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The Battle Cats Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 6 Things You Should Do to Win More Battles

Looking for a rather unusual take to the tower defense genre? The Battle Cats may be the game for you, as Ponos has just released this title for Android and iOS devices alike. The game comes with “extremely simple controls” and straightforward game mechanics, as you shall be controlling some “weirdly cute” cats on a quest for world domination. Tap on the cat whom you want to control, fire the Cat Cannon, and use whatever XP you earn to level your cats up as you destroy more enemy bases. And once your cats reach level 10, you can go ahead and evolve them, thus making them even more powerful than they were. Having said that, this game does have mechanics reminiscent of Tapps’ Evolution-series games.

Now tower defense games are typically designed for more intensive mobile gamers, but Ponos says that this game is “perfect for casual play,” meaning anyone can pick it up and get the mechanics down pat. But that doesn’t mean it’s got a super-simple learning curve, as there may be some aspects of the game that may take some time for you to learn. So check out these The Battle Cats tips and tricks, as we show you the right way to unleash your army of cats and destroy more enemies and their bases.

1. The Game Won’t Show Improvements After Upgrades

It’s rather interesting, but we think this is one of the main reasons why The Battle Cats is being advertised as a casual game. You can use your experience points to upgrade your cats, just as we explained in the game overview, and once you level up your cats, their attack and defense stats will go up. But that’s the thing; the game won’t tell you by how much those stats improved. Battles will be completed faster, and that’s the only way you’ll know that your cats have improved.

2. Upgrade The Cents Generator

If you want to get more cats in the game, you will need more currency, and the currency we’re referring to here is the one that you can spend while in the heat of battle. While in battle, your base will automatically be earning money for you, and on the left side of the screen, you’ll see an option to upgrade your cents generator. It’s important that you upgrade it from time to time, as that’s going to allow you to earn more money as battles progress. You’ll also need to generate more cats as the battles continue, and that would require you to have a good balance between generating money and generating, if we could call it that, new cats.

3. How To Get More Cat Food

Cat Food is the game’s premium currency, and you can use it to buy blessings from God; before that, though, you need to unlock God in the Special Cats column. (Yes, you read that right.) There’s a way to get some Cat Food without having to pay, and that would be by completing offers. Go to the in-game store, hit the button Gratis Cat Food, and choose from the different offers, as powered by Tapjoy as they often do. Now we’re not fans of Tapjoy’s special offers – oftentimes, they don’t bring a lot of joy, pun definitely intended, as they can be tricky to complete, or laden with catches. But you just might see an offer worth accepting – in fact, there’s a good chance you would, if you’re patient enough.

4. How To Use The Cat Cannon

Your Cat Cannon is the primary weapon you’ll be using in battle, and before using it, you will first need to let it charge up. Once it’s finished charging, you can launch the cannon, upon which it will hit all cats located behind the dotted line. You can also use your XP to upgrade the Cat Cannon and extend its range, as well as increase the amount of damage it deals out and its launch speed. Make sure you’re upgrading your cannon just like you do your cats.

5. Upgrade The Cat Study

Why should you upgrade the Cat Study? The reason is quite simple – it’s so that you can earn more XP, which surprisingly can be considered the game’s primary from of currency, instead of merely serving their purpose as experience points. Upgrade this area regularly so you can earn more XP after beating a level, and while you’re at it, keep on grinding and replaying levels you’ve already completed.

6. Time Lapse At Your Own Risk For More Cat Energy

Last, but not the least, Cat Energy is just that – it’s the game’s energy unit, and you’ll need this if you want to keep on fighting more battles and grinding it out like we told you above. You can upgrade Cat Energy in order to increase the amount of energy you can use, and thusly the number of battles you can engage in, but you can also use the time lapse cheat at your own risk.

So far, we’ve seen that setting the time ahead on your device can help you refill your Cat Energy in a snap. But game developers have been doing it for a while, and you may want to save these time lapses for emergencies; there’s a chance you may be temporarily or perma-banned if the developers notice you’ve been time lapsing too often for your own good!

These would be our tips, tricks and cheats for The Battle Cats. Do you know know more hints for the game? Let us know in the comment area!


Monday 21st of November 2022

I was searching for tips that are for a little higher level than these. But these tips will be very helpful for beginners and i want to admit not to use the cat god most valuable miracle for 90 catfood. (i forget how it's called) You should use it for first time when it's free tho

Oliver Hughes

Friday 1st of October 2021

Very useful. Helped me with the game