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Word Market Answers for All Levels

Ready for yet another super-easy, yet super-addictive word game? Word Market is available for Android and iOS devices courtesy of Second Gear Games, and there isn’t much to set it apart from others in the genre, except for its market-themed premise. Just swipe your finger over the letters on the plate, create a word, and unlock a fruit. There are different fruits to unlock, and that’s where the game’s description offers a new twist on the use of the phrase “brain training” we often see in these games – “give your brain some vitamins!” Creative, we’d say, and while the game mechanics in itself aren’t anything unique, it’s not uniqueness that drives these games’ popularity, but rather the simplicity and the chance to improve one’s vocabulary and word power.

Of course, you can’t expect to get everything correct right away, and sometimes you may get stuck at some point. But we’ve come up with a list of Word Market answers and solutions, where we include all the answers to the first five levels in the game. We’d love to help your brain get the “vitamins” it needs, though we would recommend you don’t “swallow” up too much of those “vitamins” by reading from top to bottom!

Word Market Answers Level 1:

Lad, Ad, An, And, Land, We, In, Win, New, Wine, Lab, All, Ball, It, Rip, Tip, Pit, Trip, So, Rot, Rots, Sort, To, Or, If, It, Fig, Git, Gift, Fit, Be, Tie, It, Bet, Bite, Bit, So, Sol, Sole, Lose, Am, Cam, Clam, Calm

Word Market Answers Level 2:

Awe, Weak, Wake, We, Or, Rock, Cork, Orc, Era, Are, Area, Ear, Par, Rap, Ark, Park, Law, All, Wall, Awl, Sac, Ash, Cash, Has, On, Son, Snog, Song, No, Go, So, Rad, Rod, Oar, Road, Do, Ad, Or, An, Nap, Pal, Pan, Lap, Plan, Eon, Neon, None, One, No, On

Word Market Answers Level 3:

Ram, Ark, Mark, Mar, Arm, Am, So, Sos, Sob, Boss, Sobs, In, Rig, Gin, Ring, Grin, Cap, Amp, Map, Cam, Camp, Toe, Vet, Vote, Veto, To, Ad, At, Eat, Date, Tea, Ate, Tad, An, In, Nip, Pain, Pan, Nap, Pin, Or, Orb, Rob, Nor, Born, Bro, No, On, Irk, Irks, Risk, Sir, Ski, Is, So, To, Cot, Cost, Cots, Scot, As, At, Sat, Fat, Fast, Fats, Aft

Word Market Answers Level 4:

Rod, Pod, Drop, Prod, Pro, Or, Do, Hi, Is, His, Hips, Sip, Ship, Hip, Us, By, Bus, Sub, Buy, Busy, Buys, It, If, Lit, Lift, Fit, Til, Flit, Lift, Ray, Par, Rap, Pray, Pay, Yap, Pry, Red, Rid, Ire, Die, Dire, Ride, Tun, Nut, Aunt, Tuna, Tan, Ant, War, Rad, Wad, Raw, Draw, Ward, Sop, Hop, Hops, Shop, Posh, Roe, Rose, Sore, Ores, Ore

Word Market Answers Level 5:

Lop, Loo, Loop, Polo , Pool, At, Be, Tab, Ate, Eat, Bat, Tea, Bet, Beat, Fra, Are, Ref, Ear, Fear, Fare, Far, Bra, Are, Ear, Bare, Era, Bar, Bear, We, Sew, Wets, Stew, West, Wet, Set, Scar, Cars, Arcs, Arc, Car, Sac, Am, Mar, Arms, Mars, Rams, Arm, Ram, As, On, So, No, Eon, Nose, One, Ones, Eons, Son, Sol, Owl, Low, Lows, Sow, Slow, Owls