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Yummy Blast Mania Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Complete All Levels and Get a High Score

Yes, it’s time for desserts, and time for innovative gameplay, though the game in question is another example of those ever-popular Match 3 games. TaoGames Limited’s Yummy Blast Mania claims to be an innovative game in a genre that’s more cut-and-dry than most others, and it comes from a company that had released similar titles such as Yummy Mania and Forest Mania. According to the description, you can strategically swap and match many sweets to aid the adventurous Emily in defeating the Greedy Lion from stealing sweets. Like in other Match 3 games, you’ve got hundreds of levels to navigate, special combinations that can aid you in your quest to complete more levels, and a “cool explosive blasting effect” whenever you utilize one of your special pieces.

Match 3 gaming may be easy and simple, but if you’re new to this type of game, and new to this specific game, you can check out our exclusive list of Yummy Blast Mania cheats, tips and tricks.

1. If You’re Stuck, Wait For The Game To Make Suggestions

It’s simple enough to match three identical pieces horizontally or vertically. But if you suddenly notice there’s nothing more to match, don’t despair – there is something to match, and the game could suggest valid matches by making them flash. Just be sure to look around when these matches flash, as the AI’s suggestion isn’t always the best. If there are no possible matches, the board will reset, giving you a fresh start.

2. Take Your Time

As there’s no time limit, you don’t have to rush your way into making matches. Take as long as you need to find the match that would help you in completing levels with the least moves possible. Some Match 3 games add a twist by setting time limits, but that’s not the case in Yummy Blast Mania.

3. Go For Those Special Pieces

TaoGames calls it “fresh” but the special pieces, or combo pieces in Yummy Blast Mania are nothing new if you’re a veteran Match 3 gamer. But if you’re not, take note of what each special piece does. To give you an idea of what to expect, matching four pieces vertically or horizontally will give you a piece that could wipe out an entire row or column, depending on whether you place the match horizontally or vertically. Matching four pieces in a square gives you a piece that could take out pieces of one type upon making a match. A match of six sweets in a T shape is called the Super Cross Field, whose “remarkable” effect is to wipe out a wide range of pieces in a cross-like formation. These are just some of the special pieces you can use in this game.

4. Take Note Of The Level’s Objectives

Like in many other Match 3 games, you’ll be given objectives you need to accomplish – this is usually matching so many pieces of a certain type. Don’t just make matches just because you see one; match with purpose, which means you should make matches with the level objectives in mind. The arbitrary approach won’t cut it, as you need to be paying close attention to the resources you need.

5. Pieces In Glass Cannot Be Matched While They’re Trapped

Oftentimes, you’ll see pieces that are seemingly encased in glass – “grass,” as the game calls it. Unless you make a standard match with one of the glass-encased pieces, it won’t break, and you won’t be able to make any actual matches with those pieces until they’re free. Think of it as having to match one of these “trapped” pieces twice, instead of once.

6. Use Your Power-Ups Wisely

Once you reach Level 9, you’ll get three shovels – the shovel is your first power-up, and you can use it to remove a piece on the board, either to make it count towards your required resources, or simply to remove it and allow a match to go through. These power-ups are ordinarily available by paying gems for them – the game’s premium currency – and since gems don’t come easy, you’ll want to stick as much as possible to whatever the game gives you for free.

7. You Can Get More Gems By Playing More Levels

This is arguably the best way to get gems for free – just keep playing the game and completing more stages, and you’ll get a few gems for your troubles. Aside from that, connecting your game to Facebook will also reward you with gems – fifty of them, to be exact. It may sound like something you don’t need to do, and it is perfectly optional to be honest. But if you want free gems and want them easy, it’s best to connect your game to your Facebook account. We’d suggest creating a dummy account for gaming purposes only.

8. Do Not Quit Levels In The Middle

Looking for a fresh start and wanting to quit the level you’re currently playing? Don’t like the looks of your board? That’s all fine and dandy, but quitting levels right in the middle will cost you a life, just like failing a level would. Remember what we told you earlier – the game’s AI knows when you’re all out of matches, and it can reshuffle the board when that happens.

9. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Get Lives Back Quickly

Quitting a level before it’s done or failing to complete it for that matter would cost you one life, and you can wait a couple hours before all your five lives are restored. But if you can’t wait that long, you can call on an old friend – the every-trusty time lapse cheat. Just go to your phone’s settings after quitting the game, set the time forward by about 30 minutes per life, and return to the game; setting the time back to normal won’t cause you to forfeit your lives.