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Zenfinity Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints to Get a High Score

When talking about those simpler, more casual mobile gaming experiences, we have said it time and again; few companies, if anyone at all, can do it better than Ketchapp. And Zenfinity is the company’s latest in what seems to be an endless series of casual games for Android and iOS. According to Ketchapp, you should “focus your attention and (keep) your eyes on the ball,” as you try to keep it on track and make your way through the twisting courses. One wrong move, as always, will end you run instantly. Playing the game, however, is quite easy as you just need to tap on the screen to make the ball travel in a certain direction.

As and other game makers in this genre love to say, this is a game that is easy to learn, yet hard to master. Yes, you may have heard that all before, but if you’re trying to master that game, there’s no better way to do that than checking our list of Zenfinity tips and tricks. Read on for some ways to extend your runs and improve your high score!

1. Find Your Rhythm Early

As you play Zenfinity, the ball will always be moving at the same speed. Take advantage of this quirk and find your rhythm as early on as possible in the game. Remember that you have only one chance to get it right, so make sure you’ve got that rhythm so you can enjoy those longer runs and improve on your high score. With rhythm as your guide, you can move along instinctively, and wouldn’t need to do much thinking while moving the ball. Furthermore, this allows you to stay close to the middle parts of the level, thus allowing you to collect more gems.

2. How To Get More Gems

The first tip mentioned that you can collect more gems by playing more rounds – that’s the organic way to earn gems, and it may seem a little tedious at times if you’re trying to grind for gems in the game. But Zenfinity also allows you other ways to earn gems, which are the game’s only form of currency. Most of the time, you will see a Share button after each level, and that will allow you to share your score on your social media accounts. But since we understand that not everyone is comfortable with doing this, you don’t need to worry – hitting Share is enough, and even if you choose not to actually share the score on social media, you’ll still get the 40-gem reward. There’s also the old standby of video ads, which get you 30 gems per video completed.

3. How To Spend Your Gems

Once you’ve collected enough gems, you can then head to the store and buy new balls, which you can use in the levels instead of the stock ball you start with. Each ball costs 200 gems apiece, and just as you may expect from games of this kind, as well as the fact that they’re all priced the same, they won’t play any differently from the default ball. They’ll still move at the same pace, and they won’t come with any special abilities or powers. The only changes to be had are aesthetic ones, though that also means using new balls could break the monotony and freshen things up if you get sick of using the default ball all the time.

4. When Should You Be Playing Offline?

Normally, this isn’t a problem in Ketchapp games, but since we do understand that developers need to earn their keep, there are a lot of ads in Zenfinity. And they can get a bit intrusive, popping up at random and throwing you off your focus. You have the option to play the game with your phone in airplane mode, or with Wi-Fi or cellular data turned off; the obvious catch here is that you won’t be able to take advantage of the bonus gems options. So with that in mind, we would only recommend playing offline if you’re playing to chase a high score.

5. Don’t Mind Those Ridiculously High Scores

As we’ve observed, there are some scores on Game Center and on Google Play that are too high to be taken seriously. Don’t mind those scores, as those are hacked scores that you shouldn’t even be thinking of chasing. If you see any scores that are way too unrealistic to achieve, you can always scroll down the leaderboard and look for those more realistic scores. But if those scores are still too high for you, there’s nothing wrong with chasing your own high score; as far as we’re concerned, the game’s still fun that way!

That’s all there’s to it. If you know additional tips or tricks for Zenfinity, let us know in the comment section!