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Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Save the World from the Zombie Apocalypse

Gamespire’s new mobile title called Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak is an action-packed game, which is out now on Android and iOS platforms. This is not the first zombie-themed mobile game and certainly not the last one. We even started to feel sorry for poor undead as we’ve been slaughtering them so much that they are going to become endangered species. Somehow it’s always that damn virus that breaks out of the laboratory and that one last-man-standing guy that turns out to be the Horseman of Apocalypse for zombies. To be honest, there’s not too many options for various plots in zombie games but anyway that’s not what we’re here for. It’s that feeling when you empty the whole clip to break that limping bastard apart that makes us come back to zombie games and that’s what makes their popularity a never ending one.

Disregard the story, if you want to enjoy Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak, take that machine gun and bring the mayhem on the deserted tropic island swarming with zombies. Your company (which is responsible for the whole mess, by the way) counts on you to kill as many zombies as possible and Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak will bring tons of them to you, so check out our list of tips and tricks we have for you to prove yourself as a true zombie-buster and save the world from the zombie apocalypse.

1. Master The Controls

The twin stick style (left for movement, right for aiming) couldn’t suite shooter game like this better. Controls are quite simple and intuitive, but you will have to master it as the situation will get tougher as the campaign goes on, which ask for a skillful play. Especially when playing in hard mode, you will find yourself in situations completely surrounded by zombies and you should know how to evade them. Yes, the company wants you to deal with undead, but the key thing is to stay as far as possible while killing them. In order to do so make sure that you always have some kind of retreat path available to run away and take better position or just to grab some time to reload. When speaking about evading, you should also give your best not to run into a dead end.

Also, take the sprint button right beside the energy bar into notice. Pressing it will make you run faster and this can be quite useful if you go panic. However, the button is not always available and needs to be recharged once it’s used. Make sure to use it only when necessary.

Another useful movement tip is the back-movement shooting and that’s something you should master in case of larger zombie attack. Once you start shooting the Zombies, start moving backwards. It will keep you on a safe distance from zombies while killing them at the same time.

2. Pick The Right Weapon

If you, however, drop in a tight situation with no exit, you might like to be equipped with lot of firepower. Dead Plague offers you a decent arsenal of weapons and you get to pick two of them as primary and secondary weapons. Every weapon has Damage, Rate, Reload and Ammo stats that summarize into overall power of the weapon. Those stats are upgradable and our advice is not to be tight on your money as the rate of fire and a huge clip can save your ass when things get tough.

But when things get really tough, and the clip is not big enough to stop the swarm of zombies, then you should switch to equipment. Equipment consist of Grenade, Stun Grenade, Adrenaline Shot and AP Mine. The words speak for themselves and you’ll need every piece of that equipment at certain moments. But, as I see it, you should spend most of your money on Grenades as it’s by far the most efficient piece of equipment in the situation when facing lot of zombies.

3. Complete The Tasks

In order to get the much needed firepower, you will have to spend some decent amount of money and that money has to be earned. Without taking into account that the game money can be bought with real money, you should make sure that you complete the whole set of level tasks to get the biggest reward. Completing the main task (sometimes it’s couple of them) is the prerequisite to finish the level, but the optional tasks are those that prevail. They sometimes might seem too difficult, but the good thing is that you can always get back to already finished level to complete the uncompleted tasks when you get more firepower.

4. Make Every Bullet Count

Although, the game might seem light and easy to you at the beginning, in higher levels zombies will start to come out from every whole of that island. As you’re limited with ammo, make sure you don’t waist it. There are these ammo boxes dispersed through levels to refill your weapon. They are of great help and you should memorize their position, but essentially you should not be too trigger happy. One way to have sustainable ammo consumption is to master your aiming. Although the magnetic aiming assist is present, it doesn’t mean that your weapon is automatically pointed toward a zombie. If you don’t aim close to it, you will definitively miss him and shoot your ammo into waste.

Another great way to rationalize your ammo spending is to lure zombies into traps. We have few tips on how to do it. First, make notice of red shiny barrels. Those are explosive ones. Make sure that you lure zombies close to those barrels and then shoot them. One bullet, one explosion and many dead zombies.

Second, when attacked by many zombies, it would be of great help for your aiming if you lure them into a narrow space such as passages, docks, door openings and bridges. When tight packed, you will not need to aim all around but just at one point and thus all these zombies will stand as sitting ducks for you.

That’s it folks! We hope that these tips will be of some help while playing the game. If you need additional tips and tricks, you can always check out our other Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak strategy guide!