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Legendary Warriors Cheats, Tips & Guide: 5 Awesome Hints to Defeat Your Enemies

Legendary Warriors is an immersive new RPG by Oink Games, which is available for iOS devices only as of this writing. This game has some nice credentials, having been nominated for Best Visual Design at a recent indie game expo. And it’s going to take you to a “land of sword and spell” and a “unique and mysterious atmosphere.” You will be forming a team of up to three characters, fighting against the mysterious “Argus.” And that’s where things get interesting, per the description – the warriors “fight automatically according to an algorithm,” but it does say you can also get involved with your tactical strategies.

Before jumping into the fray and playing the game in earnest, we strongly recommend our collection of Legendary Warriors tips, cheats and hints – they may be what you need to make a difference in this game and seriously take out some enemies.

1. Be Aware That The Battle Happens Automatically For The Most Part

You may be wondering about the mention of the word “algorithm,” and the developer did include this because the battle does happen automatically for the most part. But you can get involved and turn the tide in your favor by hitting on “Go” for each team member, and being quick with it. That’ll allow you to use your character’s skills, though it’s suggested that you save some of these skills for a time when you truly need them.

2. Swap Your Characters

If you’ve got a team member whose health points are rather low, you have the option to swap them with someone else whose stamina is not in danger. Stamina does regenerate, but it does take a very long while for that to take place. We’re talking multiple hours here. The good thing, though, is that if you vanquish foes from a new town, your hit points will be returned to you in full.

3. Check Your Warriors’ Stats

Before placing a warrior in your team, look at their stats; you don’t want to be adding a scrub to your team, right? It’s all about stats here, and if your team has got the best stats, you should be all good. You can also use your characters’ special skills, which are often strong even as their stats are weak.

4. You Can Upgrade Your Characters Multiple Ways

When it comes to upgrading your characters, there’s more than one way to do so. You can, for instance, level them up with coins, mana, and/or experience orbs. You’ll find the latter in majority of the chests you’ll get to unlock after defeating the enemy. You can also ascend your team members, provided you have the character’s souls; this produces far superior results, though it’s going to be a bit hard to achieve.

5. Focus On Your Formation

Lastly, the fighting mechanic in Legendary Warriors is quite conventional in terms of the ideal formation. In front, you should have some tanks, or characters who typically don’t do much damage, but absorb lots of damage. Your melee characters are best placed in the middle. And for the third row, you can assign your ranged fighters or healers/other low-HP, low-defense characters.