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Pinball Sniper Tips & Tricks: 6 Hints to Unlock More Monsters

You know you’ve got yourself a good casual title if you’re downloading and playing something from Ketchapp. And if that’s the case, chances are it’s available for both iOS and Android devices. That is indeed the case with Ketchapp’s new game Pinball Sniper. The game is said to be a new kind of pinball game in which you have to hit and crush the gems with the ball, which would then allow you to unlock monsters. That’s pretty much all there is to it, but if your goal is to unlock more monsters, then we’d suggest you give our Pinball Sniper tips, tricks and hints a look-see, as they just might be of help.

1. Focus On Where The Flipper Makes Contact With The Ball

We’ll be honest with you here – the physics in Pinball Sniper are a bit unconventional. That means that the ball would drop considerably faster as compared to traditional pinball games; this makes it important for you to hit the ball as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t make its way between the flippers.

2. Make Sure The Ball Doesn’t Fall To The Center Of The Flippers

In your average pinball game, hitting both of the flippers simultaneously would bring the ball back, but that’s not the case with Pinball Sniper. Your ball should be traveling on the sides, may it be the left side or right side.

3. Switch Sides Properly, Here’s How

One neat trick you can try here is to catch a falling ball and have it make contact with an upturned flipper. In most cases, it would make its way to the other flipper, which is what you want to happen in this case.

4. Collect Gems By Watching Ad Videos

As Ketchapp said in Pinball Sniper’s quickie description, collecting gems is possible when you hit them in a round. You can also buy them at the in-app purchase store, but if you don’t want to spend a dime on gems, you can always watch ad videos when they’re available.

5. Hit Those Gems Quickly

Waiting too long before hitting the gems may result in you losing the level, even if your ball didn’t fall off the side. Pay close attention to the circular bar around the crystal – if that bar fills up, you can kiss your chances of winning the stage goodbye.

6. Monsters Don’t Impact Gameplay

Yes, we did promise that this tips and tricks recap would be about how to unlock more monsters in Pinball Sniper. We have indeed told you several ways in which you can do so, but the truth is that monsters will merely sit on top of the “pinball machine.” All they’ll do is give your game a nice visual touch, but when it comes to gameplay, they won’t do a thing to help or to harm you. Then again, this can be expected from casual titles, where each unlockable character typically doesn’t differ from others aside from appearance.