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Blocky Pirates Guide: 7 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Become the Most Feared Pirate

Have you ever wondered what secret treasures might lie hidden and buried away on far off islands? If you are bored and looking for a game that tickles your funny bone all the while providing you with hours of action filled gameplay then look no further. Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler is the latest release from Full Fat Games. The game is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store. Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler comes in a reasonable package size of 183 MB and provides days and days of gameplay in that size along with downloadable challenges and online progress tracking which helps keep you glued to the screen of your smartphone for hours on end. The game receives regular love from the developers and they pay close attention to the suggestions and criticism from players striving to always maintain and increase the standard of this game. The most recent version of Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler is version 1.0.1 and was updated on 01 June 2017.

Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler is one of the most unique games available both for Apple and Android operating devices. This is because players get to participate in the equivalent of a real life pirate treasure hunt and experience both the profits and huge dangers that come along with it. In addition to providing an engaging and interactive gameplay, Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler also brings an element of constant challenge and competition into the game with computer controlled pirates and monsters besides you on every level which helps motivate you to put all of your skill and concentration towards your pirate goals even if you die along the way.

In order to be a successful and profitable pirate captain, you need to give enough time to Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler in the starting few hours of the game so that you can easily go with the flow at the later stages where you will have to make much more use of your reflexes and acquired talents. Later on in the game after you have experienced nearly every kind of threat and challenge that the game has to offer, you will be faced with a new kind of dilemma. These situations will test your patience and cool headedness as a pirate captain and your ability to make decisions that have roots in the future as opposed to the present scenarios.

The gameplay mechanics of Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler are fairly straightforward and the game is designed so it can be understood by players of almost all ages and backgrounds. Although it can be hard for young players to understand the humor and sharp wit of the different pirate characters and how to make the most profits out of a seemingly impossible situation, Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler does a good job of taking things slow and steady until all players are able to grasp most of the concepts and tricks involved. For those players who want to go even higher and make themselves as famous as captain Redbeard among their friends and family, this guide provides the best tips and tricks to ensure that you perform even during the most difficult situations.

Purchasing in-game currency or the Gold Coins as they are referred to in Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler is also an alternative option for those players whose fingers and minds start hurting from thinking too much on the screen or if you think staying in front of the screen of your smartphone for too long might be detrimental to your health. Therefore, if you are not a pay to play player, this guide includes the tips and tricks that you need to know on how to proceed in order to level up the fastest and follow the best path to becoming the Ultimate Treasure Hunter Pirate in Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler!

1. Think Wisely And Act Smartly

Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler is one of the few games available on both iOS and Android platforms which tests your intelligence despite having a very simple and self-explanatory type of gameplay interface. The in game beginner’s tutorial is present just to give you an idea of the basic mechanics of the game and to familiarize you with the concepts of efficient treasure hunting and navigating your way around the islands. After progressing past a certain point in the game, the developers have made sure that you as a player get a real taste of how actual life pirate treasure hunts work and how difficult it can be at times to emerge safe from all the dangers and hidden traps that you will most definitely encounter with increasing frequency as you move to the higher levels.

While playing Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler, you always have to keep in mind that you are the only person responsible for making decisions related to the treasure hunt and ensuring that you are able to get the best deal for yourself and yer pirate crew. No one else can dictate the terms on which you should proceed with devising policies in order to win greater booty in the most profitable manner. You will have a seasoned computer pirate alongside you at the earlier levels to help you understand the process of treasure hunting and navigating your way around the island smartly but once you have proceeded to the higher and more rewarding hunts, you will be all on your own. Due to this you always have to remain careful not to go beyond the safe areas into the ones where skeleton warriors run wild and every item of the scenery is your mortal enemy.

The most important aspect which defines a refined and wise gameplay from an unrefined one, in Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler, is your ability to manipulate and play with the time that you have on the Treasure Island. Remember, if you start thinking for too long or start devising strategies while in the middle of a treasure hunt, you will be subjected to all kinds of horrors which include a huge boot falling from the sky to crush you, the earth literally opening up beneath your feet and swallowing you into its depths and skeleton warriors turning you into one of their own.

