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WWE Tap Mania Ultimate Guide: 17 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Tap Your Way to WWE Stardom

A few months ago, Scopely released WWE Champions, a game that introduced WWE fans to Match 3 gaming. Now, another gaming giant (and an even bigger one, considering their long history) is bringing the idle clicker genre to the WWE Universe, and it comes in the form of Sega’s iOS and Android game, WWE Tap Mania. This game invites you to play the role of a WWE Superstar (meaning yourself, your own character) as you fight alongside actual WWE wrestlers, both current Superstars from the Raw and SmackDown brands, as well as WWE legends such as The Rock, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels. Leveling up allows you to increase your power and unlock new skills for you and your teammates, and since this is an idle clicker game, you can earn while you’re away from the game. There are various customization options for your character, and special events where you can race your way up the leaderboards and fight for a wide range of prizes. Do you have what it takes to tap your way to a main event-caliber WWE career?

Playing this game should be easy if you’re a WWE fan, but even if you aren’t, idle clickers are always easy to learn. But they aren’t always easy to master, and each clicker has their share of special mechanics that you might not be able to get right off the bat. That being said, we hope you can join us for our WWE Tap Mania ultimate guide, where we cover everything there is to learn about this surprisingly addictive game.

1. Don’t Be Too Idle

Although WWE Tap Mania is, in essence, an idle clicker game, you will get better results, and get through the game faster if you do your fair share of tapping. Unlike other idle clicker games where your character may be weaker than some of the others, your character is actually the strongest, and, assuming you’re on the same star rarity as the rest of your team, also the cheapest to level up. And since the other wrestlers tend to attack at a very slow pace, your tapping will REALLY come in handy, especially during boss battles, where you have only 30 seconds to defeat the wrestler in question. Sure, you can leave the game idling and return to collect your money, or you can do that after sleeping for several hours and waking up to a new day, but we recommend playing and actively tapping whenever possible.

2. Make Sure Your Team Is Similarly Leveled Up

WWE Tap Mania comes with five slots for all the wrestlers on your team, including your own character, and as we mentioned above, your character will typically be the strongest. But this especially holds true if you’ve got a wrestler of a higher star rarity than everyone else in the team – it pays to keep everyone at a similar level. If you’ve got one wrestler weaker than the rest of the crew (or “sawft-er” than the rest of the crew, as WWE’s Big Cass might say), chances are they’ll be knocked out during the boss battle, leaving you one man (or woman) down, and with less of a chance to beat the boss within the 30-second time limit.

3. Save Up Your Specials For The Boss Battle

Each wrestler in the game has their own special, or signature move, which can be unleashed by tapping on the button above the wrestler’s avatar. These moves, however, have their own cool down times, and you may have to wait about a minute or so before you can use them again. With that in mind, and considering you have all the time in the world to beat the nine wrestlers in a stage before the boss battle (the tenth out of ten matches in a stage), it’s best to save your signature moves for when you really need them. These specials can take out a huge chunk of a wrestler’s HP, and that can really help against the bosses, particularly those that appear every fifth stage. These happen to be the actual WWE wrestlers included in the game, and not the generically- or punny-named bosses at the end of most other stages, and they’re almost always difficult to finish off compared to the other bosses.

4. Spin The Wheel Every Two Hours

Want to earn a ton of cash in rapid time? You’ll want to spin the wheel on the upper left corner of your screen – tap on the tiny wheel icon, and you’ll first be asked to watch an ad video. It’s strange, but you’ll just have to go with it – ads always last no longer than 30 seconds anyway. After the video, spin the wheel by swiping your finger on it, and you can either double, triple, or quadruple your earnings for two hours, depending on where the wheel stops. Make sure you regularly return to the game, and the moment you notice the timer is no longer on the wheel, go ahead, tap on the icon, and spin it once again. (That is, of course, after watching the ad.)

As a bonus tip, there’s an upgrade button on the lower left part of the wheel screen, where you can get a permanent 5x spinner bonus – yes, that’s right, five times more cash automatically, with no need to spin. The obvious catch here is that you’ll have to pay real money for that – $5, or its equivalent in local currency.

