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Xenoraid Tips, Cheats & Guide: 5 Hints to Become an Ace Pilot

Are you looking for some intense shooting action and a game that truly challenges your skill and reflexes? If the answer is yes then you need look no further than Xenoraid. This game is the latest release from the gaming powerhouse 10Tons Ltd and packs a powerful punch of graphics along with an action packed gameplay. Xenoraid is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store. The game packs beautiful graphics and visually pleasing stages in a reasonable app size of 141 MB. The developers at 10Tons Ltd also give special attention to the feedback and suggestions from players and many recent updates have included user suggested features and additional downloadable content contributed by fans.

Xenoraid is basically a fast paced shooter action game in which you play as the pilot of a highly advanced fighter aircraft. In addition to the stages requiring rapid reflexes and reaction times, the game has an interesting story line between levels which offers a sense of continuity for the player. You are a captain operating under the instructions of a Field Marshall and your main objective is to ensure the survival of your squadron as well as the complete destruction the enemy aircrafts.

The game also introduces a strategic element to the gameplay by allowing you to control multiple aircrafts during the same stage so you can freely switch between your squadron as if you were piloting them all at once. With a plethora of weapons, missiles and upgrades within the reach of your fingertips, Xenoraid is a game that has the potential to keep you glued to the screen of your smartphone for hours on end.

Unlike other two dimensional arcade shooters, Xenoraid is a game which encourages the development of rookie pilots and makes them gradually progress towards becoming veteran flyers. So you should not worry about the learning curve of this game even if you are a beginner in the arcade shooters category. However, as you move past the fourth stage and the first checkpoint, you will notice a significant increase in the aggressive behaviour of the enemy aircrafts as well as their number. In order to emerge victorious from these skirmishes, this guide lists some tips and tricks for you to keep in mind while battling evil. So read on and fly your way to total domination!

1. Lightning Fast Reflexes

Xenoraid is a rapid shooting action game at its core and no matter how good you are at flight simulator games, you will never be able to progress very far in this game unless you develop super fast reflexes and reaction times. You will not feel the need for this tip at the earlier stages when only one or two enemy aircrafts come at you every two seconds or so. However when you cross the first checkpoint in the game, you will embrace the logic behind this tip as enemy aircrafts will be coming at you left right and center and your fast response is the only weapon that will be able to protect you from this ruthless onslaught of machines. At the later levels, you will encounter enemy weapon ships that are able to fire in a circle around themselves and needless to say it will be near impossible for you to protect your aircraft unless you know which pattern to move in and move quickly. These instructions might sound very intimidating to a novice pilot but remember the more you practice, the faster you will improve and soon you will be able to judge which movement you should make even before the enemy ship fires at you.

A solid tip towards building the right kind of reflexes in Xenoraid is to start moving at the earlier levels even when it is not required of you. Just move your aircraft around the screen very fast and judge how quickly you can react even when you are not in any real danger. Dodge bullets from enemy aircrafts at the very last moment and practice swerving sharply out of harm’s way at the very last moment. This will work towards developing an innate sense within your gameplay style and even though it might seem as a crazy tip for the earlier levels, when you progress to the higher stages and enemy aircrafts come in huge hordes to destroy you, you will notice the wisdom behind your early practising. This exercise will help you develop natural reflexes and when you are faced with let’s say 3 missiles and bullets from all sides, the early training that you gave yourself will greatly help you to sharply swerve out of harm’s way and return fire at the enemy.

2. Listen To Your Commander

A very unique and interesting feature introduced by 10Tons Ltd games via Xenoraid is the intercom link with your commander as you progress through the different stages of the game. The Field Marshal will repeatedly warn you of impending dangers and incoming squadrons of enemy aircrafts so that you can prepare your strategy in advance. He does not reveal too many details because that would of course defeat the purpose of the game but his hints are almost as useful as teasers of what’s to come next for pilots who can process the information correctly. A word of advice for you: do not skip any of the intercom dialogues with your commander because it might seem at first like an attempt to make light conversation but hidden in between these snippets are very useful hints about the incoming waves of your enemy. The developers have incorporated enough cheeky humor into the dialogues between you and your commander that you will never get bored while scanning the dialogues for any useful information that might help you get through the stage more easily.

The commander also provides helpful tips on how to handle particularly difficult hordes of enemy aircrafts. In case you haven’t noticed yet, your commander is also responsible for introducing you to different features of your aircraft and the others which are part of your squadron. It is extremely important therefore to keep looking at the side of your screen when you are in the relaxation phase after successfully fending off an enemy wave. These updates from your commander range from being as trivial as telling you the correct process of moving your aircraft and controlling the manoeuvres by touching on the screen of your smartphone to as complex as making amazing acrobatic efforts in order to dodge incoming high speed enemy bullets. Whatever the situation, remember that your captain is always beside you on the intercom and ready to help you out of a tight spot.

3. Know Your Arsenal

With tons of upgrades and additional features available to you as you progress to higher levels through the game, it becomes increasingly important for you to remember and recognise all the different weapons available for you to use in your aircraft as well as your squadron. Each weapon has its perks and disadvantages and it is necessary for you to know about these limitations so that you avoid getting stuck into a quagmire on the higher levels while fighting multiple hordes of enemies.

