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Here’s Everything Included in the Latest Update for MU Origin 2

Webzen’s MU Origin 2 has continued to grow bigger and better since it originally released for Android and iOS. Now, the team behind the smash-hit MMORPG are about to launch what might be the game’s most impressive update yet.

mu origin 2 guild skill update

For those not in the know, MU Origin 2 is an epic fantasy MMORPG and spinoff from the classic PC-based MU Online. It initially won over fans by building upon what made MU so great while adding plenty of its own distinct ideas and visual enhancements.

One major fan-requested addition has now arrived in the form of the new costume system. You’ll be able to customise the look of your hero’s outfit, wings, and weapons. From now on, it’ll be much easier to make your characters feel unique to you.

mu origin 2 sacred creature skill

Speaking of creating unique looks, the new update adds two new Mount skins called Balios and Xanthos. There are also two new collectable Guardian Pets called Shadow of Utter Darkness and Eagle Fairy. Plus, the Infinite Tower’s floor cap has now been increased all the way up to 120.

Those in a guild will be excited to hear about the inclusion of what are known as Guild Sacred Creatures. There are four for you to collect, and each will offer stat boosts for every member of the guild. New Sacred Creatures will become available as your guild levels up.

Other big additions include two new elite bosses and maps. You’ll find Captain Kraken lurking in the Swamp of Peace, while Cerupan can be seen in La Cleon.

If you’re looking for your next MMO obsession, just head for the App Store or Google Play to download MU Origin 2 for free.