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Bike Race Cheats & Tips: 5 Tricks to Get Three-Star Ratings

Top Free Games is known for mobile titles that encourage family-friendly fun, such as Racing Penguin. The company’s recently-updated title, Bike Race Free, is cut from the same piece of cloth, as it allows you to race against millions of human players in multiplayer mode (a feature heavily pushed by the company), or against the game’s AI in single-player mode (a feature supposedly designed to practice one’s skills). You can race on “hundreds of crazy tracks and mad worlds,” show off by performing some bike stunts, and use “tons of amazing bikes,” many of which you could earn for free. This game is available for both iOS and Android gamers, just in case you’re wondering.

Though, this game promises great fun, it could also bring some great frustration when you’re in the later levels. It may become harder for you to succeed as the difficulty level goes up, and that’s why we’ve come up with some Bike Race cheats, tips and tricks to help you with that.

1. Go Easy On The Tricks

It’s a lot of fun to do tricks on your bike, but you wouldn’t want to do those stunts with just a couple seconds of gas. Your ultimate goal is to reach the end of the course, and the bike stunts are only secondary to this objective.

Speaking of gas, you should always be sure you’ve got enough in you before jumping; some of the gaps may appear to be chicken feed, but as the old saying goes, it’s easier said than done.

2. Just Hold Your Finger Down On Your Display

The game suggests that you tilt your phone left and right to maneuver your bike around, and that’s probably what you should be doing in order to truly have a complete gaming experience in Bike Race. But most of the levels can be beaten if you hold your finger on the display, with little to no tilting. Again, we’re going back to the first tip – finish the level first and foremost.

3. Bike Safely

Again, this tip is in conjunction with the first one, but just so we can hammer the point home, it’s extremely important to ride your bike as safely as possible. Of course, you want to finish levels quickly so that you can get three stars, but taking it easy at times may be the difference between completing a level (even with one or two stars) and wiping out. It’s all about balancing your speed with being steady.

4. Keep Your Device Steady When Doing The Loops

If you really should tilt your phone left or right, you shouldn’t do it on certain occasions. Mainly, you shouldn’t do it when you’re navigating the loops as that’s going to make you lose control of your bike and lose your balance.

5. Unlock The ‘Girl Bike’ For More Success

The bikes you can unlock in this game don’t just look different from each other – many of them perform differently from your default bike. A lot of gamers have had good success with the “girl bike,” so you may want to give that one a whirl once available.