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Poptropica Worlds Guide: 11 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Solve All Mysteries

Poptropica Worlds is a new game from StoryArc Media, that lets you create your own character and discover numerous adventures. In the game you can solve mysteries, discover exclusive locations and play alongside other Poptropican heroes and villains. You can get new stuff for your house, or buy some new clothes with coins that can be earned by successfully completing quests. You can also travel to other islands and start new adventures, or you can just chill on your home island while rearranging your house, equipping it with some cool new stuff.

The islands contain lots of interesting adventures. They have numerous quests which will take you from sunny mountains to grimy underground passages. You will solve the main mystery as well as helping other people with their problems. Some quests are pretty easy, while some ask a bit of thinking before acting. You should always remember that every quest is solvable; all you need are the right items. This means that you should wander around different areas and collect various items, you never know when will a piece of equipment you thought to be useless help you in solving some huge problem.

Although, in general Poptropica Worlds is a pretty easy and fun game, it can become a tough experience. Because of this, we created a handy little guide that should help you while adventuring through various interesting islands. Please note that we didn’t want to solve quests instead of you; the fun of solving problems should be all yours. We only gathered some tips and tricks that can be useful while playing the game, without ruining the experience with hints that can solve the mysteries instead of you. Stay with us and discover what we prepared for you in our Poptropica Worlds guide.

1. Be Gentle With The Controls

Poptropica Worlds is a game with tough-to-get-used-to controls. Instead of controlling your character via a virtual controller, you have to tap on a place you want your character to jump, and drag a line when you want him to move.

Controlling a character can really be a chore at times. You should be really careful and tap right onto a spot you want for the character to jump. Holding your finger on the screen will make your virtual alter ego to jump higher, so when you have to jump high, just hold the finger for a couple of seconds before releasing it.

Also, don’t make long swipes, just swipe a bit towards the direction of movement and the character will start walking towards the spot. Do not perform random screen taps, it will just make your playing character to jump wildly and without any direction. Just go easy with the controls and you will have no problems while playing Poptropica Worlds.

2. Holding The Screen Will Make You Jump And Sprint At The Same Time

If you hold down the screen while your character is walking you will make it run and jump at the same time. This can be handy if you want to visit some area you already stop at before or when you just want to sprint through an uninteresting area. Remember, your character has to move before holding the screen; if it is stationary you’ll only make it jump.

3. Solving Quests Requires A Bit Of Backtracking

There are numerous quests in Poptropica Worlds, and most of them require a special item from you, an item you probably don’t have with you when you activate a quest. Some special items can only be found after you complete some random quests, while others can only be found by visiting particular areas.

So, if you get stuck while trying to solve a quest, try solving some other task, or visit an area you have already been to. Maybe you’ll find just the item you’ve been looking for.

4. In Order To Solve Quests, You Have To Visit All Areas

Each island in Poptropica Worlds has dozens and dozens of different areas. Some quest items can only be found in particular areas so if you want to solve all quests you’ll have to visit every area featured in the game. It sounds hard but it isn’t.

The main story will make you visit most of the areas, and you can freely visit most other zones. Only a couple of regions are locked, but after completing certain quests they will become free to visit. So remember, before giving up on a quest, visit all areas because the item you need is probably hidden in one of them.

5. The Majority Of Objects In Poptropica Worlds Aren’t Interactive

Poptropica Worlds is a beautiful game, each zone is brimming with different objects, but only a handful is interactive. If you see an object you think it could serve for solving some mission, walk next to it and check out if a hand icon pops out when you come close. If nothing happens you can’t do anything with the object because all interactive objects have a hand icon next to them.

6. Some Items, Like Magnetic Belt, Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways

Magnetic Belt is an extremely important item in Poptropica Worlds. It can give you cool powers, like being able to reach unreachable areas by being pulled by magnetic rocks. You get the Magnetic Belt early during the game and will use it until the end. This is the case with other items; they can be used in more than one way. So, if you think you’re stuck just try using every item from your inventory, maybe one can help you solve a quest or reaching the next zone.

7. You Can’t Get Hurt

You can’t get hurt in Poptropica Worlds. If you fall off a cliff or get crushed by some stone, your character will just reappear at the beginning of the zone. There are no penalties for dying so you can try solving a quest in every imaginable way without being afraid you’ll die and the whole level will restart.

8. Don’t Forget To Use The Daily Spin

Your main island has a pirate who offers daily free spins. This way you can get more coins to spend on buying new clothes and new stuff for your house. Remember to spin the wheel each day and get the most coins.

9. Poptropica Worlds Is Much Better When Played On A Tablet

Since we already said the controls in this game aren’t the best, playing it on a tablet will be much more enjoyable. Since controls are a bit troubling, playing the game on a small smartphone screen will make them even worse.

Instead of battling with controls on your smartphone just install the game on a tablet and the fun can start. Since tablets feature larger screens, controlling your character will be much easier than trying to control it on a tiny smartphone display.

10. Sometimes You’ll Have To Restart The Island In Order To Solve All Quests

If you’re stuck while solving a quest, with all other options already used, just restart the island. You see, Poptropica Worlds can be buggy. Your items will disappear, you will get stuck on a loading screen, and sometimes even quest-related items will just evaporate from your inventory.
So, if you face a bug that prevents you from solving a quest, just restart the island.

11. You Can Travel From The Main Menu

While you can travel by boarding the zeppelin found on your island, this way of traveling cannot be used at all times. Instead of backtracking through numerous zones before finally reaching your zeppelin, just tap on the menu icon and then tap on travel. This way you can travel to other islands without getting to the zeppelin. It is much faster, and much easier.

Ok, folks, that’s all. We hope this guide helped you with Poptropica Worlds and the tips and tricks found in this article were useful. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides as well, they are just as helpful. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!