5. Grab The Briefcase

Every couple of minutes or so, you may see a gold briefcase appear on the upper left of your screen. If you’re a WWE fan, you’ll recognize that as being similar to the Money in the Bank briefcase that allows wrestlers to “cash in” for a title shot any time they wish. Tap on the briefcase and you’ll earn a nice amount of extra cash. And if the amount of cash is especially large, you’ll be asked if you want to watch an ad video to collect your earnings. It goes without saying that you should watch that video, so you can earn more money to level up your wrestlers!

6. Watch Videos To Get Goodies

We’ve mentioned ad videos more than a few times in the earlier tips, and it does seem as if WWE Tap Mania has no shortage of videos for you to watch. As we said earlier, you can watch videos to collect large briefcase earnings, double offline earnings, spin the wheel (or re-spin it, should you not be happy with merely doubling, or even tripling your earnings), or to redeem freebies, such as cards. The mechanic of watching videos to earn freebies, as mentioned earlier, is a rather weird twist to the game, but it is what it is, and if it’s any consolation, your wrestlers will be earning more money during the 15-30 seconds or so that you get to watch those videos.

7. About The Elemental System

WWE Tap Mania has an elemental system for the wrestlers, much like Scopely’s WWE Champions has. To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t seem to be something that you should fret too much about. But for what it’s worth, wrestlers with purple icons are Powerhouses, red are Brawlers, orange are High Flyers, green are Showboats, and blue are Technicians – purple beats red, red beats orange, orange beats green, green beats blue, blue beats purple. It’s something that’s nice to know at this point, but the key to success appears to be making sure your wrestlers are sufficiently leveled up to keep up with the competition.

8. Tap With Multiple Fingers, Especially Against Bosses

For the most part, you can let the other wrestlers do their thing when you’re up against those grunts that make up nine-tenths of each stage. But as we mentioned earlier, your tapping will really come in handy against the bosses. This should be basic knowledge for anyone who’s played an idle clicker or two, but just in case you’re new to the genre, we would recommend tapping with as many fingers as your device’s screen can fit. Tap quickly with fingers on both hands, and you’ll be finishing off opponents faster. But be careful when tapping, because tapping too frantically could waste your efforts!

9. Don’t Get Kicked Out Of The Boss Fights

So you’re on quite a roll, tapping like crazy, hitting those signature moves, and close to finishing off a tough boss. All of a sudden, you hit something on your phone and suddenly exit the boss fight. Unfortunately, you’ve effectively kicked yourself out of the boss fight, and would have to start again from square one. We did mention above that you should refrain from tapping frantically, so with that in mind, you may want to keep your fingers away from anything that would effectively put the game in the background.

10. Open Those Free Packs

Every four hours, the game will allow you to open one free silver pack, and these packs may contain various perks (to be explained below), or wrestler shards, which we will explain in the tip on how to unlock more wrestlers. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – as far as this tip goes, you’ll want to turn on your game notifications, so you can get a heads-up each time you’ve got a new pack ready to be opened.

11. How Do The Perks And Customizations Work?

The free packs above could come with perks for your player character, and these may come in a variety of forms – think of them as permanent buffs for your team, such as an increase in health points, an increase in damage for their regular or signature moves, damage for specific types of wrestlers (brawler, high flyer, etc.), or more. Obviously there’s no way to choose which perks you want, but you can choose certain aspects of your player character’s appearance that, beyond allowing you to customize the look of your character, offers more buffs for the rest of your team. These customizations get unlocked during the normal progression of the game (you’ll see what you need to do in the game in order to unlock each individual customization), and you’re free to choose the hat, headband, top, or special effects that correspond to the effect you want you and your team to take advantage of, e.g. additional tap damage for your character, additional health points for your teammates, etc.

12. To Swap Or Not To Swap?

Eventually, you’ll acquire rarer wrestlers with higher star ratings, and while we shall get to that topic in a bit, the fact that you’ll unlock more of these WWE Superstars and be able to field them against opponents means you’ll have to sit some of your weaker ones down. Swapping a wrestler with another for the first time comes free of charge, though you may have to pay a large amount of cash to swap them back in. Watching a video allows you to make the swap for free instead of paying, but if you’re wondering why the game charges you in-game currency to make changes, that’s because the wrestlers you swap in will automatically get leveled up to the same level as your player character. Fair enough, we’d say, but if you’ve got a chance to watch a video to make the swap for free, then go watch those ads!

