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Backflip Madness Cheats & Hints: 6 Tips to Improve Your High Score

Backflip Madness is described by developer Gamesoul Studio as a fast-paced, parkour-flavored extreme sports game. It’s one of those games where you get rewarded for the tricks and stunts you pull off. You can show off with a variety of backflips at a number of locations, and execute moves that are a definite nod to parkour. You can also change outfits and compete with friends and other players from all over the world in trying to crack the leaderboards. Last, but not the least, we’re happy to inform you that this title is available for both iOS and Android devices. So with that as a backgrounder, we’ll move on to our collection of Backflip Madness cheats, tips and hints to help you pull off crazier stunts, thereby improving your score.

1. Be Careful With The First Level

Typically, the first level of a game is the easiest one of them all; it also serves as the tutorial level in many titles, with the game spoon-feeding you everything you need to know about gameplay. But that’s not the case in Backflip Madness – the first level is quite a task to complete, but it’s extremely hard for a reason. You can fail it repeatedly without getting penalized, but once you’re able to beat the level, chances are you’ll have what it takes to have an easier go at things on other levels.

2. Practice In Free Play Mode, And Use It To Teleport Through Jumps

Free Play mode gives you all the time to experiment, may it be on the game’s physics or on your own moves. But there’s more to Free Play than simply allowing you to practice. Tapping on the right arrow in the top left portion of your display will allow your character to teleport through each jump.

3. Use Fast Taps When Executing Smaller Jumps

These jumps typically take place when the platform your character takes off from and lands on are one and the same. This means you won’t have much leeway to fine-tune your tricks. To get around this, tap quickly on the action button to give your character a better chance of making a successful landing.

4. Be Sure To Use A Tighter Tuck For Smaller Jumps

Gymnasts are supposed to be limber on top of being athletic. Keeping this in mind, and keeping the time pressure you’ll usually be under when making small jumps, you’ll want to make use of a tighter tuck, as opposed to the jackknife; this will make your character’s body spin around faster than normal.

5. Go For The Jackknife Tuck When Doing Higher Jumps

Above, we told you about the jackknife tuck and why you shouldn’t use it in small jumps. Conversely, this is the move you want to do when making a high leap. The jackknife tuck reduces your backflip’s speed, allowing you to react more seamlessly when the time come for you to untuck and to make a landing.

6. Enter Lunar Gravity Mode

Lunar Gravity removes most, but not all of the gravity in Backflip Madness, which would allow your character to make a much higher jump. It also increases air time, as it won’t drag your character back to the ground ASAP. Access this mode by tapping five times on your display, but be warned that this only works in Free Play.