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Wrassling Cheats: 6 Useful Tips & Tricks to Help You Become a Champion

Not willing to pay a nominal fee for 2K Sports’ fighting title WWE 2K? Your device probably too low-end to handle the game’s intense requirements? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a more casual way to kill some time. If this sounds like you, you may enjoy Kappsule’s brand new iOS and Android title, Wrassling. According to the game developer, Wrassling is the national sport of Slamdovia, and its practitioners are regarded as the strongest athletes in the world. In the game, you’ve got vintage ‘80s-style graphics, phony accents, and goofy movements – it’s an arcade-style game through and through. Now, if you’re looking to become a champion in this game, we have some goods news for you, as we’ve compiled a list of useful Wrassling cheats, tips and hints right after the jump.

1. Throw Opponents Out Of The Ring

You won’t be listening to the “head booker” tell you who’s winning and who’s losing. And when he’s given you that information, you won’t be winning matches with a pin and a three-count. Instead, Wrassling rewards you for scoring as many points as possible, and one easy way to do this is to throw opponents out of the ring. Also, nobody gets penalized when you’ve got multiple wrestlers jumping into the ring and interfering, and that’s where our next tip comes in.

2. Fight Defensively

This isn’t simply about parrying blows, but rather forcing your opponents to make mistakes. Move quickly around the ring, and when you’re dealing with more than one wrestler in the ring at the same time, push them around in such a way that they’ll be throwing each other out of the ring.

3. Complete Quests Or Watch Ad Videos To Get More Hats

For example, you may be asked to throw a certain number of wrestlers outside the ring, or score a point (or points) while you’re wearing a hat. But what’s the deal with hats anyway? Well, you get a new hat for each quest you complete, and aside from completing quests, you can also get new hats by watching advertisement videos or heading to the Unlock list.

4. Don’t Jump Too Often

One of the coolest moves in Wrassling is the arm spin, and when you do this while holding the jump button, you’ll effectively be amplifying the move. However, jumping could result in you getting thrown out of the ring – as such, use the jump/arm spin move only when absolutely necessary.

5. Keep Fighting Defensively During Boss Battles

You’ll face boss wrestlers for every ten points you earn, and these wrestlers are bigger – and much stronger, too! Well, the good thing is that they are slower, but then again, weird things happen when the bosses hit the ring. So how do you deal with them? Just keep fighting defensively and try to make their momentum work against them.

6. Don’t Panic If You Get Thrown Out Of The Ring

If you get thrown out of the ring, it’s not necessarily the end of the world – you can still jump while in mid-air and land back inside the ring. While you’re right on the turnbuckle or just a sliver away from it, hit the jump button and aim towards the ring – with a little practice, returning to the ring after getting thrown out should become second nature for you.