVP Skirmish. Doing this immediately matches you with a player based on your level or your ranking. You can earn rank points by winning in PVP matches and earn a maximum of 4000 points a day.

aeon wars galactic conquest battle tips

Defeating an opponent will reward you to up to 50% of their uncollected resources in their refinery. To avoid this, you can upgrade your Command Center to reduce the amount of vulnerable resources. There will be times that the system will match you with a stronger opponent or a higher ranked one. If you think the opponent that is matched with you is too strong, you can always refresh for as much as you want until you find the right opponent. Doing this will cost you Alloy.

Aside from PVP Skirmish, you can also battle it out with other players through Ranked Match. Participating in this game mode enables you to climb the leaderboards. Fighting against someone and claim victory will allow you to get that player’s ranking. Ranked Matches have different divisions and each division has their own rewards. Top players from each division will move on to the next division for the next season. Your PVP record also includes battles in PVP Skirmish. Winning in PVP battles rewards you with U-Coins depending on your rank. The higher your rank, the more U-Coins will be rewarded to you. If you are up for the challenge, go head on against other players for more rewards.

6. Add Friends And Join Alliances

Being alone in saving humanity can be daunting. Having a helping hand and someone to rely on is much better. Adding friends and joining alliances will give you much more than playing on your own. With friends, you will be able to receive resources daily. You can also make an alliance of your own that consists of your friends. Making an alliance costs U-Coins. Other players will eventually add you in the game or you can always look in the world chat to see if someone is looking for friends.

aeon wars galactic conquest pre-battle

Being in an alliance has a lot of perks and benefits. One of these is the Alliance Aid. If you were plundered by an enemy raid, the Alliance Aid will give you resources to make up for what you lost. You can also do duels with your alliance members to test out your strengths and tactical abilities. There is also other stuff that you can earn only through being in alliance.

Being active in your alliance will lead to great benefits where you can get various resources such as Ores and other buffs through the Galactic Conquest. You can only participate in the Galactic Conquest through an alliance. This is where you face other alliances to gain control over quadrants and resources. To join or to create an alliance, tap on the Alliance button at the bottom of the main screen. Here you can see a list of alliances that you can immediately join or those where you need to be accepted in.

7. Complete The Regular Quests And Captain Quests

By doing battles and participating in campaigns, you unlock milestones where you earn rewards such as U-Coins or other materials. There are two different kinds of quests, the regular Quests and the Captain Quests. Regular Quests can be accessed by tapping the Quests button at the bottom of the main screen. Here you’ll see quests that are separated by chapter depending on how you do them. These quests vary from producing a number of specific warships or upgrading a specific station. Also seen in this menu are the Daily Quests that refresh every 24 hours. Reward for these quests are either Solarium, Alloy, or U-Coins.

aeon wars galactic conquest quests

Another tab in the Quest menu shows you Solo Achievements, Alliance Achievements, and Battle Achievements. Unlocking these achievements will reward you with U-Coins. These U-Coins are the premium currency of the game that can be used to hasten upgrades or purchase eBots. If you have any achievements or quest rewards to collect, a red exclamation mark will appear right on the Quest button on the main screen.

Captain Quests on the other hand are quests where you’ll find login rewards, rewards for clearing Radical Rebels levels, participating in Ranked Matches, Galactic Quests and more. You will either be rewarded with U-Coins, Rank Points, and materials. Completing a number of quests also rewards you with blueprints. This is also where you can use your U-Coins in exchange for Rank Points, Solarium, Alloy, other materials, and even warships. If there are new Captain Quests available, you will see a notification on the main menu. Tapping on it will take you to the Captain Quests menu. Don’t forget to collect your rewards for all quests as this will greatly help you in your battles.

aeon wars galactic conquest ranked match

And this wraps up our beginner’s guide for Aeons Wars: Galactic Conquest. We hope that our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies will help you to become a legendary space commander in the entire galaxy. If we missed out on anything, please leave us a message in the comment area. Set off and destroy rebels and restore the galactic order, Captain!


Wednesday 17th of July 2019

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