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Yankai’s Peak Tips, Cheats & Tricks: How to Solve All Puzzles

Yankai’s Peak is a unique puzzle game from Kenny Sun, which is available for iOS devices. The basic mechanics are simple enough. You just need to push around a bunch of pyramids until they are all on top of the tiles of the same color. The controls are a mouthful to explain but are actually pretty easy to learn as well once you have tried them a few times. Basically, pyramids do not move in a straight line, but they can be swiveled around, and can be used to push other pyramids. If you’re playing the game but find it confusing, you can always rely on our Yankai’s Peak tips and tricks to help you sort things out.

1. Master The Controls

As we mentioned above, the controls can be complicated to explain but once you have them down, they’re actually simpler than you think. There are three things you need to keep in mind when it comes to this game. The first thing you need to know is tethering, which is anchoring one of the points of your pyramids in place by tapping on it. This will lead you to the second thing you need to know which is swiveling. Your pyramid will pivot around the point you tethered. Lastly, you should think about the point of your pyramid that will push against the shape you are trying to move. The shape will behave differently depending on that so make sure you consider it before doing anything.

2. Know When To Sacrifice

When you are playing the game, you will notice that sometimes, you have more pyramids than you actually need. That’s fine and might even be useful. There will be points in the game wherein you will need to push some of the pyramids off the board in order to make everything fit properly. Analyze what you have on the board in order to figure out when you will need to sacrifice some of the pyramids for the greater good.

3. Mess Things Up

There will be times when you get a puzzle that seems to be partially solved because there are pieces that are already in place. You may be reluctant to move these pieces because they are already solved. This can actually be a trick to keep you from solving the puzzle. Keep in mind that it will sometimes be necessary for you to mess up pieces that are already in place, in order to make way for other puzzle pieces to reach their destination.

4. Know When To Backtrack

The game often involves a good amount of trial and error. There will be times that you think you have the right strategy then realize later on that you have been doing things wrong. When this happens, don’t be afraid to backtrack. Sometimes it’s better to abandon an approach early on if you think it might be wrong than risk having to start over because you’ve gone down the wrong path for too long. A good tool that will help you in this predicament, though, is the Undo button. If it’s just a couple of moves, you can always hit Undo then try a different path.

Test your wit and mental agility in Yankai’s Peak! Just follow the tips and tricks we listed above and you’ll be able to solve all the puzzles in no time!