Therefore, too much thinking while playing the game is also ill advised. What you can do however, is to take note of all the different kinds of dangers and booby traps that you are facing while replaying Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler every time. The game developers have put in a serious challenge by changing the starting of the levels every time you die but if you are observant enough and play the game with a keen eye, you can notice that every time you replay the game, the same dangers are reproduced in a different manner and order. Therefore, if you are able to familiarize yourself with all the different kinds of dangers and challenges, Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler will become much easier for you even though you will never get the same starting level twice but you will be able to recognize familiar dangers and do your best to avoid them even before they present themselves to yer crew.

2. Staying Safe From Many Perils

Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler is a game which tests your nerves every passing moment and unless you know about all the dangers and traps that you might encounter during a treasure hunt, you will not be able to play the game with a relaxed attitude. Being on edge all the time will not really help you when it comes to being aware of your surroundings but if you are prepared beforehand and know about the dangers that you might face, you will be able to go through sections of the island much faster until you reach the coveted booty at the end. To prepare and educate you about the dangers and traps that you will be facing, this guide mentions each of them in detail and tips and tricks on how to deal with them effectively at all times.

Spike Traps

These are the most common type of booby traps that you would find in Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler. They are also one of the easiest traps to avoid and you just require a bit of practice and a fearless yet calm attitude to get past them. At the earlier levels, the game developers have made it very easy for you by giving you a safe tile in the row of spiked tiles and you can cross via this safe tile to the other side without worrying about impaling your captain redbeard on any one of the spikes. However, this relaxation is just as much a curse as it is a blessing because once you get spoiled by only crossing via the safe tiles, you will find it a much harder challenge during the higher stages when you are faced with entire rows of spiked tiles with no solace in between.

Therefore, to truly overcome this frequent booby trap in the game, you should make it a habit to start passing over spiked tiles as early as possible in the game. This will have two great benefits for you. Firstly, you would gain a lot of practice and by the time you reach the part where the entire row spiked tiles appear at a much higher frequency, you will already be prepared to deal with them and there would be a much lower chance of you getting impaled. Secondly, when you start practicing as soon as the first spiked tile trap appears, even if you fail, the shock and disappointment will never be as great as when you do not practice and fail at a much higher stage later on. Therefore, practice, practice and practice is what will make you the king of spiked tile booby traps!

Man Crushing Plants

This is one of the more interesting and less frequent types of danger that your character will face while playing Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler. The Man Crushing Plants are placed in the centre of the screen of your smartphone whenever they appear during one of your treasure hunt runs. They are very tall and are four pronged which means all four sides of the plant can come down and flatten you at any moment. However this trap is pretty easy to beat if you are good with observing patterns because they have a certain attack and safe zone timing which, if you can learn through practice, will definitely be the last time you have to ever worry about these horrid creatures.

You can either play the game again and again to make sure you have the timing right or you can read this guide to find out that the ideal timing range lies between 2 to 4 seconds per strike of the Man Crushing Plant. The exact figure has purposely not been quoted since that would take all the challenge and fun out of the game but you can rely on the approximate strike timing to get an idea and start practicing keeping that in mind.

It is guaranteed that you will become familiar with the Man Crushing Plant and its tricks much faster and pretty soon you will be charging fearlessly without worrying about getting crushed under those menacing tentacles. Another tip to deal with the Man Crushing Plant is to stick to one side and quickly cross to safety rather than getting confused when one tentacle strikes blocking your path. This is because all four tentacles have different timings and if you run to another side in the hopes of getting across; your hopes will most definitely be crushed and flattened like your character in the game.

Fireball Cannons

This is a type of booby traps that is almost instantly recognizable by players of all ages and origins. The fireball cannon does exactly what its name entails and fires periodic bursts of burning fire in a straight line in front of it. A pretty straightforward trap to avoid if there is only one cannon but put four side by side and that too in alternate directions and things do not seem so easy anymore. The fireball cannons are lined up in alternate pairs and this makes crossing to the other side a much more complicated feat.

