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League of Angels: Paradise Land Cheats, Tips & Guide: 7 Hints for Quick and Easy Progress

League of Angels: Paradise Land is a new game from GTarcade, and we should note that this is a rather timely release, as it’s endorsed by none other than Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot. We don’t think she appears anywhere else aside from the advertisements for the game, but in any case, this is just what you’d expect from a game with such a title – it’s the latest game in the League of Angels series, an epic fantasy RPG series that combines various sub-genres, such as MOBA (hence the “League” in the game title) and strategy RPGs. You can recruit heroes and build your team with strategy in mind, make use of the “Dual Resource” combat system, improve those heroes by learning and upgrading their skills and upgrading their equipment, using Magistones to imbue your heroes and make them even more powerful, and compete in various game modes, including the Labyrinth, Honor Trial (i.e. dungeon crawling), and the Arena (i.e. MOBA-style gaming).

Any game of this magnitude will have a rather steep learning curve, and you may be wondering what you need to do to quickly learn this game’s mechanics and make good time as you go along. Never fear, because our League of Angels: Paradise Land strategy guide seeks to cover all pertinent areas, and answer any questions you may have if you’re just starting out in the game.

1. Play The Adventure Mode For Rewards

If you’re new to the game and playing Adventure mode for the first time, you can expect to reap some nice rewards. These rewards may include diamonds, which are the game’s premium currency, and rather hard to come by early on. You can also earn these rewards by completing more three-star chapters, as well as by beating bosses. Yes, the real fun may be in the MOBA mode, but give the AI a chance – the AI may get predictable at times, but at least you’ve got nothing to lose, right?

2. Improving Your Heroes

There are various ways to improve your heroes in the game, just like we explained in the overview. And when you unlock your first heroes in the game, you should make it your priority to improve their abilities, either by using Experience Potions you collect while playing Adventure mode, or by using Upgrade Stones; the former is used for enhancement, while the latter, quite obviously, is used when upgrading. Don’t forget their equipment too; make sure to enhance and refine it as you go along, so as to improve your Battle Rating. You’ll need gold to enhance your weapons and other equipment, as well as crafting materials to refine the items; both can be earned, once again, via Adventure. See why fighting AI enemies in that mode is so important?

3. Complete Quests And Achievements, And Login Every Day

Once you reach level 9, you will be able to access the Quest system. That means being able to complete daily quests, which are a great way to earn diamonds on a daily basis. Achievements will also allow you to earn more diamonds, so if your’e looking to complete them faster, make sure you’re regularly checking the achievement requirements so you’re up to speed on what you need to focus on.

Additionally, you can collect a ton of diamonds and other goodies by logging in every day, assuming you’re starting the game on a brand-new, freshly-opened server. Logging in for a third or seventh consecutive day will reward you with some rare and powerful heroes, so be sure you’re opening the game even for less than a minute on a given day, even if you’re not actually planning to play.

4. What Is Booty Bay, And What’s In It For You?

The Booty Bay area of League of Angels: Paradise Land comes with a Plunder system, and that gets unlocked once you’re at player level 13. This allows you to raid other players for Magistone Shards, and you can use these shards to improve your heroes’ statistics quite markedly. And since the name of the area is Booty Bay, you can earn other rewards as well, such as gold. Once you collect shards, you’ve got to combine them as soon as possible; remember that this game is, in essence, an MMO, and that other players can easily raid your shards if you’re not careful!

5. Play In The Arena

By now, you’re probably thinking along the lines of, “now they’re talking.” The main selling point of League of Angels: Paradise Land is arguably the Arena, and that’s where you can take your enhanced and upgraded heroes and their enhanced and refined equipment to battle, and see how you compare against other real players and their own teams of heroes. It’s important that you take Arena battles seriously and try to rank up as far as possible, as that could get you lots of Diamonds and Hero Certificates. Take note, however, that the game only allows you to challenge other players for free a maximum of five times a day. There are also daily quests you can complete for Arena rewards, so don’t forget those as well!

6. What To Expect In The Labyrinth

Aside from the Arena, League of Angels: Paradise Land features Labyrinth mode, which, as the game description says, is mainly borrowed from the Roguelike genre of gaming. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, this means crawling your way through the dungeons (or the Labyrinth), and bracing yourself for surprise encounters with fearsome monsters, while hoping to stumble upon some treasure and rewards along the way. Make sure you’re prepared with the right kind of weapons to make it to the next level of the Labyrinth.

7. Get Social, Share Energy!

Once you’ve used up your character’s Energy, you can refill it by buying and using Energy Potions. But why buy them when you can receive them from your friends, without having to pay? We won’t be delving much into the social aspects of LOA: Paradise Land since this is a beginner’s guide, but if we are to discuss one social tip, it would be to give energy to friends as gifts, while being eligible to receive it yourself. Add as many friends as you could to the game – you won’t regret it.

Thanks for reading our League of Angels: Paradise Land tips, tricks and cheats. If you happen to know ther hints for the game, let us know in the comment area below!


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20 trillion