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Geometry Colors Guide: 8 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Geometry Colors is a simple mobile game that doesn’t look like a hard to master experience, but after a couple of levels, you’ll realize that things aren’t as easy as they look at the first sight. Upware Studios’ new mobile game asks from the player to tap on the appropriate symbols in order to destroy a never stopping view of incoming objects. Although, there are only four different objects (blue and red hexagons along with a hexagon with a square and one with a circle inside it), they can be combined making the gameplay pretty tricky as the game progresses.

In Geometry Colors, there are three game modes in total. Survival mode will start easy and then will include faster and faster moving objects along with more and more objects that can only be destroyed by combining the symbols (tapping on the red hexagon and the one with a circle in it, for instance) as you progress through levels. Dual mode is exactly what it sounds like. Two rows of falling objects will ask from players a high precision and tap speed. Onslaught mode is actually a hardcore version of the Survival mode, with faster blocks and less time given for destroying them.

The game is interesting to play, but it can become pretty tricky after a while. In order to help you becoming a Geometry Colors master, we collected lots of helpful tips and managed to cram all of them inside this guide. Read our exclusive guide and become an unbeatable Geometry Colors player.

1. It’s All About Making Combos

By successfully destroying tiles without making errors, your combo will grow. And higher combo means more points per destroyed hexagon. Building high combos is the most important part of being successful in Geometry Colors.

Make sure to not make errors, it’s better to take half a second more and tapping the corresponding symbol than trying to be faster and making lots of errors. This becomes more important as you progress through more and more levels.

For instance, if you stay away from tapping the wrong tiles, you’ll build a bigger combo, granting you more points. This means that by focusing on making big combos you’ll earn more points than by just being fast but making lots of errors and not managing to create huge combos. So, do not try to be super-fast, try to be super precise, it is way more efficient.

2. Try Memorizing Where The Four Buttons Are

By memorizing where the four different buttons are placed you’ll do yourself a huge favor. By memorizing the locations of the buttons you’ll take less time to destroy incoming hexagons, and will make fewer errors.

It’s easier than you think, and it will make you both faster and more precise, the two skills that will get you huge scores.

Looking at the four buttons makes you slower in popping hexagons, and could lead to making errors since you rely on your eyes to recognize where the appropriate button is. This is way slower than memorizing the locations of each button and will lead to fewer errors.

3. Violet Is A Combination Between The Red And The Blue Hexagon

While this is quite easy to understand, the tutorial won’t show you this. When a violet hexagon appears just tap the red and blue hexagons at the same time, and that’s it! Since the game doesn’t inform players about this combination, it could lead to game over the first time you see it since you won’t know which buttons to tap in order to destroy the violet hexagon.

4. Dual Mode Is Great For Memorizing The Buttons And For Improving Your Accuracy And Tap Speed

Dual mode is the hardest of the three available game modes, and while you won’t make record numbers while playing it, it will greatly help you with improving your speed and accuracy since you have two rows of hexagons to destroy instead of just one row.

If you want to improve your Geometry Colors skills, regularly play dual mode. Soon enough you’ll realize that the survival, and even the onslaught mode, is way easier to play once you experienced the hellish pacing of the dual mode.

5. Pressing A Wrong Button Doesn’t Mean Game Over

Instead of punishing you with a Game Over screen, pressing a wrong button will just make it a bit harder by placing a block on the bottom of the play area. The block will disappear as soon as you make a combo (even when making a 2x combo), but if you continue to make errors, the block will become bigger until it becomes impossible to destroy a hexagon before it touches the border.

6. Find A Perfect Rhythm

Games like Geometry Colors ask from players to be as fast as they can. But some of us can be as fast as others since not all of us have super-fast reflexes. In order to progress through levels, you won’t have to be faster than a formula 1 car. Just find a perfect rhythm, a rhythm that is fast enough to advance through levels, but still gives you enough time not to make frequent errors.

7. Turn Off Mobile Data And Wi-Fi And Get Rid Of The Ads

While the game offers one-time payment in order to get rid of the annoying ads, you can switch your mobile data and Wi-Fi off and enjoy an ad-free experience. Just remember to exit the game and relaunch it after you turn off the data in order for the game to not show you ads that were already cached. You can also consider supporting the game developers by paying a small one-time fee to get rid of the ads.

8. Onslaught Mode Is For Experienced Players Only

Try onslaught mode after you master the survival mode, and after you manage to survive for a couple of minutes in the dual mode. Onslaught mode is way harder than the other two, with extremely fast falling hexagons, and very short reaction time.

Do not try it until you find the survival mode too easy. Only after survival becomes boring and easy, you will be ready for the onslaught.

Thanks for reading our exclusive Geometry Colors guide. We tried to help both new and experienced player by sharing the advice and tips we managed to find out while playing the game. We hope this guide helped you and that you’ll check out our other guides. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!