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Just 1 Pic Answers for All Levels

Are you a word nerd, or to be more precise, is your child one? If so, then you might want to play Blue Boat’s Just 1 Pic, which is an incredibly simple word game where you simply need to guess the words being referred to on the picture, tapping on the letters on the bottom of your screen to fill out the missing letters. The game’s description claims that there are more than 200 puzzles in this game specifically designed for kids and their parents to help them improve their vocabulary, though even if you aren’t a young child or the parent of one, we’re sure this game could be a nice way to kill some time and enjoy the simpler side of mobile gaming.

If you’ve been looking for a complete guide to Just 1 Pic, then today just may be your lucky day. We haven’t answered all of the questions, but in our list of Just 1 Pic answers and solutions, we’ve gone through a good 210 of them, solving more than the number of advertised word puzzles in the game. Just be sure not to let your kids see these answers (or at least not too many of them), and try not to read our answers from top to bottom!

Just 1 Pic Answers Levels 1-25

#1: Dog, Pet, Puppy
#2: Ball, Beach, Smile
#3: Water, Orange, Splash
#4: Pink, Candy, Heart
#5: Foot, Wear, Heels, Watch
#6: Girl, Scarf, Holding, Children
#7: Tulip, Woman, Spring, Flowers
#8: Milk, Dairy, Bottle, Pitcher
#9: Street, Crossing, Pedestrian
#10: Time, Clock, Roman, Sundial

#11: Coin, Money, Pound, Banknote
#12: Seam, Denim, Jeans, Pocket
#13: Food, Green, Asparagus, Vegetable
#14: Night, Firework, Pyrotechnics
#15: Fall, Woods, Autumn, Leaves
#16: Wall, Artist, Ladder, Graffiti
#17: Juice, Carrot, Healthy, Vitamin
#18: Paper, Pencil, Notebook, Sharpener
#19: Blossom, Branches, Japanese
#20: Spoon, Mousse, Dessert, Chocolate

#21: Pawn, Chess, Board, Knight
#22: Serve, Tennis, Stadium, Competition
#23: Towel, Cuddle, Infant, Grandmother
#24: Leaflet, Pamphlet, Scotland
#25: Rustic, Pillow, Wooden, Mattress

Just 1 Pic Answers Levels 26-50

#26: Tower, Bridge, London, England
#27: Book, Plate, Pigtails, Marmalade
#28: Belt, Buckle, Stripe, Leather
#29: Rider, Obstacle, Equestrian
#30: Makeup, Eyelash, Mascara, Applying
#31: Drum, Parade, Soldier, Military
#32: Kilt, Tartan, Bagpipe, Scottish
#33: Fresh, Shell, Oyster, Seafood
#34: Eiffel, Monument, Cityscape
#35: Sheep, Desert, Donkey, Shepherd