The fireball cannon does not come much early in the game and therefore there is not much practice you can get before getting introduced to this booby trap at one of the higher levels. The best tip to get away unscathed from the burning balls of fire flying at you is to use the small safety portion available to you after crossing the range of each cannon. This sounds easy but it will take you a lot of failed attempts before you can truly master stopping your character just after crossing the firing range of a fireball cannon. This is the recommended way because crossing all four cannons in one go is pretty much a luck based prospect unless you take into account the firing timings of all the four cannons. If you have decided to become the fearless pirate that would become the song of legends however, then follow the mentioned tips and tricks to ensure you cross safely to the other side and don’t get converted into pirate BBQ while you are at it.

The most effective way to cross the fireball cannons is to prepare by placing your character on the centre of the screen of your smartphone. This placement gives you the advantage of being at an equal distance from both alternate sides of the pairs of fireball cannons so you don’t get too close to one side and face the possibility of getting fried. Next, make sure that your timing is perfect. The best timing to cross is when the first cannon fires. This might sound insane and looks like committing suicide but you just have to synchronize your timing of movement with the firing of the next cannons. The only requirement here is to overcome your fear and charge forth without thinking anything else. The ordeal will leave your heart pumping for sure but this is what Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler is all about!

The Skeleton Warriors

This is one of the most terrifying dangers that you will face while playing the game. A menacing skeleton warrior runs around a maze of blocks at a much greater speed than your pirates are capable of. You will have to therefore devise a strategy which aims at not fight but flight because you have no weapons and therefore cannot take a battle with the skeleton warrior as he will slice you right open. The best trick to avoid getting stabbed to death by the terrifying skeleton warrior is to measure the movements of the skeleton warrior and plan your route through the maze accordingly. The maze contains 6 blocks and 3 paths which you can use to plan your route. There is no definite way that you can approach the maze which will guarantee that you emerge safely without a scratch on your pirate. However, the best practice is to approach the entry of the maze from the centre of the screen of your smartphone. This will give you the freedom to change your lane as soon as you see the skeleton warrior turn towards you.

Keep in mind that you can never outrun the skeleton warrior, so you must change the path as soon as he turns towards you because he travels at almost double the speed which you can run at. Another point of confusion arises when the skeleton warrior suddenly changes his lane midway between the paths. The best course of action here is to continue fearlessly upon your path because as you will learn from experience, whenever the skeleton warrior does this trick, it is to confuse you into changing your path and come into the range of his menacing sword. If you continue on the path with the skeleton warrior approaching you directly, he will avert to the other path at the very last moment and you can exit safely from the maze.

Another point to keep in mind is that the skeleton warrior can never move backwards which means you can follow him easily if you get the chance and he will not be able to turn back and attack you. Do remember though that the skeleton warrior will be able to cover distances in the maze much faster than you so do not follow him for too long and risk him catching you from behind. Try and emerge from the maze victorious and with enough good timing and luck you can easily make a laughing stock out of that bony skeleton warrior!

Unstable Tiles

This booby trap is also one of the most recognizable and easy to deal with traps in Blocky Pirates – Endless Arcade Swashbuckler. If you have played any sort of arcade games at all, you should be already familiar with the unstable or falling tiles as they are known. You can easily recognize these tiles by the single crack running through their centre while all other tiles are smooth and polished.

When your pirate steps onto any one of these cracked tiles, they begin to vibrate and within a split second fall down. Therefore, always remember while dealing with cracked tile situations, that you will never get time to think after you have stepped on the tile because at that time it’s either move ahead or fall into the deep dark blackness. It is paramount therefore to plan and strategize your movements before you step onto the cracked tile to avoid losing everything you worked for till now.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of tips and tricks for Blocky Pirates. If you happen to know additional hints, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section!