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Angry Birds Evolution Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 10 Hints You Need to Know

Angry Birds is a classic video game franchise, that has managed to remain popular in the gaming scene for years. The newest addition to series is Angry Birds Evolution, which is now available for iOS and Android devices. The gameplay in Angry Birds Evolution has definitely evolved from the old days where all you had to do was swipe across a two-dimensional stage in hopes of wiping out some green pigs. In this game, you get to form a team of angry and battle-ready birds. Your bird team will be fighting battles on different maps, facing new enemies, all in the name of eradicating their green nemeses. All these changes can be confusing and overwhelming. So make sure you check out our list of Angry Birds Evolution cheats, tips and tricks to find out everything you need to know to succeed in this game!

1. Choose Rarer Birds

When you start out in this game, you would naturally be getting weaker birds at first. Of course, you would still want to level up these birds in order to progress. The problem comes when you finally start getting rarer birds. Even if you think that it’s a no-brainer, a lot of players actually struggle with this decision. They have already maxed out the levels of their 1-star bird, why replace it with a level one 2-star? The answer is simple. Even at level one, a 2-star bird is still stronger than a maxed out 1-star. Don’t feel bad about dumping your first team. They will get beaten up in later stages so it’s for their own good that you’re replacing them.

2. Use Same-Colored Birds

One of the ways to strengthen your birds in this game is to sacrifice other birds. When doing this, make sure you use birds that have the same color as the one you are levelling up. The reason for that is they get bonus experience if they are levelled up using birds with the same color. This is important, especially when levelling up later into the game. Levelling up can get costly over time so you want to be efficient when using bird fodder. Also, don’t bother levelling up 1-star birds if you already have better ones on your team. After the first few stages, 1-star birds will only be good as sacrifice.

3. Complete The Scout Missions

Scout Missions allow you to send a scout team out to investigate certain areas. After some time, your scouts will return with coins and other rewards. It is a good idea to send them out as soon as you are able to because they provide an alternate source of much-needed income in this game. As a free player, you will soon realize how important coin is. Maximize the use of scouting before you hit that wall. Now, what you need to remember is that missions have to be completed. If too much time passes after a mission is over and you still have not completed it, it will disappear. That’s a waste of time and energy so don’t ever let that happen.

4. When To Use Auto-Play

The auto-play function is not really a groundbreaking addition to this game since a lot of other mobile games in the same genre has it. What you need to know about this feature, though, is that it automatically plays the game for you but it does not mean you will automatically win. If you do not pay attention, you will end up losing battles that you could have won manually. That is why you should only use the auto-play feature if you are up against an opponent that is well below your level. Otherwise, you will risk wasting time on a few losses.

5. Race To The White Mountains

When playing games like this, there is always the temptation of wanting to grind before progressing. If you want to power-level your team, make sure you reach the White Mountains first. This will unlock the leader potential of your birds. Once leader skills have been unlocked, you will be able to make better decisions regarding team compositions. You can go ahead and grind for levels after that point. Grinding before unlocking leader skills might be a waste if you find out later on that there are birds with better leader skills that you can use.

6. Hold On To Your Tickets

While playing the game, you will sometimes pick up hatching tickets. These tickets allow you to quickly hatch eggs. Even if you are excited to add some new members to your team, you should hold off on using these tickets. The reason for that is there are events that boost your chances of getting rare birds from hatching. You would want to hatch a lot of eggs quickly during those events. Save your tickets for when that happens.

7. Expand Your Inventory

Expanding your inventory will cost you a whopping 200 gems. Since gems are the premium currency in the game, you might be reluctant to shell them out in exchange for measly slots. When you are in the later stages of the game, however, you will realize how important extra slots will be. One team will not be able to carry you throughout the game. There will be times when you need birds of the same color in order to progress. When that time comes, you will need the extra slots to make sure you have enough birds of different types to keep progressing.

8. Get More Coins and Gems, Here’s How

The game has two types of currency, both of which are crucial to your success in this game. The first type is coin, which is the normal currency in the game. It is easier to earn but still needs constant effort if you want to keep up with the demand. The second type of currency is gems. These are harder to collect for free but give you access to better stuff in the game. Listed below are ways you can collect more of each kind of currency.

Aim For The Sides

Hitting the pigs on their sides during battle will give you additional reward coins. It takes a bit of practice but it isn’t all that hard to achieve so try to do it whenever you can.

Sell Extra Birds

Over time, you will be getting a lot of birds. While extra birds are useful as sacrifices, you can also sell them in exchange for coins.

Take Part In Timed Adventures

The game gives you the option to send birds on timed adventures. Do this as often as possible in order to get some additional coins.

Check Bird Effects

Some birds have bonus effects that reward you with additional coins. An example of this is the Yellow bird which rewards you with one extra coin per enemy hit. Check out all the descriptions to see if any of them have coin bonuses as well.

Login Daily

As with most games, the mere act of logging into this game will get you some nice rewards. These rewards vary per day, and sometimes you will be lucky enough to get coins and gems from them.

Complete Achievements

There are several different achievements that you can aim for in the game. Check out which ones you are close to accomplishing and try to get them as soon as you can. These achievements often provide you gems as rewards.

Scout For Gems

Well, you can’t really instruct your scouts to get gems specifically. But they will sometimes return with gems in tow so send scouts often for better chances of winning!

Take Part In Events

The game often hosts events that will give you different rewards. Some of the rewards include gems and coins so make sure you participate in order to win some money.

Master The Adventures

Mastering adventures will often get you rewarded with some free gems. Make sure to send out strong birds in order to max out the adventure mastery.

Save Up For Bigger Packages

At some point in time, you might decide to actually spend real money to buy gems. Before you do, try to save up enough to buy some of the bigger packages. These give you so much more gems for your money that it’s as good as getting free gems.

9. Consider The Order Of Attack

Mindlessly attacking in this game could work for some time but it will become increasingly difficult to keep winning this way. You must have a strategy when attacking in order to maximize the use of each member of your team. If you have birds that have a special attack but will end up only hitting one opponent with it, hold off on using that. Try attacking using other birds first in order to group the opponents together, making them a better target for a special attack.

10. Attack Strategically

Aside from considering the order of attack, it is better if you also consider who to attack. As much as possible, you should focus on killing off one pig at a time. This will help minimize the damage you take since you’re decreasing the number of attackers. You should also try to attack from behind as often as you can as this will deal more damage.

Gather up your feathered troops and prepare for the ultimate battle against the pigs in Angry Birds Evolution! If you follow everything in our strategy guide, you will surely achieve victory! In case you need more hints for Angry Birds Evolution, be sure to check out our ultimate guide!