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Inside Out Thought Bubbles Cheats: 5 Amazing Tips & Tricks You Never Heard Before

Disney Mobile Games had recently hit it big with Frozen Free Fall, but its new iOS and Android title, Inside Out Thought Bubbles, is a different type of mobile game all together. It’s a bubble shooter that’s based on Disney Pixar’s latest creation Inside Out, and in here, you join main character Riley and her Emotions, as you go on a journey to match and sort memory bubbles and travel through different locations, all from the film. There are 125 levels all in all, and you can unlock power-ups that are specific to each of the Emotions. You can also play four different types of games as you “listen to the little voices inside your head.” We also suggest that you listen to us as well, as we provide you some useful Inside Out Thought Bubbles cheats, tips and tricks right after the jump.

1. Go For Bank Shots

If you’re playing a level that has several vertical tiers of bubbles, you’ll want to shoot the highest possible bubbles. In order to do this, you can bank your shots off walls, so that they have a better chance of going higher. Better yet, you can save some moves, score more points, and take out a whole slew of bubbles underneath if you’re able to pop a chain from the top.

2. Think Before You Shoot

Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a puzzle game that doesn’t have any time limits, which gives you the luxury of thinking and strategizing before firing off a shot. Take a look at how the bubbles are laid out, and see if you can spot an opening in the chains. Bubbles that are not connected to other bubbles pointing up will fall down if you’re able to break the chain by shooting at the weakest link.

3. Score More Points By Taking Out Lots Of Bubbles With Single Shots

In relation to the above tip, we should also remind you that you can get three-star levels easier if you’re able to take out more bubbles with just one shot. Again, there is no time limit, so you have all the time in the world to make sure you’re hitting those bubbles with your best shot – it’s all about being accurate and maximizing your moves, and not at all about being fast.

4. Joy Is Arguably The Best Emotion

All emotions in the game, as we mentioned, have corresponding power-ups, but Joy’s power-up is possibly the best. It’s a Super Joy Bubble that turns all nearby thought bubbles into Joy bubbles when it lands. With that in mind, you should be on the lookout for chains that have Joy bubbles adjacent to them, and see if they have any weak links.

5. Get Free Power-Ups By Watching Ads

Mobile games typically encourage you to watch more in-game ads by giving you rewards – some of these rewards are essentially worthless, while others could serve you well in the game. Inside Out Thought Bubbles is an example of the latter, as you can get a random power-up by watching ad videos.


Saturday 11th of July 2020

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