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Xenowerk Cheats: 5 Stunning Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Xenowerk is a new mobile game by Pixelbite, which is available for Android and iOS devices, where you, as the protagonist, are the last hope against the mutant infestation. After a scientific experiment goes wrong, you have to deal with the fallout of this ill-fated experiment, as you destroy all the nests and kill all the mutants so they don’t spread any further. The game comes with 50 levels “with increasing difficulty,” and with more mutants to deal with in these areas as you go on. In terms of genre, this can be called as an action shooter. And if you’re new to this genre or simply new to the game, we’ve got some useful Xenowerk cheats, tips and tricks to ease you into the title.

1. Keep On Killing Monsters And Clearing Levels Out

Even if you reach an area that you don’t really have to go to, you should clear it out of monsters. Why risk yourself to do this? In a nutshell, killing monsters earns you more money and automatically recharges your skills. So with that in mind, it will, in most cases, be a wise idea to clear levels out fully before you move on to the next level.

2. Survive Longer By Kiting

Kiting, for those who are not familiar with this bit of gaming jargon, is the practice of moving back while firing at an enemy. Think of it as an action shooter equivalent of stick-and-move – you should always be in motion to avoid getting killed off quickly, and that would mean kiting wherever and whenever possible.

3. Use More Expensive, Less Powerful Weapons In Situational Cases

When it comes to buying weapons, logic would suggest that newer, more expensive weapons would be more powerful than the older ones you may have. But there are some cases where you’ll encounter weapons that are more expensive, but aren’t as powerful as more affordable weapons. Still, they come with additional benefits that aren’t available on their cheaper counterparts. For example, RPG launchers do cost more than rifles , and while they aren’t as powerful in terms of base damage, they do explode upon impact, making them take out enemies in a wider radius. You’ll want to use these as situational weapons, such as for taking out a large number of smaller monsters bunched together.

4. Keep In Mind That Weapons Get Stronger With Frequent Use

When you’re choosing weapons and deciding which one you should focus your upgrades on, it would be the frequently used ones that you should prioritize. The more you use a weapon, the more powerful it will become, and this is mainly due to the blue tokens that randomly drop as you fight off enemies.

5. Use Two Different Weapons At The Same Time

The more obvious and common technique would be to use two of the same weapon simultaneously. Not in Xenowerk – since it’s a good idea in this game for your weapons to complement each other, you should have two different weapons. For example, this could mean one machine gun for rapid fire and one shotgun for short, snappy bursts.

Joe LaLumia

Monday 31st of December 2018

I am playing XENOWERK on nvidia. how do you kite. when I try it just does a 180 turn and I am a sitting duck.


Tuesday 1st of February 2022

@Joe LaLumia, Try firing at the same time you are moving backwards. At least on my iPad it works. Good luck!