Dual Fire Machine Gun

This is the starting weapon that your primary aircraft is equipped with by default. An all rounder gun with versatile applications, the dual machine gun is a weapon which will always come to your aid and you can safely rely upon its trusty fire in the most critical of situations. As this is the most basic weapon it has the annoying problem of overheating which means you cannot fire constantly without a break. This issue becomes much more prominent at the higher levels when you are faced with multiple waves of enemies and you need to maintain a constant rate of fire in order to stand a chance against them.

A tip to deal with this problem is to stop firing just before the overheat bar (shown in red besides your aircraft) gets full. The game displays an indication of this as well to help guide you and a red holo appears beneath your aircraft just before your weapon suffers from overheating. You should stop firing at this point and try to dodge the enemy bullets as best as you can but ideally you should aim for this to be when you have destroyed one wave of enemy aircrafts and are waiting for the next one to arrive.

Quad Canon

As the name suggests, one of the ships in your squadron is equipped with this weapon and it is a more complex and powerful version of the basic dual machine gun. Equipped with the quad canon, you can fire four lines of bullets at the same time and with significant spread which leads to a very efficient cover of area especially when a lot of enemy aircrafts attack on you at the same time. Even though this weapon is a clear winner in terms of firepower and range of spread, it has one major flaw which you should aware of before you blindly trust in it for critical situations. The Quad Canon has a slow firing rate which means that it will fire a line of bullets and then after a slight delay fire another consecutive line of bullets.

At the earlier levels this will not be too much of a bother since most enemies take 1 shot to go down but as you advance to the higher levels it will become a major hassle for you especially when sharply swerving enemy aircrafts arrive in large numbers. Another disadvantage of this slow firing rate is that enemy aircrafts might be able to escape your target while the second consecutive line of fire leaves your weapon and the return fire from these escaped planes might be the source of your death. A tip to avoid this flaw is to position your aircraft below the target perfectly and in the center if there are many enemies on the screen. The fire lines spread in a radial direction therefore you have to keep this in mind as well while you position your aircraft correctly. Practice enough and this weapon can help you advance very quick through the earlier levels.

Missile Launchers

The ultimate weapon of destruction that is as hard to perfectly use as it is a nightmare for the enemy aircrafts. You are first introduced to the missile launcher system on the third stage when you use it to clear an entire wave of enemy aircrafts using one missile only. Two of the aircrafts in your squadron are equipped with missile launchers and you can use these to completely decimate the enemy forces provided you react fast enough to the type of enemy waves approaching you. Remember, unlike the unlimited firepower that you have on your primary weapon, you only have a finite amount of missiles and it is essential that you do not waste them on easy waves which you can defeat using the primary weapon alone.

In order to make full use of the missile’s destructive powers, you need to position your aircraft exactly below enemy aircraft and aim for your line of fire to be hitting the enemy aircraft’s center. This is because, unlike your primary weapons which spread in a radial direction, the missile you fire launches in an exact straight line and you will definitely end up wasting a lot of missiles if you fire without aiming for the center of the enemy aircraft.

4. Squadron Switching Mechanism

One of the most unique features that you will notice while playing Xenoraid is the switching mechanism which allows you to select from four of the aircrafts present in your squadron and freely switch between them by clicking on the visual representations located in the lower right corner of the screen of your smartphone. This feature first comes into play during the second stage before which you are introduced to other members of your squadron as well. The prologue indicates that you will not only be switching your aircraft when you activate the mechanism, you will actually be calling in your wingmen to support you and they will be replacing you if your health does not permit you to continue on the aircraft any further.

An excellent use of the switching mechanism comes into play when you are face with many different types of enemy waves and you are unsure of your ability to deal with them all with only one kind of weapon. In such a scenario, you can immediately shift towards another aircraft which would be pre-equipped with another weapon variation. In this manner you can quickly cycle between the different kinds of weapons available to you and make sure that you are well equipped to deal with any kind of critical situations that might arise during your progression through the stage.

You can also use this mechanism to your advantage for avoiding the overheat penalty on the weapon systems that your aircraft has equipped on board. Usually if you continue playing with the same aircraft, the weapons system will stop functioning for a few seconds after it overheats till the time the heat bar has gone down to a normal level. During the higher advanced levels in the game, such a waiting period might make all the difference between life and death for you and using the switching mechanism is an easy work around for such a situation. If you remember to use it at the correct time, you can easily fire continuously upto the overheat limit and then quickly switch to another of the three aircrafts available to you to begin fresh fire while the previous one cools down in the background.

This ability also comes in very handy when you have taken a serious amount of fire and resultant damage to your aircraft. Just switch to a perfectly healthy one from the three and you will be good to go again. Just remember that unlike the overheat part, the health of your aircraft does not replenish while it is inactive so try not to have all four of your aircrafts damaged to critical points.

5. Credits and Perks

When you destroy enemy aircrafts, you will notice shiny objects drifting out among the remains. You can connect with these to gain credits and these will be added to your overall balance in the game. Credits are basically the in game currency for Xenoraid and you will need an ample amount to make upgrades to your aircrafts and unlocking special abilities for the aircrafts in your squadron. A variety of perks and upgrades are up for purchase against credits in the workshop such as an afterburner, a nuclear bomb which detonates when any one of the aircrafts in your squadron is destroyed and an emp wave canon to name a few.

Just remember to spend your credits wisely only on those upgrades which you have determined to be absolutely essential for clearing the upcoming stages because the credits are not so easy to come by in large quantities. So save up and give your enemies a real taste of some very painful medicine!