13. Complete The Achievements For Gold

WWE Tap Mania comes with achievements which you can complete through the natural progression of the game. You can access them simply by tapping on the trophy icon, and as you’ll see, these may include, but not be limited to tapping a certain number of times, earning a certain amount of cash or dealing specific amounts of damage, having your team reach a given amount of power, winning so many main events, and more. Depending on the stat you have to reach, each achievement comes with star rarities from 1 to 6. Completing the achievements, or reaching one star further within an achievement, will earn you a nice amount of gold, usually 100 gold or more. This is the game’s premium currency, and you can use your gold to buy stuff at the in-game store.

14. How To Unlock More Wrestlers

There are multiple ways to unlock more wrestlers in WWE Tap Mania. The first, and most organic way, would be to defeat more WWE Superstar bosses in the game. You’ll know if you can earn wrestler shards (those purple gem-like thingies) if he or she cuts a bit of a promo on you several stages before you face off. (Big Cass, for example, may call you “sawft,” or The Rock may ask you to smell what he’s cooking.) For lower-level wrestlers on the rarity scale, you will typically unlock them right after beating them in the boss battle, and they’ll always be leveled up sufficiently enough to make a difference on your team; no need to worry about starting from square one! But if you beat a rarer wrestler, you’ll usually end up with their shards, and will have to beat them again later on in order to complete their shard requirements.

Buying wrestler packs in the in-game store is also a good option, though you may have to shell out real money for the better packs that come with guaranteed three- or four-star wrestler shards. Otherwise, you can pay gold bars to buy the packs – 4,500 gold will get you an Epic pack, with ten wrestlers inside and a good chance of getting shards for a three- or four-star rarity wrestler. That, we’d say, is the best possible deal, though the Super pack (2,250 with five wrestlers) isn’t too bad either. The Basic pack costs 500 gold with only one wrestler/set of wrestler shards, and chances are good that you’ll only get a common one-star scrub from that pack. But such is the case with those one-star scrubs; at least you get to unlock them immediately!

15. What Happens When You Prestige?

The game will allow you to prestige, or to reset your game and start back from stage one, once you’ve defeated The Rock as the stage 100 boss. And believe us, because it could be quite a long grind before you become strong enough to beat The Rock – at the point that we did, we were at level 236 for the player character, and level 221 for the four other wrestlers. But prestiging in WWE Tap Mania will give you a boost to your overall damage, and while you and the rest of your team will have to start out at stage 1 once again, with all your skills unlearned and also back to zero, you’ll keep all your perks, and you won’t lose any of the wrestlers you had unlocked.

The amount of additional damage will depend on the number of stars you had collected during your last play-through, and as an extra benefit to prestiging, the game will also allow you to take part in the special limited-time events. These events are all based on how far you can reach during a play-through, so make sure you try to get as far as possible so you can win all the goodies available for the top-ranked players; these may include shard packs, gold bars, and a lot more!

16. When Should You Prestige?

The earliest time in the game when you can prestige would be once you have won the stage 100 boss battle. But as you proceed further into the game, we would recommend prestiging at a progressively later time, thereby allowing you to have more collection stars by the time you’re ready to prestige. Generally, this would mean prestiging when it becomes too much of a grind for you to earn money to level up your wrestlers to the point where your team could finish off the bosses in 30 seconds or less.

17. Play The Game Everyday

Last, but not the least, WWE Tap Mania gives out daily rewards, starting with a small amount of cash but progressively getting better as you keep racking up consecutive logins. Even if you don’t have time to tap like crazy to beat more wrestlers, simply opening the game and logging in will do the trick here! Your wrestlers will keep fighting even if you’re offline, and that would certainly mean some big-time offline earnings that can be doubled by watching ad videos, as mentioned.

And this wraps up our detailed guide for WWE Tap Mania. If you know additional tips or tricks, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section!